A to Z Glossary of Circus Skills and Juggling Equipment Prop Definitions


This thesaurus comprises easy descriptions of props you’re more likely to to find when you attend a Juggling / Circus Abilities Workshop. “Juggling” in a normal sense can confer with all sorts of object manipulation similar to diabolo, devilsticks, spinning plates and so forth, so it’s extra than simply the artwork of throwing more than one items within the air on the identical time!

Astrojax – A toy that comprises 3 balls on a string. One ball is fastened to each and every finish of the string and the center ball is loose to slip between the 2 finish balls. This talent toy permits you to do a mix of juggling, yo-yo and lasso methods. It used to be invented in 1987.

Bar Aptitude – The follow of bartenders entertaining their visitors whilst blending beverages (similar to cocktails) the use of bottles, cocktail shakers and so forth. “Aptitude” can come with juggling and flipping the bottles, catching within the shaker cups and so forth. This talent become standard when observed at the 1988 movie “Cocktail” starring Tom Cruise and on Britain’s Were given Ability the place the Bar Wizards made it all of the approach to the Grand Ultimate in 2007.

Seaside Flingo – A sport the place you go a small ball between your self and a spouse the use of a bib this is manufactured from trampoline sort cloth. Very addictive and you’ll be able to use those bibs to play volleyball or for an enormous crew sport of keepy-uppy’s!

Soar (Flooring) Juggling – The artwork of bouncing balls off the ground in quite a lot of juggling patterns.

Cigar Field Manipulation – 3 oblong formed containers which resemble cigar containers however are a lot more cast. They’re normally padded on the edges with a felt-like subject matter. The elemental methods contain maintaining the 2 outer containers, trapping one field within the heart (referred to as the “house place”) after which manipulating the center field in quite a lot of instructions. W. C. Fields popularised this prop, and it received reputation in the United Kingdom when Kris Kremo carried out expertly with them on TV’s The Era Recreation Christmas Particular in 1993.

Membership (Juggling) – One of the crucial primary juggling props. It is composed of a care for and a frame. You throw from the care for in order that the membership completes a number of spins earlier than you catch via the care for as soon as once more. Known as “pins” and “skittles” via our American pals or “torches” if they’re set alight!

Membership Rolling – Whilst you roll a membership at the ground, it’s going to roll in a really perfect circle. This permits many improbable and fascinating patterns to be created with 3 or 6 golf equipment.

Membership Swinging – The swinging of 2 golf equipment across the frame, legs and arms. It is a type of Touch Juggling because the props keep involved with the performer all the time.

Touch Juggling – a type of object manipulation the place a number of items keep involved with the frame (palms, toes and so forth) all the time. The most typical type of touch juggling is the use of a ball (normally an acrylic or degree ball). This used to be made favored within the movie Labyrinth. Different props you’ll be able to touch juggle with come with Poi Spinning, Membership Swinging & Pen Spinning.

Diabolo – A big hourglass formed object which can also be spun and stuck on a string between two handsticks. The identify is derived from a Greek verb which means “‘to throw throughout”. More than one diabolo’s can also be spun on a string, and the probabilities for this prop stay on increasing yearly with new other folks pushing the limits!

Devilstick (sometimes called satan stick, rhythm sticks, lunastix and so forth) – This is composed of two handsticks (covered in rubber/silicone) and a bigger stick within the heart which is manipulated in loads of various tactics. Flowersticks have tassles at the finish which enable it to transport just a little slower within the air (making methods more straightforward to be informed).

Feather Balancing – One of the crucial very best items to stability as they transfer so slowly within the air. Peacock and Ostrich feathers are best. Take a look at balancing to your hand, finger, chin, nostril and so forth.

Fireplace Juggler/Juggling – Most of the Circus Abilities props featured in this thesaurus have variations with wicks you’ll be able to soak in gasoline (similar to paraffin) and lightweight on hearth. The primary hearth props come with Fireplace Poi, Fireplace Group of workers, Fireplace Devilstick, Fireplace Diabolo, Fireplace Golf equipment or even Fireplace Balls (you might want kevlar gloves so to juggle those!)

Giraffe – Tall unicycle (normally between 5-6ft) the place the pedals & wheel are hooked up via a sequence. It will possibly in reality be more straightforward to trip than an ordinary sized Unicycle so long as you don’t seem to be fearful of heights!

Glow Juggler/Juggling – Most of the Circus Abilities props featured in this thesaurus have variations which you’ll be able to illuminate. The costlier glow props may also can help you programme mild sequences! Maximum not unusual glow props come with Glow Poi, Glow Balls, Glow Diabolo, Glow Devilstick, Glow Rings, Glow Golf equipment & Glow Group of workers.

Hat Manipulation/Juggling – Throwing and catching a number of hats the use of palms, toes, frame and head. Tips normally end with the hat being thrown or positioned again at the performers head.

