Blowin’ Ma Trumpet – Jack Strange


We magicians love slightly of bragging. Slightly of 1 upmanship. A little bit wholesome festival should you like.

“I fooled Penn and Teller”

“I were given to the overall of BGT”

“That great circle of relatives from Blyth, you already know with that space at the back of Asda? They booked me two times! As soon as for his or her anniversary, and once more for his or her son’s birthday”

“We’ve had an 18 yr residency in Las Vegas”

“I’m recording my 3rd TV collection”

“Did I point out I were given a repeat reserving? Yeah! In Blyth. Close to Asda. Controlled to mix the gig with a bit of grocery store. Now not a large store thoughts, only a fruit, veg, bread, milk and eggs store”

“I’m embarking on a promote out excursion of the United Kingdom”


You get the theory. We’re all the time prepared to get one up at the opponents. Brag a bit of. I love to think about it as “Magician Best Trumps”

“So Jack”, I believe you asking at this time, “Is there a magician available in the market you specifically pit your self in opposition to? Do you may have a nemesis? Is there some magical artiste you simply need to beat on this ridiculous pissing contest?”


Hell yeah – It’s David Blaine!


You spot, he used to be the fellow that began this complete “magic is rather cool” factor off. With out David Blaine, we shut up guys simply wouldn’t have were given going. And truthful play to him, he’s no longer too shabby at this magic lark.


So, let’s take a look at the stats…


TV Sequence

DB 2      JS 0     (level to David there)

TV Specials

DB 11    JS 0   (and once more)

Sitting presidents entertained within the oval administrative center

DB 3     JS 0  (I’ll give him that one)

Repeat bookings on the Robinson family in Blyth

DB 0    JS 2   (Gaining on you David!)

Guinness international data for containing breath underwater

DB 1    JS 0   (I’ll come up with that)


DB 1.83m    JS 1.88m (Mwah hah hah. Quick arse)

Sparkling critiques from international famend magicians

DB numerous   JS One (Assuming Glenn Ward is international famend. And “yeah, Jack’s rather just right” is sparkling) 

Fb Evaluate rating

DB: 4.9/5.0      JS: 5.0/5.0  (You’ll’t argue with on-line critiques)


So, it will appear my American rival has a slight lead.



there’s one ballot in magic that trumps all of them. One all of us crave to most sensible. That’s proper. The “Best 75 Magic Blogs” web page.

Put merely, wreck into the highest 18 of this, and you already know you’ve made it. 

So, the place will we each are compatible in right here then…

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