Space Marine Review: Fast Attack: Assault Squad | Ring Run

Space Marine Review: Fast Attack: Assault Squad | Ring Run
Space Marine Review: Fast Attack: Assault Squad | Ring Run

Hello everybody, Michael right here with a overview of an ignored unit within the Area Marine military, the Assault Squad. For extra opinions and analyses, try the Ways Nook.

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The Area Marine Assault Squad is an uncommon unit. They’re meant to be the primary assault drive of the Area Marine military, however whereas they’ve the mobility to get into vary of the enemy military, they lack the assault prowess once they get there to do a lot injury to all however the weakest of enemy items. Nevertheless, utilized in the suitable function, they do have a spot in a Area Marine military and may be an efficient unit for taking out particular enemy threats or for board management and goal grabbing.

The squad consists of 1 Area Marine Sergeant and 4 Area Marines for 65 factors base (80 pts with Soar Packs), with the choice to extend the squad measurement to 10 fashions.

I might give the Area Marine Assault Squad a ranking someplace between Situational and Environment friendly. Whereas they’re removed from an auto-include in a Area Marine military, I believe that’s they’re utilized in the suitable function and/or sufficiently supported by the suitable Characters, they could be a priceless unit to bolster the mobility of your drive.


  • Bolt Pistol
  • Chainsword
  • Frag and Krak Grenades
  • All the unit could take Soar Packs (will increase Transfer to 12″ and so they acquire the Soar Pack and Fly key phrases).
  • The Sergeant could exchange his Bolt Pistol with objects from the Melee Weapons or Pistols checklist, and should exchange with Chainsword with an merchandise from the Melee Weapons checklist.
  • The Sergeant could take a Fight Defend for 4 pts (offers a 5+ invulnerable save).
  • The Sergeant could take Meltabombs.
  • As much as two Area Marines could exchange their Bolt Pistol and Chainsword with a Flamer, or exchange their Bolt Pistol with a Plasma Pistol.
  • For each 5 fashions within the unit, one mannequin could exchange their Bolt Pistol and Chainsword with an Eviscerator (Sx2, AP-4, D3 injury, -1 to hit).


  • And They Shall Know No Worry
  • Fight Squads- Earlier than any fashions are deployed, a unit of 10 Assault Marines could also be cut up into two items of 5.
  • Soar Pack Assault- Throughout deployment, if all the unit has Soar Packs, you may set them up in reserve. On the finish of any motion section, the unit may be arrange anyplace on the battlefield that’s greater than 9″ away from any enemy fashions.


The important thing strengths of the Assault Squad are their mobility on the battlefield, their deployment flexibility, and their sturdy firepower when outfitted with Plasma Pistols. My customary approach of working Assault Marines in eighth version is a 5-man unit with Soar Packs and three Plasma Pistols (two on Marines and one on the Sergeant).

I believe the Assault Squad ought to at all times take Soar Packs. On foot, the Assault Squad is fairly restricted, needing a transport automobile to get them into fight, and being sluggish to reply to enemy threats in case you are utilizing them as a deployment zone counter-attack unit.

With Soar Packs, you get a giant increase in mobility for the unit. In eighth version, having the ability to transfer over cowl with out penalty and assault up ranges with out penalty to your motion is a key potential. Whereas Bike Squads and Scout Bike Squads are quicker, they lack the flexibility to undergo partitions in ruins and to assault items that aren’t on the bottom stage (generally). That is one space the place the Assault Squad wins within the mobility stakes.

The opposite bonus is the flexibility to “deep strike” as a deployment choice. Soar Pack Assault is a superb choice for the squad, and one to strongly contemplate to be used together with your Assault Marines. It helps to maintain them protected till you’re able to deploy them, as your opponent can not shoot at them if they don’t seem to be on the desk. The opposite benefit is that it provides you flexibility as to the place and when the squad will strike.

I discover that the Assault Squad is nice for grabbing unattended targets on the board, in addition to scoring maelstrom playing cards (similar to Behind Enemy Strains) or ITC targets (similar to Recon). They will also be helpful for grabbing finish of recreation targets, due to their mobility and deployment choices. Though you should deploy them on flip 3 on the newest in matched play video games, you should use their soar pack assault to go after targets that your opponent has uncared for, or moved his forces away from through the recreation. On the very least, you may disguise the squad behind some line of sight blocking terrain, then use their potential to maneuver over the quilt with out penalty to seize the targets on the ultimate turns.

