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Doragon Bōru

Dragon Balls (龍球ドラゴンボール, Doragon Bōru) are the namesake artifact of the Dragon Ball collection. They’re massive, crystalline spheres (of various sizes and colours) that characteristic five-pointed stars (starting from one to seven, and in addition various in sizes and colours, together with being both inflexible or flat in look) inside themselves (akin to glass artwork); individually, they haven’t any powers, however united they’ve the power to name forth their related Everlasting Dragon who can grant (normally) one want(s).


The unique incarnation of the Dragon Balls in Dragon Boy was the Dragon Jewel.

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Within the Dragon Ball: Journey Particular, the Dragon Ball manga creator, Akira Toriyama, explains that there are seven Dragon Balls as a result of there are eight balls in Hakken-Den, a well-known Edo-era Japanese novel, and that he would have hated for them to be precisely the identical quantity, so he had the quantity of Dragon Balls be modified to seven in quantity.

In contrast to different types of fiction that contain needs being granted, the Dragon Balls appear to grant a want precisely because the wisher imagined it, somewhat than warping the want in order that it’s technically granted, however finally ends up making the wisher’s life much more troublesome. For instance, when King Piccolo wished for youth, he was not decreased to an toddler, however somewhat, appeared in his prime. Additionally, when a sufferer is revived from the lifeless, they aren’t undead, however somewhat, are really alive. That is possible so that there’s a legit cause to pursue the Dragon Balls by the protagonists, as they’d not have a justification to depend on them in the event that they knew they’d by no means grant a correct want. Additionally, not like needs in different literary works, the everlasting dragons are literally sentient beings; thus, they could be able to deciphering a want nonetheless they see match, however normally select to interpret them how they know the wisher really needs, as a courtesy somewhat than as a rule. Credence is lent to this idea within the film Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, the place Shenron was requested to maneuver all of the lifeless folks again to the Different World. He claimed that he was completely able to granting the want exactly because it was uttered, however knew what penalties the Z Fighters had been anticipating (that the onslaught of undead could be resolved and peace could be restored), and advised them of the futility of the want.

The one time a want was not granted precisely because the wisher imagined it was through the Frieza Saga, when Piccolo was wished to Planet Namek, however to not the Z-Fighter’s particular location. Nonetheless, that is nonetheless in step with the speculation that an everlasting dragon can interpret needs; Porunga is far more cynical than Shenron, and so it is sensible that he would twist a wisher’s phrases out of sheer spite. This additionally might have been to permit Piccolo and Nail an opportunity to merge, Porunga did appear to indicate some fondness in direction of the Namekians: he teleported Dende to avoid wasting him from Frieza, then spitefully stopped Vegeta from sending his blast. One other instance is Emperor Pilaf and Future Pilaf who’s want ended up reverting the Pilaf Gang to childhood in the principle timeline and infancy in Trunks’ timeline, although it’s steered that this was fault of Pilaf and his future counterpart after they made their needs, somewhat than Shenron (as Pilaf has a historical past of bungling his needs as Pilaf by chance causes Goku to revert to a toddler with a want to Final Shenron in Dragon Ball GT which provides additional proof that it was the fault of Pilaf in these instances) in distinction to Shu in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and each Shu and Mai in Dragon Ball Tremendous; in each instances, that they had their needs granted (cash for Shu and ice cream for Mai) with little bother (aside from them arguing in regards to the nature of one another’s want and the way the opposite might have made a greater want).

Moreover, the Dragon Balls could have been impressed by the Buddhist scriptures that Xuangzang got down to retrieve in Journey to the West, the first supply of inspiration for the Dragon Ball franchise.


The 4-Star Dragon Ball

The Dragon Balls are available in units of seven with every ball displaying the variety of stars that signifies its respective quantity within the set. It was stated by Colonel Silver that the Dragon Balls are unbreakable when he dropped a faux Dragon Ball.[7] Vegeta possible didn’t know this when he ordered Krillin to destroy one earlier than the Ginyu Pressure took them on Namek. Within the Fusion Saga, whereas Tremendous Saiyan 3 Gotenks is combating Tremendous Buu, Piccolo says “Should you break even one of many balls they will by no means be used once more”, which can imply that the Dragon Balls aren’t utterly indestructible or that they’re destructible when turned to stone (as they had been turned to stone on the time).

Whereas the Dragon Balls take a 12 months to return to regular, there have been two instances the place they had been used greater than as soon as in a 12 months. The primary instance of this was when Kami revived Shenron and advised Goku it will usually take a 12 months since King Piccolo made a want to restore his youth simply days earlier however he determined to make an exception for Goku and his associates this as soon as. The second and at present closing time this occurred was when Piccolo, and subsequently Kami, died through the battle with Nappa, and was later revived, successfully restarting the Dragon Balls, permitting them for use to revive all these killed by Frieza and his males on Namek, with the primary want being to revive Goku occurred round a month earlier. The exception to that is when the summoner chooses to avoid wasting their needs, at which level the Dragon Balls develop into inert for 4 months.

Every set Dragon Balls are troublesome to search out as a result of they’re scattered throughout their respective planet, all throughout their respective universe/galaxy (relying on the dub for Dragon Ball GT) within the case of the Black-Star Dragon Balls, throughout quite a few universes within the case of the Tremendous Dragon Balls and even all through time and area within the case of the Darkish Dragon Balls and are deactivated for a 12 months after each want (although this is dependent upon their origins, as a Namekian 12 months is sort of one-third [130 days] of a 12 months on Earth [365 days], thus the Namekian Dragon Balls can be utilized extra steadily than Earth’s), disguising themselves as stones. To create a chance to summon an Everlasting Dragon, one should journey everywhere in the globe to retrieve them. As know-how finally progressed, this turned considerably simpler, and have become comparatively easy with Bulma’s invention of the Dragon Radar. Although the Dragon Balls are “programmed” to scatter throughout a particular location(s) after having been used, it’s proven not less than one might be stopped from scattering alongside the others, as Goku jumped into the air and grabs the 4-Star ball earlier than it might probably fly away on the finish of the Fortuneteller Baba Saga.

Dragon Radar designed by Bulma

Regardless of the miraculous feats an Everlasting Dragon can carry out, their capacities for wish-granting just isn’t with out limits. Mentioned limits on the Dragon’s powers are set by the relative capabilities of the Dragon Ball set’s creator, unable to bodily exceed the may of the stated creator (ex: they can’t kill somebody the creator just isn’t in a position to kill). Nonetheless, if the wisher is prepared to, the Everlasting Dragon can briefly bypass their regular wish-granting limitations in proportion to how a lot life power the wisher is prepared to surrender. One other massive downside for any set of Dragon Balls is that their creator have to be alive for them to operate, in any other case they are going to be stones for eternity. The Dragon Balls might be rendered inactive if the mannequin of the dragon breaks; likewise, if the dragon is destroyed, the mannequin breaks.

