NBA 2K17 All-in-One Complete Badges Guide: Skill, Personality, HOF, Grand, and MyPARK Badges

NBA 2K17 All-in-One Complete Badges Guide: Skill, Personality, HOF, Grand, and MyPARK Badges
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Game Point – Are you one of the players that your teammates rely on to hit the big shot? This badge gives the player a boost when taking a potential game winning shot. How to get it: Hitting last point buckets

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Road Dog – Do you like to travel to a rival’s court and run the court? This badge will give boost when playing on a rival’s court. How to get it: Win on a Rivals Court

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7 Oh’s – The human highlight film. Boost teammates energy and defensive attributes when making a highlight a play. How to get it: Perform any many highlight plays as you can. dunking on people, alley oops.

Iron Man – Lose less energy while playing in park games. How to get it: Use all of your stamina

Bone Collector – Increase your chance at breaking the ankles of your defender. How to get it: String together dribble combo’s to break your opponent’s ankles.

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Legend Takeover – For users who tend to beat higher rep players, add a boost to you and your teammates during games versus higher rep players. How to get it: Defeat High Reps users multiple times

Park Bully – Perfect for flexing your muscle in the park, this badge will make opponents think twice before coming into the paint How to get it: Block 100 shots in the paint.

Winners Only – Winners win, go on a win streak and your player will heat up quicker than normal. How to get it: Get hot often in the park and keep scoring

Streak Breaker – Beat a team on a winning streak, earn a rhythm boost for you and your teammates in the next game. How to get it: Defeat a team on a winning streak.

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