Whereas this can be a waste of the potential of items similar to Vanguard Veterans, Bike Squads, Dying Firm, and so on, a minimal squad of Assault Marines is just 80 pt, so a unit or two merely for goal grabbing will not be going to take too many sources out of your military. You’re most likely not anticipating a lot from the Assault Marines within the recreation anyway, so protecting the unit hidden for a lot of the sport will not be an enormous loss in lots of instances.

On the subject of arming the Assault Squad, I believe Plasma Pistols are the strongest selection in eighth version. The Flamer is a helpful weapon, however it can’t be fired after Soar Pack Assault because of its lowered vary. The Plasma Pistols can fireplace from deployment and are fairly potent weapons. A unit of 5 Assault Marines with 3 Plasma Pistols solely is available in at 101 factors, and have the potential to disrupt your opponent’s plans. This squad has the potential to do 6 wounds on touchdown to a robust enemy unit. When supported with a Soar Pack Captain and Soar Pack Lieutenant, the dangers of overcharging are minimised, supplying you with a greater probability of inflicting substantial injury to a key enemy unit.

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Utilizing the mobility of the squad and Soar Pack Assault, you could have the choice to use any deployment errors by your opponent to focus on their backfield autos, fireplace assist items or any characters which are left uncovered. This opportunity will increase as the sport goes on, as items usually tend to transfer out of place or advance on the enemy military, supplying you with extra locations to position the deep hanging unit. I’ve had some success with the Assault Squad grabbing targets within the enemy deployment zone and severely wounding or killing enemy characters after my opponent has left them uncovered of their again strains.

The mobility of the Soar Pack Assault Marines will also be key for transferring over screening items with out penalty to focus on characters which are supporting them, both firing your Plasma Pistols and/or assaulting them to attempt to end them off.

Now, the fight potential of the Assault Squad will not be nice. With solely 2 assaults every with the Chainsword, no power bonus or AP bonus, you actually can’t count on a lot out of this squad in fight. As well as, when deploying out of Soar Pack Assault, you’ll need a 9″ cost to get into fight, which may’t at all times be relied on, or you might not want to waste a command level on the re-roll to attempt to get the Assault Squad into fight. I wouldn’t even hassle with the Eviscerator. One assault that hits on a 4+ will not be an incredible funding, definitely not for 22 pts. I most likely wouldn’t even hassle arming the Sergeant with a extra highly effective Melee weapons. As I stated, you actually can’t count on a lot out of the squad within the combat section.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply it’s best to by no means danger an assault. They squad may be nice for clearing small enemy items from backfield targets in the event that they lack some from of Goal Secured. For instance, they are often helpful for taking over items similar to Havocs, Devastator Squads, Astra Militarum Heavy Weapons Groups, Darkish Reapers, and so on. You should use the unit to deploy near them, fireplace off some Plasma Pistols and Bolt Pistols for hopefully a number of casualties, then cost in and attempt to end off the survivors. Even when you don’t kill them, simply stopping such items from taking pictures for a flip may be recreation altering, or you may at all times attempt to outnumber them to steal an goal. On the very least, the squad can perform as a sacrificial unit to absorb overwatch fireplace earlier than your key unit prices in.

Having the Fly key phrase additionally means the unit can fall again and nonetheless shoot. This may make them helpful for firing their Plasma Pistols, charging in to fight to attempt to keep protected from enemy fireplace, then falling again within the following flip and taking pictures once more.

Bear in mind, as you may transfer over enemy fashions with out penalty, you will get into positions the place three Marines can consolidate round a single enemy mannequin and cease them from falling again, serving to to maintain the Assault Marines protected. This may work very well on autos which are deployed in the back of your opponent’s board edge. Surrounding them on three sides makes it unimaginable for them to fall again, so your squad (and any assist characters) can’t be shot at in your opponent’s flip. As they’re pistols, they’ll nonetheless be fired within the taking pictures section at items you’re in fight with when you select to not fall again.

Unit Synergy

As talked about above, assist characters can increase the injury output of the unit. I ceaselessly use two squads of Assault Marines (with 3 Plasma Pistols every) with a Soar Pack Captain and Soar Pack Lieutenant. Beginning in reserve, all items can usually deploy collectively and go after a key enemy unit or character.