With out a mannequin of the dragon and a set of Dragon Balls (in its stone kind), it will take about 100 days to create the Dragon Balls (as talked about by Dende earlier than he modified them). If the creator permits it, the Dragon Balls can be utilized even when a 12 months has not handed; this occurs solely as soon as within the collection, when Kami allowed Goku and his associates to revive all folks killed by King Piccolo, although it had solely been just a few days since King Piccolo wished to revive his youth.

Since all seven Dragon Balls have to be introduced collectively (although it’s unknown precisely what the utmost distance amongst the balls for them to be thought of ‘collectively’ is), it’s usually a sound technique employed by the villains of the collection to search out one Dragon Ball and maintain on to it, whereas the Z Fighters undergo the difficulty of discovering the opposite six, after which the villain will step in and steal them. Since this technique technically works, however is taken into account low cost, the Z Fighters don’t normally make use of it, as they like to combat honest. Nonetheless, the Z-Fighters did use this tactic through the Namek Saga, when Gohan took Vegeta’s 4 Star Namekian Dragon Ball, as a result of Krillin and Gohan knew they might not beat Vegeta or Frieza’s forces with out Goku’s assist, in order that they resorted to this tactic simply that after.

The ability of the Dragon Balls just isn’t restricted to the summoning of Shenron. As speculated by Esca, the Namekian Dragon Balls are in a position to keep the bodily standing of New Namek and its inhabitants lengthy after Moro had drained their power, permitting them to return to life with the power introduced again by Vegeta’s Compelled Spirit Fission.

Outdated Kai as soon as warned the Z Fighters to not overuse the Dragon Balls. That is elaborated upon within the Shadow Dragon Saga of Dragon Ball GT, because the Dragon Balls are solely supposed for use as soon as each 100 years.

Probably the most well-known Dragon Ball is the 4-Star Dragon Ball, being the one Grandpa Gohan had and which Goku saved after he handed away, additionally being the one which Goku placed on his first son Gohan’s hat. The Namekian Dragon Ball Vegeta stole, and that was later stolen from him by Gohan, was additionally the 4-Star Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Second Coming, the 4-Star Dragon Ball is the final Dragon Ball to be collected earlier than Trunks, Goten and Videl summon Shenron, and was additionally the final ball to be discovered by Bulma earlier than summoning Shenron to want again those that had been killed by Majin Vegeta on the twenty fifth World Martial Arts Match.[8] Within the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga of Dragon Ball GT, the primary Black Star Dragon Ball collected is the 4-Star Dragon Ball. Later, within the Shadow Dragon Saga, the one good Shadow Dragon, Nuova Shenron, is the 4-Star Dragon.


Earth Dragon Balls

Important article: Earth Dragon Ball

Bulma explaining the Dragon Balls to Goku

The Earth Dragon Balls are about 7.5 cm (roughly 3 in) in diameter, and so they summon a dragon named Shenron. They had been created by Kami, and later re-created by Dende. Shenron can grant a want inside its powers so long as it doesn’t create love, repeat a want he beforehand granted, surpasses its creator’s energy, and meets just a few extra restrictions. Reputable needs embrace everlasting youth, immortality, bringing again a scorched forest and even an annihilated planet.

Probably the most widespread needs is bringing a lifeless individual again to life, though there are a number of limitations on that as nicely. For starters, as said above, the dragon is not going to grant the identical want greater than as soon as, which has the web results of guaranteeing that no person might be wished again to life greater than as soon as. Additionally, they can’t revive an individual who has died of pure causes. Though Earth’s dragon balls can revive a number of lifeless folks directly, when a number of persons are revived, solely those that have been lifeless for one 12 months or much less might be revived. That is usually misunderstood by followers to imply that solely those that have been lifeless for lower than a 12 months might be revived, however that’s by no means explicitly said within the collection; all Kami ever says is that solely needs to revive a number of persons are restricted to a one-year time-frame. Certainly, this false impression is lastly put to relaxation within the Golden Frieza Saga, when Frieza was restored to life with Earth’s dragon balls, regardless of Frieza being unquestionably lifeless for longer than a 12 months. It’s unknown if this restriction continues to be in place after Dende upgraded Shenron. As well as, when one is wished again to life, they awaken within the place the place they had been killed, such because the case with Bora, basically reuniting the physique with the soul. If one’s physique had been utterly vaporized, they’d come again within the final state they had been alive in as proven by Mecha Frieza who was revived in items because the final time he was alive was after Future Trunks’ had reduce him into items (Frieza continued to stay as a result of his capability to outlive horrific accidents) earlier than ending him off. As proven by Frieza situation of the revived individual is dependent upon the individual being revived as Frieza was revived in items as a result of him with the ability to stay regardless of his total physique being reduce up. If an individual has been allowed to maintain their physique in Different World as with Goku, then the individual will probably be revived in Different World (which causes their halo to vanish) forcing them to return to the dwelling world on their very own. Nonetheless, this apparently solely applies to noble souls like Goku, as evil souls like Mecha Frieza who saved his physique in Earth’s Hell was revived on Earth in items, although it’s doable that Dende’s alternations to the Dragon Balls how resurrection capabilities or Frieza being revived on Earth as an alternative of Earth’s Hell was as a result of Shenron’s interpretation of Sorbet’s want as Sorbet wished to revive Frieza to life, so he might restore Frieza’s physique utilizing the Frieza Pressure’s extra superior medical know-how.

