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Cult of Rakdos Various Names The Thrill-Killers,[1] The Kill-Guilders[1]Lore InformationParun RakdosGuild Chief RakdosGuild Champion Izolda (often known as Lyzolda; deceased)Exava (demoted)HekaraGuild Corridor Rix MaadiGame InformationColors {B}{R}Mechanics Hellbent(Dissension)Unleash(Return to Ravnica)Spectacle(Ravnica Allegiance)Featured Units DissensionReturn to RavnicaRavnica AllegianceSignet Taste Textual content “Manufactured from bone and boiled in blood, a Rakdos signet will not be thought-about completed till it has been used as a homicide weapon.” — Rakdos SignetScryfall Search watermark:”Rakdos”

The Cult of Rakdos is the black/crimson guild from the aircraft and metropolis of Ravnica. Launched in Dissension,[2][3] the guild can also be featured in Return to Ravnica and Ravnica Allegiance.

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Rakdos primary lands from Ravnica Allegiance


Based by parun Rakdos, an historical demon, the Cult of Rakdos attend to menial labor and the providers trade, which incorporates some less-than-savory choices, corresponding to assassination, in addition to extra agreeable ones, such because the catering (i.e., meals service) and leisure industries.[4] Members of the demon-worshipping guild are known as cultists.[4]

Like excessive utilitarians or hedonists, the Cult of Rakdos are a guild that locations a premium on private pleasure, or “enjoyable”, even when it cruelly causes ache and struggling to others and themselves.[5] A few of the crueler, extra evil, and extra sadistic members of the Cult immediately and deliberately inflict ache on others.[6] Apart from being a guild of miscreants, the Cult of Rakdos does have a civic operate in Ravnican society per the Guildpact; some members work as handbook laborers and even slaves, and the guild total has a distinct segment as Ravnica’s leisure trade, corresponding to golf equipment.[6]

Rakdos is the undisputed focal point of the Cult when he’s awake;[7] when the demon is hibernating, nonetheless, there’s an performing guildmaster.[8] On the time of the Decamillennial, the performing guildmaster was the human sorceress Izolda (or Lyzolda).


The Bloodwitches are a cadre of highly effective witches who reside in Rix Maadi and are the closest factor to advisors Rakdos has.[6] Many of the political maneuvering that occurs within the Rakdos cult occurs amongst these witches, most of whom are feminine. Rakdos prizes chaos and cruelty, so the bloodwitches domesticate these qualities whereas downplaying their very own aspirations for energy and privilege. Exava at the moment wields probably the most energy, though she has to work arduous to maintain it. Different recognized bloodwitches are Lyzolda (Izolda) and Hekara.


Formally, the guild has no construction, and isn’t organized; nonetheless, members was once affiliated with unfastened teams known as “rings”, every of which was led by a ringmaster and with its personal sphere of affect, commodities, and cult followers.[6] There have been 9 main Rings of Rakdos. The Rings had territories based mostly across the bodily areas of their golf equipment, and so they enforced their management over these territories with violence when needed. Every Ringmaster employed spiker gangs to deal with any violence — whether or not it was controlling it or instigating it.

  • 5 Rings serviced diversion golf equipment. The golf equipment bought all method of food and drinks, and offered twisted circus leisure, bathhouse facilities, and burlesque revues.
    • Roustabouts had been the cult members who staffed the diversion golf equipment and debauchery golf equipment or help riot mages throughout festivals.[6]
    • Madcaps had been the entertainers of Rakdos, usually smaller humanoids who could not survive within the Rakdos cult on their very own.
  • Three Rings serviced debauchery golf equipment or carnariums. These provided quite a lot of leisure, tattooing and scarring, pit preventing, and erotic providers.
  • One Ring was composed of the pain-inflicting Torturers, managed by bloodwitches and their masochistic minions and toadies. This was probably the most wicked Ring, with sacrificial murders each voluntary and involuntary.


