How Many Men Does It Take . . . Top 12 Men’s Jokes


I am getting a kick out of fellows’s jokes. I feel there’s most likely a kernel of fact to each and every one, even if I do know they do not observe to me . . . neatly, no longer everybody, anyway.

Listed below are my best 12 Males’s Jokes:

  • What number of males does it take to switch a roll of bathroom paper? Who is aware of? – Does it ever occur?
  • How are you able to inform cleaning soap operas are fictional? In actual lifestyles, males don’t seem to be affectionate off the bed.
  • How used to be Colonel Sanders a regular male? All he cared about had been legs, breasts, and thighs.
  • How is being at a singles bar other from going to the circus? On the circus the clowns do not communicate.
  • Why are husbands like garden mowers? They are arduous to get began, emit foul odors, and do not paintings part of the time.
  • What is the distinction between a brand new husband and a brand new canine?

    A. A canine is at all times glad to peer you

    B. A canine best takes a few months to coach

  • What’s the thinnest e book on the earth? What males learn about ladies.
  • How are you able to inform if a person is aroused? He is respiring.
  • What is the distinction between males and executive bonds? Bonds mature.
  • How do you save a person from drowning? Take your foot off his head.
  • What’s a person’s thought of doing home tasks? Lifting his toes so you’ll be able to vacuum beneath.
  • Why do black widow spiders kill their men after mating? To forestall the noisily snoring ahead of it begins.

    Babe Lehrer in her e book, Males, They Simply Do not Get It!, which has some marvelous quick tales from ladies, has a couple of males quotations that I in point of fact like, additionally. They aren’t in point of fact jokes. They’re extra like observations.

    Listed below are 5 quotations from Males, They Simply Do not Get It!

  • The difficulty with some ladies is they get all serious about not anything after which they marry him!
  • Ladies do not make fools of fellows – maximum of them are the selfmade varieties.
  • On birthdays, the sensible husband forgets the previous – however by no means the existing.
  • What do you do whilst you boyfriend walks out? Shut the door.
  • No husband has ever been shot whilst doing the dishes.

    After all, I’ve one remark from my spouse. I have been identified to specific myself vociferously after eating caffeine. Peg stopped me chilly one morning by way of announcing, “You realize, another cup of espresso and I will be able to legally kill you.”


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