One other restriction is that it can not kill enemies that exceed the creator’s energy. That is usually understood by followers to be a ban on killing villains typically, however that’s not explicitly said. All Shenron states is that he can not kill somebody who exceeds the ability of his creator (who, on the time, was Kami); as such, this dialogue opens the chance for weaker villains comparable to Emperor Pilaf or Mercenary Tao to be killed off with a want to the Dragon Balls; nonetheless, by the point somebody had the concept to make such a want, the villains had been already greater than 80 instances stronger than Kami, who had an influence stage of solely round 220, and villains would get even stronger after that. It must also be famous that such a want could be pointless anyway as any villain Shenron might kill would even be throughout the energy of his creator (Kami or Dende relying on the timeframe) thus Kami or Dende might simply cope with the villain themselves (which might match with their position as Guardian of Earth) or search the help the Earth’s fighters which can be stronger than them like Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo who’re all far stronger than both Kami or Dende. This could have particularly been true in Kami’s time as Kami is skilled martial artist and the Dragon Balls might solely grant one want which might be much more helpful in undoing the injury (deaths and/or destruction) attributable to stated villains who may very well be simply dealt by the heroes, Kami included. It ought to be famous that Dende takes on a extra supportive position and tends to go away the combating to the Z Fighters who could be unlikely to make use of the Dragon Balls to cope with villains that they might simply cope with themselves, particularly given Goku and Vegeta’s innate Saiyan love for battle, whereas others like Piccolo and Gohan (who’s mild nature would possible stop him from making such a want) would in all probability acknowledge the hazard of over counting on the Dragon Balls to kill villains they might simply deal with on their very own. Moreover, stated villains might merely purchase the Dragon Balls themselves to forestall them getting used towards them and/or use the Earth’s Dragon Balls to amass immortality as Garlic Jr. did.

The Everlasting Dragon will grant the primary want uttered after it was known as, by whomever is current. Nonetheless, through the episode Everlasting Dragon Resurrected, a notable exception to this rule was displayed: The Dragon has discretion to vary a want on the final minute, offered the unique wisher consents to the change. First, Bulma requested the Dragon to revive “all of [their] associates who had been killed by Piccolo.” Oolong then clarified that the chums they wished revived had been “Krillin, Grasp Roshi, and Chiaotzu.” Shenron was about to grant this want, however on the final minute, Yamcha interjected and requested that all of Piccolo’s victims, not simply their associates, be revived as nicely. Shenron learn the faces of Bulma and Oolong, realized that they appreciated this modification, and agreed to make the change.

Pilaf summons Shenron

The Dragon Balls had been rendered inert 3 times: the primary time was after King Piccolo murdered Shenron shortly after the latter granted him his want, and was subsequently revived by Kami after Goku proved to him that there have been nonetheless some good folks on this planet (initially, Kami had no intention of reviving them as a result of function for creating them being corrupted by man’s greed). The second time was after Kami ended up not directly killed by Nappa when Piccolo took Nappa’s assault meant for Gohan, though they had been restored upon Kami’s revival. They had been then rendered inert for a closing time when Piccolo and Kami determined to reunite as a result of Cell’s grave menace to the world. Goku and the opposite Z Fighters initially didn’t take into account restoring the Dragon Balls, however after Cell worn out everything of the Royal Armed Forces after they tried to assault Cell through the ten day wait earlier than the Cell Video games, Goku determined to discover a means to revive the Dragon Balls, even when Kami couldn’t defuse from Piccolo.


When Dende turned the Earth’s guardian, he modified the burnt out Dragon Balls created by Kami, giving Shenron the ability to grant three needs (two needs if one want is used to revive a considerable amount of folks). He selected merely modifying Kami’s Dragon Balls over creating a brand new set as a result of the time it will take to create a brand new set from scratch was far too lengthy, particularly given the approaching menace of Cell. Along with this, Dende’s dragon can grant one want after which have the opposite needs saved for a later time. This was proven within the Buu Saga, when one want was made to revive all these killed by Majin Vegeta, after which Goku requested Shenron to avoid wasting the next needs. Subsequently, solely 4 or so months after Child Buu’s defeat, one other want was made to erase the Earthlings’ reminiscences of Buu. One impediment that Dende couldn’t overcome for the brand new set of balls is that, an individual can’t be revived greater than as soon as. Nonetheless in Dragon Ball GT Shenron is ready to revive Krillin (and presumably Android 17 who had been revived after the Cell Video games) who had beforehand been revived by Shenron, indicating that this limitation has been eliminated or it was as a result of particular nature of the want itself which was granted by Shenron as a closing want after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons. Just like the Namekian Dragon Balls, the summoner should utter a set of phrases. In Dragon Ball Z, these phrases are “Everlasting Dragon, by your title, I summon you forth: Shenron!” In Dragon Ball GT, proper earlier than the Shadow Dragon Saga, the phrases have modified to “Come up, Shenron!”

The Two-Star ball filled with destructive power

It’s unclear whether or not Dragon Balls can revive synthetic life or not. Whereas Android 17 was revived through the Cell Video games Saga, he began out as a human and was made into an android by Dr. Gero. Android 16, who was killed by Cell, was not seen once more within the collection even after the want was made to revive all of Cell’s victims. Nonetheless in Dragon Ball FighterZ it’s implied that Shenron was apparently unable to revive Android 16 who was revived by Android 21 by importing the unique 16’s reminiscences into a brand new physique. As his reminiscence apparently survived the destruction of his authentic physique, Shenron could have been unable to revive Android 16 as his thoughts had survived the destruction of his authentic physique thus he was technically nonetheless alive as a result of his nature as a mechanical kind android which presumably permits him to outlive the destruction of his physique so long as his authentic reminiscences stay intact to permit them to be uploaded into a brand new physique. Presumably this might have additionally prevented his revival by Shenron in the principle collection as nicely.

The Legend of the Dragon Balls

Within the Dragon Ball episode “The Legend of a Dragon”, Grasp Roshi advised a well-liked legend in regards to the origin of the Dragon Balls. This legend is simply current within the anime and contradicts the reason given later within the collection about Kami being their creator. Since Roshi’s story is simply a rumor he had heard, it was possible a fantasy presumably created by the Earthlings. Nonetheless, it’s value noting that the rumor intently resembles the story of how the Dragon Balls had been comprised of elements of the Tremendous Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Tremendous. One other risk is that Kami could have created the parable himself to obscure the Dragon Balls origins from the folks of Earth. Moreover, the story of the hero could have been created by Kami to encourage the folks of Earth to make use of the Dragon Balls for good.

The “Authentic Dragon Ball” as proven in Roshi’s story

“The Legend, as I used to be advised, goes one thing like this. To start with there was just one Dragon Ball. It was big. I imply REALLY big, it needed to be. It held the entire mystical energies of the universe. An historical tribe found it, and was impressed by its magnificent energy. They constructed a shrine round it, and guarded the orb by inserting it within the mouth of a large Dragon statue, stated to be its everlasting guardian. It is best to have seen the element on this factor, it was INCREDIBLE, scales manufactured from Ruby, enamel of pearl—talking of pearl, they are saying there was this one native lady (“GET ON WITH IT!”)—sure, nicely, the tribe loved years of prosperity till sooner or later, evil paid a go to to the village within the type of a band of thieves. These brokers of Darkness stormed the temple in an try and steal the Dragon Ball for their very own egocentric acquire. They had been shocked to find the true energy of the Ball. To make sure such an assault by no means occurred once more, the Dragon Ball was divided into seven smaller orbs, and scattered throughout the globe. Individually, the Dragon Balls had been ineffective, however when all seven had been united, then a single voice might summon the Everlasting Dragon for one want, and one want solely. Some needs had been pure, however others had been tainted by blind ambition. This led to ache and struggling as an unjust few wished for energy and dominion over mankind. However because the story goes there’ll sooner or later come a hero who will use the Dragon Balls for goodness, and produce peace and unity to the world as soon as extra.”

