New Community Made 8th Edition 40k Wound Chart | Ring Run

New Community Made 8th Edition 40k Wound Chart | Ring Run
New Community Made 8th Edition 40k Wound Chart | Ring Run

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Take a better look at a community created chart that better displays the brand new infantry To Wound rules that Games Workshop revealed yesterday!

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Browsing through Spikey Bits Hobbies Community we came a across this little gem. Some of our posted up a new To Wound chart based off the old one, but throwing in the new rules, let’s take a look at what the new rules say, and then the chart that was made.New 40k Infantry Table7th vs 8th To Wound

We first get a look at the current 7th edition To Wound chart side by side with how the to wound rules will effect the chart in 8th edition. But they didn’t stop there, the community kicked the toughness level up to 20!

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Which looks more scale-able than the current one when compared next to each other:

There’s a lot of 6’s on these charts for your standard Space Marine and weaker troops. Even at S 13 you’re still going to need a 5+ to hurt a Toughness 20 model, and they still get a chance at a save roll afterwards.

But are we jumping to conclusions a little too soon?

jump to conclusions

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This is a broad way of looking at it with the details we have as of now. But who’s to say Games Workshop doesn’t have another trick up their sleeve. The Infantry rules they put out obviously isn’t the entirety of what to expect. Is there going to be modifiers that will adjust this chart up or down on the wound rolls? We won’t know until we get the rules book in our hands.

So where this is a great way of getting a visual of the info we were given, it isn’t set in stone in the least.

What are your thoughts on the new To Wound characteristics?

Sly Marbo Art

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