Animation Throwdown best combos guide | Ring Run

Animation Throwdown best combos guide | Ring Run
Animation Throwdown best combos guide | Ring Run

There’s an enormous variety of card combos to be found by means of trial and error in Animation Throwdown. Whether or not you might be rocking an all Bob’s Burgers deck or mixing up Futurama and Household Man playing cards, what you need most is versatility so you may at all times make robust combos.

The Airplane card, for example, has 20 potential combos, whereas Boyz 12 has 30 and Bullock has a whopping 49. Past versatility, the subsequent factor to search for when constructing combos is card rarity. The uncommon Crack card might solely have 20 combos, however they’re all extremely helpful.

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High quality Playing cards For High quality Combos

It is arduous to provide a selected “greatest” combo since each might be totally different relying on how far you’ve got upgraded your playing cards.

Remember the fact that if each playing cards are nonetheless at stage 1, the combos listed beneath will not be practically as efficient. Combos made with non-upgraded playing cards will both don’t have any expertise, decrease powered expertise, or considerably lowered stats, so your mileage might fluctuate.

In case you are simply getting began, try our full breakdown of each talent proper right here, and if you happen to need assistance getting higher playing cards to make combos, try our information to raised loot drops.

Greatest Animation Throwdown Card Combos

With tons of of playing cards obtainable and lots of of these having dozens of doable combos, clearly we’ve not even discovered all of them but! These are the perfect we have found to date:

Early Combos

Playing cards obtainable pretty early on with out having to spend so much of time upgrading and searching for out new packs.

Photographs Klaus

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Simply combine Klaus with something alcohol associated, like the bottom Alcohol card, Roger’s Place, or Teddy’s Brewski.

You get higher outcomes utilizing rarer playing cards to fuse the combo, like Alamo Beer or Pawtucket Patriot Ale.

Accountable Cocaine Consumer

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

This combo makes a wonderful throughout card that is unlikely to die rapidly and upgrades your close by playing cards.

The fundamental combo works with Painkillers or Manitoba Cigarettes, however you may get larger stats with Crack, Toad Licking, or Butterscotch Cookies (guess you did not know these have been in the identical class as crack cocaine).

Withdrawal Steve

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Animation Throwdown best combos guide

The entire identical playing cards as Accountable Cocaine Consumer Bullock work to create this combo – Painkillers, Crack, Dr. Flim Flam’s Miracle Cream, Toad Licking, and sure, Butterscotch Cookies.

Brewmaster Teddy

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

To get this one, simply add Teddy to something of a boozy nature.

Roger’s Place, Alcohol, Teddy’s Brewski, The Drunken Clam, Personalised Beer Mug, Greatest Swamp Events, or Beer Water will just do wonderful.

Slurm Loco

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Right here you simply want to mix Fry with Slurm and also you get an excellent powered card with Leech and Cripple All!

For a extra highly effective model a lot in a while within the sport, you may mix the legendary Phillip J. Fray with Slurm as a substitute.

Later Combos

These combos will change into obtainable as you spend time profitable matches and doing particular occasions to get a much bigger deck. They often contain uncommon, epic, or legendary base playing cards.

$300 Knife

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

You may make the $300 Knife with a uncommon Bob plus most varieties of weapons, from the Fukinawa to the Pantry Weapons.

The combo will get really overpowering when including in additional uncommon weapons although, like Rifle, Flare Gun, or Lengthy Stick With Sharp Rock.

Drunk Peggy

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Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Common Peggy could make this combo, as can the devastating Mythic Peggy. To get the Drunk model, add her to one thing like Teddy’s Brewski, Pawtucket Patriot Ale, Wine Shoe, or Olde Fortran Malt Liquor.


Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Most of his combos require uncommon or larger playing cards, except Cougar Soccer Workforce and Faculty.

To get the perfect model of this one, combine Invoice with Landing Dance, Pearl Bailey Excessive Faculty, Tom Landy Center Faculty, Wagstaff Faculty, or Mars College.


Animation Throwdown best combos guide

Not solely will it take little or no harm, however it should steadily improve in energy each flip to overwhelming ranges.

You may get Beefsquatch by mixing Gene with Pizza Overlord, The Panhandler Steak Home, Bob’s Burgers (this one is the perfect), Elzar’s Effective Delicacies, Restuarant, or McBurger City.

One Eyed Bean Machine

Animation Throwdown best combos guide

To get this killer combo, combine Leela with practically something sports activities associated, reminiscent of Cougar Soccer Workforce, Baseball, Wrestling, Blernsball, or Landing Dance.

For an absurdly excessive stage of Punch use a Mythic Leela as a substitute!

These are the perfect combos we have been utilizing to dominate in Area matches and take down robust Journey quests. What are a few of your favourite combos we must always check out?

For those who discovered this information helpful try my different Animation Throwdown guides:

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