Minus Vitality and the Shadow Dragons

Important article: Shadow Dragons

The cracked Dragon Balls

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First talked about by Outdated Kai in Dragon Ball Z, at any time when a want is made utilizing the Dragon Balls, an equal quantity of destructive power is created alongside the helpful wish-granting power. To forestall this power from inflicting issues, the Dragon Balls take up this darkish power. The darkish power saved within the Dragon Balls disperses solely after 100 years, and the Dragon Balls can solely retailer a restricted quantity of it. After getting used to make a want, the Dragon Balls scatter throughout the planet, giving them time to dispel the darkish power harmlessly (since it’s anticipated that it will take years for somebody to search out all of the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron once more, particularly since most individuals have no idea about their energy). Sadly, this countermeasure was confirmed near-useless when Bulma invented the Dragon Radar, permitting the Z Fighters to simply discover the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron many instances. Ultimately, throughout Dragon Ball GT, all seven Dragon Balls had been crammed to full capability, inflicting them to crack. When these broken Dragon Balls had been used to summon Shenron to revive the Earth after Goku’s battle with Tremendous 17, the Dragon Balls launched years’ value of darkish power as an alternative, which manifested into an evil Black Smoke Shenron, who in flip swallowed the Dragon Balls and break up into seven Shadow Dragons.

Black Smoke Shenron

Even supposing the seven Shadow Dragons had been all created by particular person needs, not each want made spawned a Shadow Dragon. For instance, not one of the needs made after the Cell Video games to revive Cell’s victims and take away the bombs from the Androids spawned a Shadow Dragon. It’s unknown what turned of the destructive power of these needs.

Presumably the Namekian Dragon Balls and Tremendous Dragon Balls are able to storing bigger quantities of destructive power generated by needs, as a result of them being bigger than the Earth’s Dragon Balls.

Darkish Dragon Balls

Important article: Darkish Dragon Ball

The Darkish Dragon Balls

The Darkish Dragon Balls are a set of black-starred, darkish purple Dragon Balls shaped by Dende: Xeno in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Darkish Shenron, the Demonic Everlasting Dragon of the Darkish Dragon Balls

Gathering all seven allows one to summon Darkish Shenron to have a want granted, however the Darkish Dragon Balls are even trickier to assemble, as they scatter all through time and area.

Additionally, they possess the distinctive capability to merge with evil beings to be able to enhance their energy.

Namekian Dragon Balls

Important article: Namekian Dragon Ball

The Namekian Dragon Balls

In contrast to the Dragon Balls of Earth, the roughly basketball-sized Dragon Balls of planet Namek summon a distinct dragon, Porunga, and might grant three needs, as a result of their creation by Grand Elder Guru. They can be utilized as soon as per Namekian 12 months, roughly 130 Earth days.[9] Nonetheless, Porunga is initially solely able to one particular person’s revival per want, whereas the Everlasting Dragon of Earth can want many again to life, even all the inhabitants of a planet, with a single want. Moreover, the Namekian Dragon Balls require the summoner to say a password earlier than the dragon might be summoned, and the want have to be spoken within the Namekian language; the Z Fighters normally use Dende to translate their needs to Porunga. One notable benefit that the Namekian Dragon Balls have over these of Earth is that they will revive an individual as many instances as wished, one thing even Dende’s upgraded Shenron couldn’t do till Dragon Ball GT.

Moreover, the Namekian dragon balls don’t scatter throughout the planet after a want is made. This permits the dragon balls for use instantly after they’re revived from stone, with out having to assemble them up.


When Guru is about to die, he is ready to title Moori as the brand new Elder proper earlier than he passes on the finish of the Frieza Saga, after which the Dragon Balls’ existence rests on the brand new Elder’s destiny. It’s unknown if the Earth’s Dragon Balls might be handed on in such a fashion. Someday after deciding on New Namek, the Namekians determined to switch their current Dragon Balls, giving Porunga the power to grant the want of resurrecting many dwelling beings directly somewhat than simply one after the other. This was achieved as a response to their experiences coping with Frieza. Additionally, within the Child Buu Saga, Porunga is ready to grant a want that’s not spoken in Namekian language, as Dende needs for all these killed by Buu to be introduced again within the widespread language.

Black Star Dragon Balls

Important article: Black Star Dragon Ball

The Three-Star Black Star Dragon Ball

In Dragon Ball GT, the idea of “Black Star Dragon Balls” was launched. This set of Dragon Balls was created by the Anonymous Namekian, earlier than he had break up into Kami and King Piccolo. Presumably as a result of this Namek was not pure good and was far more highly effective (since he had not dispelled his evil half) the Black Star Dragon Balls can summon the far more highly effective Final Shenron, a mighty dragon that’s not restricted as a lot as the conventional Shenron (e.g. he can grant a want to kill an individual). To counter this highly effective enchancment, the Black Star Dragon Balls have two massive downsides. First, when Final Shenron grants a want, the Black Star Dragon Balls scatter throughout the galaxy, somewhat than on Earth. Secondly, the planet upon which Final Shenron grants a want will probably be destroyed in a single 12 months except the Black Star Dragon Balls are returned to the aforementioned planet. Aside from this, not like the Earth or Namekian Dragon Balls, the Black Star Dragon Balls by no means rework into stones and can be utilized as quickly as they’re retrieved after being scattered.

Final Shenron

In Dragon Ball GT, Emperor Pilaf makes use of them and unintentionally turns Goku again into a child. Pan, Goku and Trunks are finally in a position to get better them. Nonetheless, they’re used once more by Child to have Planet Tuffle revived. On the finish of the Child Saga, Piccolo decides that the Black Star Dragon Balls are far too harmful to permit to exist, so he stays on Earth because it explodes, killing himself to make sure that they’d by no means harm anybody once more.

