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Beforehand we hypothesized that the Elder Issues utilized each the unusual ultra-stellar stone tablets and a few of Ubbo-Sathla to create life on Earth. The stone tablets could have offered the recipe, whereas Ubbo-Sathla could have been the uncooked materials. It’s stated that Ubbo-Sathla was deposited onto the Earth by unknown gods, which can have been from a earlier or parallel universe. As a part of the discussions relating to Ubbo-Sathla, numerous folks have requested concerning the relationship between this entity and Abhoth – one other discovery of Clark Ashton Smith’s. Abhoth from

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First off, Ubbo-Sathla is clearly documented to have existed on primordial Earth, though it’s questionable whether or not any a part of it exists at the moment. In distinction, we don’t have conclusive proof that Abhoth was ever on Earth and even in our Universe. Abhoth is first talked about in Smith’s “The Seven Geases” which paperwork occasions that occurred in Hyperborea, an historical, northern civilization that’s stated to have existed between one and two million years in the past (The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana by Daniel Harms, 1998). Nonetheless, there may be some debate if Hyperborea was truly an historical civilization that existed on Earth or if it existed / exists in a parallel Universe corresponding to that just like the Dreamlands. Nonetheless, these are matters for future discussions. Some clarification on this matter would contribute towards offering further proof a method or one other as to if Abhoth is expounded to Ubbo-Sathla.

Abhoth itself is claimed to exist deep underground in a “slimy gulf through which Abhoth, father and mom of all cosmic uncleanness, eternally carries on Its repugnant fission.” Abhoth is a few sort of pool of fluctuating, gray, natural, mud-like materials that consistently produces creatures and residing issues that crawl and slither away from it. The additional away the gray creatures transfer away from Abhoth itself, the bigger they develop into, though often they’re consumed by one another and/or fall again into Abhoth. Kids of Abhoth by Christopher Burdett (; Fantasy Flight Video games, 2012)

Abhoth itself seems to be a seething mass of natural materials consistently forming organs and appendages corresponding to arms, legs, fins, claws, mandibles and mouths. It’s repeatedly feeding on the issues that break other than it by means of fission and creep away from the principle mass. The few that do appear to flee seem to extend in measurement the additional away they’re from Abhoth. At first Abhoth could appear to be similar to Ubbo-Sathla or perhaps a shoggoth however there are some important variations.

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First, by making bodily contact with a sentient entity, within the case of Smith’s story a human, Abhoth can talk by means of telepathy. In distinction, Ubbo-Sathla isn’t recognized to be sentient (a minimum of because the time period is understood to people) or have the capability to speak with others. Shoggoths can talk telepathically with Elder Issues however it isn’t recognized if can talk with different species by means of bodily contact, though greater than seemingly this isn’t case. The shoggoths had been most likely genetically programmed to solely have the capability to speak with the Elder Issues and one another.

5WXCYXRJCODX2LANOM6J7PXU7AEX3VH7_preview An Elder Factor valiantly faces a Shoggoth by SPark (

Second, Ubbo-Sathla was one seething mass of residing, bio-matter, with no recorded skill to breed. Shoggoths are distinct, particular person entities that normally don’t reproduce except they’re “allowed” to by the Elder Issues. The precise mechanism the Elder Factor used on this assisted replica of the shoggoths is essentially unknown, though it tends to be related to one thing known as the shoggoth pits. Primarily, which means that even binary fission is even fairly uncommon in shoggoths. People who acquired the flexibility to asexually reproduce by means of binary fission had been rapidly eradiated by the Elder Issues. In sharp distinction to each Ubbo-Sathla and shoggoths, Abhoth is continually present process fission, producing sub-organisms which might be sometimes reabsorbed however a number of do handle to flee.

Third, primarily based feedback made by Abhoth itself, it has biologically similarities to life on Earth however admitted that such life (people) had been fairly alien to its expertise and thus didn’t wish to devour the protagonist within the story for concern of endangering its digestion. Once more, this implies that Abhoth is an alien to Earth and presumably our Universe. In distinction, each Ubbo-Sathla and shoggoths are recognized to be residents of Earth. Abhoth by Jason B. Thompson (

So Abhoth is distinctly “alien” in comparison with Ubbo-Sathla and shoggoths however presumably not as “extra-dimensionally alien” as say the Mi-Go or the spawn of Cthulhu. What may Abhoth be? Since Ubbo-Sathla could have given rise to all prokaryotes (micro organism), eukaryotes (animals, vegetation, fungi and protists) and super-eukaryotes (shoggoths), Abhoth could have given rise to a quite common type of life on Earth and but may be very “alien” in comparison with the remainder of life. In truth, some query whether or not they are often really regarded as life – this group of unusual organism is the viruses.

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Phage- Viral phages injecting their genetic materials right into a cell for copy. Are viruses all that’s left of Abhoth? (

Viruses are the smallest organisms on the planet, many being 1/a hundredth the dimensions of most micro organism. The quantity and variety of viruses on the Earth have been severely underestimated (Microbes and Evolution: The World That Darwin By no means Noticed, edited by Roberto Kolter and Stanley Maloy, 2012). Moreover, the worldwide pool of viral genetic info, known as the virome, could also be an necessary driving drive in microbial evolution primarily by means of horizontal gene switch. As we have now mentioned previously, it’s hypothesized that horizontal gene switch could have been performed an necessary half within the acquirement of elevated intelligence by shoggoths over the millennia. Is it potential that Abhoth over time, piece by piece, slowly shrank in measurement as elements of it broke aside and unfold all through the world? In flip, over the centuries Abhoth could have ultimately dissipated till it was the virome, strands of RNA and DNA encased in a protein shell, wholly depending on the lifetime of Earth to copy and survive – viruses.

Another speculation is that Abhoth could also be an asexual, evolutionary decedent of Ubbo-Sathla or presumably being a chunk or fragment of Ubbo-Sathla that was no helpful by the Elder Issues in creation of recent life. Associated to this, one more speculation is that Abhoth was one other failed bioengineering experiment of the Elder Issues, solid away into Earth’s biosphere because it was not thought of a risk to them. In any occasion, till we all know extra concerning the origins of Abhoth itself or presumably conduct a tissue examination / comparability between Abhoth and shoggoths (and if potential Ubbo-Sathla?) we could by no means know the true relationship, if any, amongst these entities.

abhoth_by_clone_artist Abhoth by Clone Artist (

Subsequent time we are going to lastly flip again to a dialogue of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Lurking Concern.” Additionally, I wish to say thanks to everybody who has contributed towards the Kickstarter for the second quantity of the Journal of Lovecraftian Science. We reached our purpose a number of days in the past – thanks very a lot! Fred.

clark_ashton_smith_s_abhoth_by_buzrael-d9igoj0 Clark Ashton Smith’s Abhoth by Buzrael (

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