Six Plasma Pistol photographs which are overcharging and re-rolling each 1’s to hit and to wound have probability of inflicting severe injury on any items which are T4 or decrease, or taking various wounds off an enemy automobile or Monster. I’ve had conditions the place the 2 items have been in a position to snipe out an enemy character with out the assist of the characters.

When you might assist the Squad with a Chaplain, I believe he’s higher suited going with a tougher hitting unit similar to Vanguard Veterans (who can take extra devoted melee weapons) or these with extra assaults.

Chapter Ways

There are a variety of Chapter Ways which enhance the talents of the Assault Squad.

I believe White Scars Chapter Ways are among the finest decisions for the Assault Squad, taking part in to their strengths on the tabletop. This offers the squad the flexibility to fall again and nonetheless cost (in addition to +2″ to advance strikes). When armed with a Soar Pack, this enables the squad to fall again and nonetheless shoot and cost. It is a enormous increase to their skills, making them near unimaginable to tie up in fight. A terrific use for them is to cost a chaff unit, keep locked in assault to remain protected from enemy firepower, then fall again over the squad to get to focus on extra highly effective enemy items and characters and nonetheless combat to full impact. I’ve been having a variety of enjoyable working them in my White Scars military.

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Imperial Fists Chapter Ways will also be helpful for the Assault Squad. Ignoring the consequences of canopy will make any Plasma Pistols woulds extra prone to make it via enemy armour saves.

Black Templars are additionally a stable choice for the Assault Squad. Attending to re-roll failed prices provides them a greater probability of entering into fight from Soar Pack Assault with out having to make use of command factors on them.

Salamanders are additionally nice Chapter Ways for getting probably the most out of their firepower. This may prevent utilizing command factors or assist characters to verify your taking pictures and assault assaults are extra impactful.

Raven Guard Chapter Ways may be helpful in the suitable circumstances. If you’re utilizing them for securing and defending distant targets, then the -1 to hit in opposition to enemy firepower will help hold them alive for longer to carry the targets on the finish recreation.

Darkish Angels Chapter Ways are much less helpful for the Assault Squad in most conditions. The morale increase of solely shedding a single mannequin for a failed check is nice in case you are desirous to take bigger items, however unlikely generally. The re-rolls of 1’s to hit will likely be much less helpful because the unit will are typically on the transfer, however it might turn out to be useful each every now and then if you wish to shoot whereas in fight, or need to keep in place to make overcharging photographs extra priceless.

Blood Angels Chapter Ways are a stable selection for the Assault Squad too. Getting +1 to wound when charging or charged ought to enable the Assault Squad to wound most enemy items on a 3+ or perhaps a 2+. This may get you these further wounds you should end off a weakened enemy unit. It’s also possible to entry some nice stratagems for bettering the fight effectivity of the squad, similar to a 3D6″ cost. Nevertheless, generally the Assault Squad is solely outclassed by the Dying Firm, so you’re unlikely to see all of them too typically in a Blood Angels military.


The Area Marine Assault Squad will not be the primary choice you consider within the Area Marine Quick Assault slot. They typically lose out to the Bike Squad or Scout Bike Squad. It’s exhausting to argue in opposition to this, these two items have extra uncooked velocity on the tabletop and positively have far superior firepower for the same factors value. On the subject of filling quick assault slots or going for quick goal grabbers, it may be exhausting to not fully overlook the Assault Squad.

Nevertheless, one key distinction is that I typically discover my Bike Squads and Scout Bikers focused in a short time be the enemy firepower and eradicated within the first couple of turns. The Assault Squad tends to be uncared for till the opposite threats are handled first. The truth that you and your opponent could not count on a lot from them is usually a key level of their function. In case you don’t use them too aggressively, they can be utilized to safe maelstrom targets or finish of recreation targets in relative security. Alternatively, when armed with Plasma Pistols, they’ll present a nasty shock to enemy items or characters if correctly supported or when you get fortunate together with your rolls.

They don’t seem to be the very best unit within the codex, however can discover a helpful place in a aggressive checklist to be a helpful shock unit, and are price taking each every now and then to see when you can exploit their strengths in your military.

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