In Dragon Ball Z: Final Tenkaichi, they’re often called the Final Dragon Balls and Piccolo apparently modifies them so their downsides are eliminated, inflicting them to operate extra just like the Dragon Balls of Earth. Nonetheless Omega Shenron makes use of them to show the Earth right into a dwelling hell and corrupts Final Shenron together with his destructive power. The Final Tenkaichi Hero manages to defeat Omega Shenron and collects all seven however is confronted by Final Shenron who assaults them when he’s summoned as a result of Omega Shenron’s destructive power. The hero manages to defeat Final Shenron, eradicating the destructive power from him restoring the Dragon to regular. Nonetheless Final Shenron reveals that Omega Shenron’s destructive power has grown too highly effective for even his energy to undo the results of Omega Shenron’s want, so the hero needs that each one these killed because of Omega Shenron’s want be revived and decides to search out one other approach to restore the Earth to regular with out the Dragon Balls.

Tremendous Dragon Balls

Important article: Tremendous Dragon Ball

The Authentic Dragon Balls, the Tremendous Dragon Balls

The Tremendous Dragon Balls are the unique set of Dragon Balls shaped by the Dragon God, Zalama. The Namekians discovered the Tremendous Dragon Balls and so they shaved items off to make their very own. These Dragon Balls haven’t any limits and might grant any want the consumer wishes. The scale of those balls are the scale of planets, and at one level, Champa even calls them “want planets”.

The Dragon of the Gods Tremendous Shenron

Champa had collected six of the Tremendous Dragon Balls and Bulma was on the seek for the remaining one, which is revealed to be the Anonymous Planet. To summon the Dragon of the Gods, the summoner must say within the Divine Language “Come forth Dragon of the Gods and grant my want fairly peas!” (the final half is modified to “peas and carrots” within the Funimation dub). After a want is made they scatter throughout Universes 6 and seven.

For the Match of Energy, the Grand Minister asks for the Dragon Balls from Champa.

Cereal Dragon Balls

Important article: Cereal Dragon Ball

The Cereal Dragon Balls


On the planet Cereal, the Namekians who arrived there created Dragon Balls. In contrast to the opposite identified Dragon Balls, there exist solely two, and are noticeably smaller, being in regards to the measurement of a ping pong ball. These Dragon Balls are at present tied to Monaito, the final Namekian on Cereal. Monaito had one in his assortment, whereas a younger Sugarian had found the opposite by probability, main scientists to analyze. Granolah steered that if each had been discovered, he might use his want to return his fellow Cerealians again to life that was slain by the Saiyan Military, however Monaito counters by suggesting that such a want could be unfair for the Sugarians who moved in, who themselves had been homeless.

The 1-star ball

As proven within the “The Evolution of Planet Cereal” PV, this set of Dragon Balls possess black-stars on them.

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Toronbo is the dragon that’s summoned from this set.

Particular Dragon Balls

Important article: Particular Dragon Ball A set of Dragon Balls given to prisoners of the Jail Planet by Fu. They summon Shenron.

Needs granted

Pre-Dragon Ball

  • Somebody needs to develop into a king.[10][11]

Dragon Ball

The One-Star Dragon Ball

Emperor Pilaf Saga

  • Oolong needs for a pair of panties. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Oceanus Shenron)

Fortuneteller Baba Saga

  • Upa needs for Bora to be revived. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Haze Shenron)

King Piccolo Saga

  • King Piccolo needs for his youth to be restored. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Nuova Shenron)

Piccolo Jr. Saga

  • Reviving everybody killed by King Piccolo and his youngsters. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Eis Shenron within the anime)

Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta Saga

  • Grasp Roshi needs for Goku to be revived. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Rage Shenron)

Frieza Saga

  • Dende, Gohan and Krillin want for Piccolo’s life to be restored. Then they want for Piccolo to be transported to planet Namek. (Granted by Porunga, two needs)
  • Mr. Popo needs for all these killed by Frieza and his henchmen in Namek introduced again to life, however the tribe killed by Vegeta weren’t introduced again as Vegeta didn’t rely as certainly one of Frieza’s henchmen at the moment. That is the one want that Shenron was not sure of his capability to grant. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Syn Shenron)
  • Dende needs everybody on Namek to be transported to Earth apart from Goku and Frieza. (Granted by Porunga)
  • Want for Krillin’s soul to be moved to Earth, after which to be introduced again to life. (Granted by Porunga, two needs)
  • Want for the Z Fighters Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan’s lives to be restored. (Granted by Porunga, three needs)
  • Want for all Namekians on Earth, besides Piccolo and Kami, to be transported to New Namek. (Granted by Porunga)

Cell Video games Saga

  • A want to revive all folks killed by Cell and the opposite androids and second want for the self-destruct bombs in Android 17 and Android 18 to be eliminated. (Granted by Shenron)

Majin Buu Saga

The seven Dragon Balls

  • Bulma wished that everybody who died because the morning of the World Martial Arts Match be introduced again to life. (Granted by Shenron; Spawned Naturon Shenron)
    • The remaining want was saved up, giving them 4 months till they had been in a position to make their second want.
  • A want to restore the just lately destroyed planet Earth, one other want to revive all these killed because the morning of the twenty fifth World Martial Arts Match again to life apart from these which can be evil, and the final want to restore Goku’s power so he might utterly fireplace the Spirit Bomb. (Granted by Porunga)
  • A want for all reminiscences of Majin Buu’s havoc on Earth to be erased, besides from the Z Fighters, and the opposite supporting characters. (Granted by Shenron, made utilizing the remaining want saved up from the final summoning; spawned Eis Shenron based on Dragon Ball GT: Excellent File).