Jitter-Ring / Gyro Ring – The Jitter ring is in point of fact simply 5 little tops of rather strange design that are strung onto a steel ring in order that they may be able to freely spin. The discs can spin as much as 1000 rpm! Makes an overly pleasant damn spinning noise.

Kendama – Conventional Eastern toy which is composed of a ball on a string, a spike and several other other sized cups. It bears some resemblance to the vintage cup and ball sport however is a lot more tricky!

Parasol – The rolling of an object similar to a ball, coin, juggling ring or field on an Oriental parasol (which looks as if an overly subtle umbrella).

Pedal Racers / A laugh Wheels – A laugh toys with wheels which can be nice for studying stability.

Pen Spinning – When you’ve got ever been bored at paintings/faculty & began turning a pen (or pencil) between your hands, then you’ve been pen spinning! Plenty of skilful methods can also be discovered. It is a type of touch juggling, as the article remains involved along with your frame all the time.

Plate Manipulation – the manipulation of plates everywhere in the frame with palms, palms, toes and frame.

Plate Spinning – The artwork of spinning a plate (or bowl) on a stick (or pole).

Poi Spinning – Poi is a weighted object (similar to a ball or beanbag) suspended from a rope or chain. You cling the opposite finish of the rope/chain and will swing the poi in many various instructions. This originates from the Maori other folks of New Zealand the place “poi” merely method ball.

Rings (Juggling) – Flat circles of Plastic with a hollow within the heart. A not unusual merchandise to juggle with and is thought of as more straightforward than membership juggling on the subject of studying with greater than 3 because the rings are so skinny that they’re much less more likely to collide with each and every different and they’re more straightforward to stack/cling to your palms.

Rola Bola (aka Steadiness Board, teeter board, bongo board, rolla-bolla and so forth) – This is composed of a spherical tube (similar to a PVC pipe) and a board this is robust sufficient to carry your weight when put on most sensible of the tube so that you can stability on. It is sort of a one guy see-saw! When you grasp the fundamentals, then you’ll be able to learn how to juggle on most sensible of the rola-bola so as to add just a little of threat and pleasure on your efficiency!

Scarves (Juggling) – A sq. of material (similar to chiffon). This can also be the perfect approach for a kid/amateur to be informed the elemental methods if they’re having issues studying the use of juggling balls. It is because the scarves waft gently within the air, and you have got extra time to position your palms in the suitable position to catch them (and you’ll be able to catch any a part of the headband)! Easy methods come with blowing the headband again up within the air, letting the headband land gently over your head!

Shaker Cups – Shaker cups are often known as nesting cups, as they’re cups which can be designed in one of these approach in order you’ll be able to catch (nest) them within each and every different. They’re designed in one of these approach as to not stick or wedge themselves in combination when stuck, so the interior cup is able for liberate once more. That is perhaps the noisiest prop in a jugglers efficiency bag, as they’re produced from steel and make an enormous noise once they clatter in combination!

Speedcups (aka Flashcups) – 12 brightly colored cups which can also be stacked in quite a few other patterns and sequences. There are Game Stacking competitions the place other folks compete in opposition to the clock or someone else. The patterns are normally with pyramids of three, 6 or 10 cups.

Toothbrush Twirling – The use of a rubber/silicone devilstick handstick, you’ll be able to hold the toothbrush from the stick and twirl it spherical. You’ll use more than one toothbrushes on one stick and feature a stick in each and every hand. An unbelievable & extraordinarily foolish job that could be a nice warm-up firstly of a Circus Abilities workshop. A toothbrush with an angled head is very best! Toothbrush may also be spun at the finger, however it’s best to rainy your finger and the toothbrush first to offer it just a little additional grip!

Unicycle – Seems like a motorbike however with just one wheel and no handlebars! Possibly heckle in case you are using a unicycle will likely be “the place’s the opposite wheel”. You’ll all the time answer “it is on again order” except you’re two tyred of such puns!

Strolling/Balancing Ladder – An additional broad ladder which you’ll be able to stability on, after which learn how to stroll alongside the bottom transferring the toes of the ladder (one step at a time)! You’ll additionally stability at the most sensible rung (one leg at each and every facet of the ladder) and get started juggling whilst strolling alongside.

Strolling Globe – Massive ball {that a} performer balances on most sensible of. More than a few gymnastic and juggling stunts can also be carried out whilst the ball is stored transferring. It’s a must to stroll backwards to roll the ball forwards!

Yo-yo – Pocket-size toy that is composed of a period of string hooked up to a flat spool. The spool strikes up and down the string permitting you to aim a number of widely recognized methods similar to “strolling the canine” and “cat’s cradle”. The yo-yo has been round because the time of the Historic Greeks.


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