Dragon Ball Tremendous

Bonus chapter

  • Pilaf needs for youth for himself and for his gang. (Granted by Shenron, set through the Android battle)
  • King Kai asks for Moori’s permission to make use of the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive his planet. King Kai thinks of getting an even bigger planet with a race monitor, a lovely home, and fewer gravity. Goku exhibits up and makes use of the want to hold it the identical as was beforehand as a result of having ten instances gravity is nice for coaching. (Granted by Porunga)

God of Destruction Beerus Saga

  • Goku needs for the data of the Tremendous Saiyan God. (Granted by Shenron)
  • Kibito Kai needs to be break up into Shin and Kibito. (Granted by Porunga)

Golden Frieza Saga

  • Sorbet needs Frieza again from Hell. (Granted by Shenron)
  • Shu needs for 1,000,000 Zeni. (Granted by Shenron)
  • Mai needs for the most effective ice cream on this planet. (Granted by Shenron)
  • Piccolo is introduced again to life. (Granted by Porunga)

Universe 6 Saga

  • Beerus needs for Shenron to go away. (Granted by Shenron)
  • Whis needs for Universe 6’s Earth and its People to be revived. (Granted by Tremendous Shenron)

“Future” Trunks Saga

  • Zamasu needs to swap our bodies with Goku and turns into Goku Black. (Granted by Tremendous Shenron, Goku Black’s timeline)
  • Goku Black and Future Zamasu use the Tremendous Dragon Balls to make Future Zamasu immortal. (Granted by Tremendous Shenron, Trunks’ timeline)
  • Goku Black and Future Zamasu want for the Tremendous Dragon Balls to be destroyed. (Granted by Tremendous Shenron, Trunks’ timeline)
  • Gohan needs for Pan’s fever to be cured. (Granted by Shenron)

Universe Survival Saga

  • Android 17 needs for all of the erased universes to be restored. (Granted by Tremendous Shenron)

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

  • Cranberry needs for his wounds to be healed. (Granted by Porunga)
  • Cranberry needs for Moro’s magic powers to be restored. (Granted by Porunga)
  • Moro needs that each one Galactic Patrol prisoners be let loose. (Granted by Porunga)
  • Surviving Namekians want for all of the planets and beings killed by Moro to be revived. (Granted by Porunga)

Granolah the Survivor Saga

  • Granolah needs to develop into the strongest fighter in Universe 7. (Granted by Toronbo)

Dragon Ball GT

Black Star Dragon Ball Saga

  • Emperor Pilaf by chance needs for Goku to be became a toddler. (Granted by Final Shenron)

Child Saga

  • Child Vegeta’s want for a brand new Planet Plant to be created and positioned close to Earth, full with buildings and vegetation. (Granted by the Final Shenron)
  • A want to restore the Earth after being destroyed by the negative effects of utilizing the Black Star Dragon Balls. (Granted by Porunga)

Shadow Dragon Saga

Earth Dragon Balls on Omega Shenron’s chest

  • A want to revive all of the individuals who had been killed through the Tremendous 17 and Shadow Dragon Sagas. (Granted by Shenron)
    • Shenron was in a position to revive individuals who had been wished again to life utilizing the Earth Dragon Balls earlier than as a result of the want was a particular want granted to Goku and the Z Fighters by Shenron with out being summoned by the Dragon Balls, earlier than he parted from the Earth.

Dragon Ball motion pictures

Dragon Ball Film 1: Curse of the Blood Rubies

  • Penny’s want for the top of the rubies.

Dragon Ball Film 3: Mystical Journey

  • Goku needs for Bora to be revived.

Dragon Ball Tenth Anniversary Particular:

  • Goku needs for Shenron to rebuild Android 8 and take away the bomb inside him.

Dragon Ball Z Film 1: Useless Zone

  • Garlic Jr. needs for immortality.

Dragon Ball Z Film 2: The World’s Strongest

  • Dr. Kochin needs for Dr. Wheelo to be launched from his icy jail.

Dragon Ball Z Film 3: The Tree of Would possibly

  • Bulma, Gohan and Krillin want to restore the forest.

Dragon Ball Z Film 4: Lord Slug

  • Lord Slug needs for his youth to be restored.

The 4-Star Dragon Ball, discovered by Goten

Dragon Ball Z Film 10: Broly – Second Coming

  • Goten needs that his father had been there, and a picture of Goku seems; although this creates an fascinating plot gap. First, Shenron doesn’t seem when Goten tries to summon him; second the sky just isn’t even darkish when the want is made. Additionally at this level, Dende had powered up Shenron to grant three needs, although when the Dragon Balls learn Goten ideas about wishing Goku was there to assist them, the Dragon Balls nonetheless scatter on the finish of the film.

Dragon Ball Z Film 12: Fusion Reborn

  • Gohan needs to shut the border between the dwelling and lifeless however Shenron is unable to grant the want, exceeding his personal energy. No different want is made, resulting in a considerably comedic ending, with Shenron saying “Is someone going to make a want or what?”

Dragon Ball Z Film 13: Wrath of the Dragon

  • Hoi needs to unlock a field he discovered. (Tapion was in it).
  • As they are saying their goodbyes to Tapion, Goku and associates point out that they may summon the dragon once more to want all of the folks again to life who died through the battle towards Hirudegarn (this a part of the dialog is talked about within the Japanese model).

Dragon Ball Z Film 14: Battle of Gods

  • The Pilaf Gang wished for his or her youth previous to the occasions of the film.
  • Beerus calls for Shenron to inform the Saiyans methods to make a Tremendous Saiyan God, permitting the Saiyans to learn the way the shape is attained, in the end resulting in Goku attaining the shape.

Dragon Ball Z Film 15: Resurrection ‘F’

  • Frieza Pressure’s Sorbet and his physique guard, Tagoma, want to revive the galactic tyrant Frieza so he can restore the Frieza Pressure’s evil empire, the only most evil want ever made with the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Frieza is revived as he was simply earlier than his demise through the ending blast of Future Trunks’ Shining Sword Assault, as Mecha Frieza and in items. Sorbet and Tagoma accumulate the entire items of Frieza and put the natural elements in a therapeutic chamber; Frieza’s physique is regenerated and he reverts himself again into his first kind, thus setting in movement the occasions of the movie.
  • Shu needs for a million zeni.
  • Bulma says she’ll collect the Dragon Balls to revive North Metropolis since Frieza destroyed it.

Dragon Ball Tremendous Film 1: Broly

  • Cheelai needs for Broly to be saved and despatched again to Planet Vampa.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse collection

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

  • In Age 850, Xeno Trunks makes use of the Dragon Balls of Toki Toki Metropolis to summon a warrior who might defend historical past (the customizable major protagonist of Xenoverse). This warrior later defeats the Demon God Demigra and turns into the Hero of Toki Toki Metropolis.
  • In Age 778, Demigra makes use of the Earth’s Dragon Balls to revive Frieza, Cell, and Child Buu to be able to use his Darkish Magic to own and management them creating The Bosses.
  • Chronoa makes use of Toki Toki Metropolis’s set of Dragon Balls (as Dende had created a number of units by Age 850) to summon Shenron and needs that Goku learn of the menace posed by Demigra and revived Bosses in Age 778.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Within the altered timeline of Age 779, Cooler is revived after his brother Frieza utilizing the Dragon Balls second want. This permits him to partake in Frieza’s revenge after having been rebuilt as Metallic Cooler.
  • In an altered timeline of Age 850, Towa kills Shenron to cease Xeno Trunks from making his want however she is thwarted by the 2nd Future Warrior, permitting Xeno Trunks to make the want, restoring the Toki Toki Hero’s existence.
  • After the defeat of Remaining kind Mira and the return of Tokitoki’s Egg, on the insistence of Tokitoki and Beerus, Chronoa makes use of Conton Metropolis’s set of Dragon Balls (the identical ones she utilized in Xenoverse) to summon Shenron and needs for a feast that can go away everybody happy. After the feast, Chronoa explains that the meals got here from Earth because the Dragon Balls had been created by Dende and she or he reveals that he created a number of units of Dragon Balls.

Video Sport Appearances

The Dragon Balls seem in practically all of the franchise’s video video games.

The seven Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball Heroes

In Dragon Ball Z: Assault of the Saiyans, Mr. Popo creates his personal set of Dragon Balls after Goku’s resurrection and Kami’s demise. This model of Shenron is not as highly effective and can’t be used to want again deceased characters, however has the benefit of with the ability to be reused continuously after being regathered and they’re additionally able to summoning somebody as highly effective as Legendary Tremendous Saiyan Broly to Earth (or on the very least create a convincing copy of him, as he might be defeated by the Z Fighters even supposing the sport happens earlier than the Namek Saga and it will be most unlikely that the Z Fighters could be able to defeating the actual Legendary Tremendous Saiyan at that time).

In Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai – One other Highway, which takes place in Future Trunks’ timeline, Future Janemba takes the Dragon Balls and after he’s defeated, Future Babidi steals them. Whereas Vegito fights towards Future Tremendous Buu, Future Babidi invokes Shenron. Whereas he was doing his want, he’s reduce off by Future Mr. Devil who needs to develop into the preferred individual within the universe.

In Dragon Ball On-line, it’s revealed that in Age 787 Dende deactivated the Dragon Balls of Earth as a result of Elder Kai’s warnings and the Earth being at peace (thus stopping the Dragon Ball from being overused and thus the looks of the Shadow Dragons in Age 790 by no means happens because it did within the GT Timeline). Ultimately in Age 999 Dende reactivates the Earth’s Dragon Balls after Time Patrol Trunks warns him in regards to the menace posed by Mira, within the hopes {that a} savior would seem. Nonetheless this time Dende creates a number of units of Dragon Balls, weaker than the originals, hoping that the younger warriors will profit from competing over them. The presence of a number of units permits for warriors of various ability ranges to have a sensible hope of gathering all seven. Afraid of them being exploited, Dende limits their energy, proscribing the desires that may be made. Certainly one of these units is seemingly offered to Chronoa and the Time Patrol.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Future Trunks asks Shenron for a robust ally with sufficient energy to defeat time itself. By this want, Shenron summons the Future Warrior. In middle of Toki Toki Metropolis’s Plaza of Time there’s a Dragon Ball Altar the place the Dragon Balls collected by Time Patrollers are saved and the place Shenron is summoned when all seven are collected. A feminine Time Patroller named Amura stands subsequent to the Altar and makes numerous feedback about making needs Shenron comparable to questioning if Shenron would get mad if she wished for 100 needs or wishing for Shenron to be her pal. Dragon Balls might be obtained throughout Parallel quests, if obtained the participant will obtain a message saying “Key Merchandise obtained” and should full the search to gather the Dragon Ball. There’s additionally an obtainable shade customizable outfit for Earthlings and Saiyans known as the 4-Star Dragon Ball Costume which is an expensive Gi with a design primarily based on the 4-Star Dragon Ball and contains a faux 4-Star Dragon Ball included into the higher physique portion of the outfit.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Turles makes an attempt to make use of the Namekian Dragon Balls to want for Immortality, however is stopped by his cohort Lord Slug who additionally wishes immortality so he can rule the universe. Earlier than they will combat over who will get to make a want, the Future Warrior seems and so they kind a brief truce to cope with the Patroller however are in the end defeated by the Warrior and Future Trunks. Curiously in Parallel Quest 44: “Dragon Balls of the Future“, the Dragon Balls mysteriously reactivate in a parallel model Future Trunks’ timeline regardless of Future Kami’s demise, forcing Future Trunks to maintain them from Future 17, Future 18, and reactivated Future 16. Precisely how they had been in a position to reactivate in Trunks’ timeline with out Kami isn’t defined, although presumably it could have one thing to do with the time fragment that individual parallel timeline is present in. In The Emperor’s Return Saga, it’s revealed that Towa altered the historical past of Age 779 in order that Dragon Balls second want (which had been taken by the Pilaf Gang within the authentic historical past) was used to revive Cooler who was than remodeled into Metallic Cooler, thus Metallic Cooler participates in his brother’s coaching and takes half in Frieza’s revenge towards Goku and the Z Fighters in Age 779.

In Xenoverse 2, Dragon Balls are collected in a lot the identical means as they had been in Xenoverse by defeating Time Patroller NPCs in battle, although that is made barely extra simpler as Time Patrollers usually seem in groups of three when encountered in Parallel Quests. The Future Warrior may additionally often obtain a Dragon Ball as login in bonus, although if they’ve already obtained all seven after they obtain the bonus they may obtain a Hercule Badge as an alternative. The Warrior can even get hold of Dragon Balls from defeating Time Patroller NPCs encountered in Conton Metropolis, although not like these encountered in Parallel Quests, they’re assured to drop a Dragon Ball offered the Future Warrior hasn’t collected all seven. Nonetheless these NPCs can solely be fought as soon as per character file, although it’s doable to create a save file and defeat one then delete stated save file to get one other Dragon Ball from the identical NPC which can be utilized as a straightforward approach to get hold of Dragon Balls because the stock is shared throughout character recordsdata. Additionally in Conton Metropolis one can see a large Shenron-like dragon that floats within the sky north of Conton Metropolis. It’s later revealed that this dragon was the dragon statue discovered on the Dragon Ball Pedestal in Xenoverse which Chronoa had animated after listening to rumors doubting the ability of gods like herself and Elder Kai, nonetheless it grew so massive it flip Toki Toki Metropolis into ruins, forcing them to construct Conton Metropolis over the ruins and the seemingly alive dragon statue was relocated north of town. The Dragon Ball Pedestal was finally restored with a brand new dragon statue. Throughout their investigation of the Guru’s Home time rift anomaly the place they support Nail in defending the Namekian Dragon Balls from the Frieza Pressure. If Future Warrior meets Grand Elder Guru after having their potential unlocked (Attribute Stage Cap unlocked), who will educate the Warrior methods to enhance the ability of the Dragon Balls in Conton Metropolis, unlocking additional want choices the following time they use the Dragon Balls and every subsequent after that. Chronoa additionally explains to the 2nd Future Warrior that the Dragon Balls in Conton Metropolis are certainly one of a number of units created by Dende, although those utilized in Toki Toki Metropolis and Conton Metropolis are weaker than the others. She explains they had been initially meant to be a coaching reward however ended up making a means for limitless needs as a result of nature of Conton Metropolis as a spot the place a number of timelines intersect (permitting Dragon Balls for use a number of instances by the Time Patrol with out a ready interval of them being inactive). Although they’re weaker, they nonetheless possess sufficient energy to grant Xeno Trunks’ want to summon a warrior sturdy sufficient to defend historical past as proven by the Future Warrior in Xenoverse. On account of how they’re obtained within the Xenoverse collection, it’s unclear how or the place they scatter although since they’re obtained primarily from Time Patrollers they presumably scatter round Toki Toki Metropolis/Conton Metropolis as it’s unlikely that Chronoa would enable them to scatter by time as a result of hazard. Chronoa referring to them as a supply of limitless needs implies that there isn’t a hazard of them cracking from a buildup of destructive power (indicating they will include it extra successfully or don’t produce sufficient destructive power to crack them as a result of being weaker than the Earth’s Dragon Balls), as Chronoa and the Time Patrol are totally conscious that overusing the Dragon Balls resulted within the start of the Shadow Dragons within the GT Timeline and would possible curb their utilization if there was a hazard of them producing Shadow Dragons. Alternatively Chronoa’s energy over time could enable her to impact the Dragon Balls in such a means that the destructive power dissipates much more rapidly than the Earth’s Dragon Balls. As these Dragon Balls don’t appear to enter a interval of dormancy the place they flip to stone, it’s doable that they don’t produce destructive power as a part of the rationale the Dragon Balls develop into inert after getting used is to provide time for the destructive power to dissipate.

The 4-Star Dragon Ball Costume from Xenoverse returns as an obtainable outfit. Moreover Gohan’s 4-Star Dragon Ball Hat additionally seems as an obtainable accent as nicely.

Different media

The 4-Star Ball in Dragonball Evolution

  • In Dragonball Evolution, Goku needs for Shenron to carry Grasp Roshi again to life. The Dragon Balls themselves are darkish orange while the celebs are glowing yellow, somewhat than purple; additionally, the celebs in every Dragon Ball really transfer across the inside (probably as an adaptation of the celebs wanting the identical from each angle). Along with summoning Shenron to have a want granted, the Dragon Balls are able to displaying photos to somebody (a capability by no means seen nor talked about in another type of media), as within the film, when Goku takes out the 4-Star Ball throughout his final moments together with his grandfather, it briefly exhibits him photos of occasions to come back, and within the online game adaptation, Lord Piccolo makes use of those in his possession to indicate Goku a picture of the second Gohan discovered him (as a part of his revealing Goku’s Saiyan heritage to him).
  • Within the manga Dragon Boy, Dragon Balls are small balls that seem similar to the balls within the Dragon Ball collection. Nonetheless, as an alternative of granting needs, they are often opened utilizing ki power to launch a small child dragon that doesn’t grant needs.
  • Within the online game collection Worms, there may be an assault known as “Dragon Ball”, being similar to the Kamehameha. Nonetheless, stated assault is probably going primarily based on the Hadouken/Fireball from the Avenue Fighter collection, as there may be one other assault known as ‘Fireplace punch’ which resembles the Shoryuken/Dragon Punch from the identical collection. Worms will often shout ‘Shoryuken’ when performing the fireplace punch, in addition to donning a purple head band within the fashion of the principle character Ryu when doing each assaults. Moreover, the assaults are known as Fireball and Dragon Punch within the Avenue Fighter collection, and Fireplace Punch and Dragon Ball in Worms.
  • Within the anime, Puni Puni Poemi, the principle character makes an look with a group of three Dragon Balls.
  • The Dragon Balls are talked about within the first chapter of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga.
  • Within the non-anime present Duck Dodgers, Area Cadet advised The Masked Xorro (a parody of Zorro) that the villagers returned to see reruns of Dragon Ball.

Kohina and associates use the “seven balls of wish-granting”

  • Within the episode 12 of the anime Gugure! Kokkuri-san, Shenron and the Dragon Balls are referenced when Kohina’s home is destroyed. They used the “Ichimatsu household’s seven balls of wish-granting” to restore it.


  • Within the first quantity of the Dragon Ball manga, a number of characters who’re unaware of the Dragon Balls usually mistake them for gonads of the Everlasting Dragon itself, when first enlightened of them. For instance, when Bulma reveals the legend for the primary time within the collection, Goku follows her comment that “They’re known as Dragon Balls” with “Y’imply… Some poor dragon…?” Later, Goku tells Oolong in regards to the story, to which Oolong comically replies “I did not even know dragons had” earlier than being stopped when Goku exhibits him one of many artifacts. Giving the character of the unique Dragon Ball, it was possible meant to be a joke.

The 9-Star Dragon Ball

  • Within the cowl of the preliminary chapter of Dragon Ball Tremendous a Dragon Ball was mistakenly drawn with 9 stars, this was faraway from later releases.
  • Within the authentic censored English model of Dragon Ball Z, there are just a few contradictions with Earth’s and Namek’s Dragon Balls in “The Return of Goku”. Piccolo asks Gohan to want him again after his demise, even supposing he couldn’t be revived if the Dragon Balls had been scattered (and he mustn’t learn about Namek’s Dragon Balls, but). Later within the episode, Gohan states that they “must want Piccolo again with the Dragon Balls”. Lastly, when Bulma is aware of that the Dragon Balls are gone, she states that they’re going to want the Dragon Balls “from someplace else” to want their associates again (within the uncut model, she realizes that they aren’t going to have the ability to carry them again to life) which additionally contradicts the truth that they didn’t know something about different Dragon Balls.
  • A brand new set of Dragon Balls has been launched in every collection of Dragon Ball.
    • Dragon Ball: Earth Dragon Balls.
    • Dragon Ball Z: Namekian Dragon Balls.
    • Dragon Ball GT: Black Star Dragon Balls.
    • Dragon Ball Tremendous: Tremendous Dragon Balls.
    • Dragon Ball Heroes: Darkish Dragon Balls.
    • Tremendous Dragon Ball Heroes: Particular Dragon Balls.


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