Riot Mages lead Rakdos festivals.[6] These festivals are dearly beloved by Rakdos members and hated by most of the people, who’re left to wash up the rubble and maintain the funerals afterwards. Rakdos festivals are usually not solely a reward to cult members, but additionally a pretense for Rakdos thieves to steal something they’ll get their palms on whereas the residents are distracted.


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Because the Orzhov have purchased up an increasing number of of the town’s revenue middle, the rings have given strategy to troupes, casual casts of fanatical stage performers. The Cult’s performances vary from satire and mocking the leaders of their exhibits to having particular exhibits that finish with the killing of the person.[9]


The Rakdos have a repute for unleashing monstrous horrors onto the streets of Ravnica, and the uncagers are their wranglers. They often work with the performers to supply animals or monsters to take part in performances, however additionally they do the bidding of the Bloodwitches of Rakdos himself.[9]

Historical past[]

The Rakdos as featured in Ravnica Allegiance

Ravnica block[]

On the time of the Decamillennial Celebration, the performing guildmaster, human bloodwitch Izolda, procured spinal fluid from a dragon, blood from Jarad, and blood from Jarad’s son Myc to evoke Rakdos from his sleep. Rakdos woke up and wreaked havoc within the streets of Ravnica till the demon crossed the trail of Venture Kraj. After Venture Kraj absorbed Rakdos into its physique, sustaining accidents, the comatose Rakdos was thrown again into his lava pit, Rix Maadi, by the Boros angel Feather, unsure of his return.[10]

Sensing her weak spot after the defeat of their demonic guildmaster, Izolda’s followers summarily devoured her alive.

Guilds of Ravnica block[]

Rakdos continues to be alive, and the guild has remodeled from an orgiastic cult right into a roving band of hedonistic, anything-goes, circus entertainers.[9] The Cult has no real interest in seeing one other megalomaniac tyrant acquire supreme energy over Ravnica. Their biggest concern is that another guild would possibly acquire sufficient energy to impose its personal set of values on everybody. Because of this they destabilize authority by mocking and undermining the opposite guilds and their leaders (“Ridicule the highly effective, empower the ridiculous”).

Within the Conflict of the Spark, Rakdos initially was not cooperating in any respect with the anti-Bolas efforts as a result of Hekara, his emissary, was killed.[11] Kaya’s group was going round to each non-cooperating guild to persuade them to assist out in Niv-Mizzet’s plan of changing into the brand new guildpact. Rakdos nonetheless refused to cooperate with the plan, however Hekara’s corpse was introduced again by Tomik and he or she was revived as a bloodwitch. Hekara stated that she would assist Kaya’s group. Exava tried to object however misplaced to Hekara in a struggle. Rakdos did not say something however didn’t actively stop Hekara from leaving.

Later he was Gideon Jura’s Unlikely Assist once they attacked Nicol Bolas collectively. He was knocked out of the air by Bolas when Gideon was using him.[11] He was high quality and on the finish of the Conflict, making preparations to “lighten the Ravnican individuals’s hearts” and assist them neglect the horrors of the conflict with the performances of the Rakdos circus.

Within the recreation[]

In growing the id of the Cult of Rakdos, Aaron Forsythe famous that the Cult of Rakdos revolves across the destruction of every part, with exception to enchantments, a everlasting sort that neither Black nor Crimson can cope with.[12] Along with this, the guild was conceived as one which wished to rapidly play out its hand, and was keen to sacrifice creatures for useful results for itself and detrimental ones for opponents.

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On the mixture of Black and Crimson, design staff member and Head Magic Designer Mark Rosewater defined that the mixture is the synthesis of Crimson’s need to do because it pleases; disregard for legal guidelines, morality, and order; and broad spectrum of feelings and Black’s self-centered nature and selfishness.[13] These philosophies are translated into gameplay as aggression and elimination.[14] That however, Mark Rosewater has said that, whereas the Cult of Rakdos definitely accommodates an unlimited variety of “hedonists”, significantly in card type, there are people which can be comparably (extra) civil.[15]

This extra civil side of the Cult is constructed upon within the official Magic Story “Life within the Ring”, the place the Rakdos performer Rinni explains to the Guildless urchin Lunicia that not solely does the Cult carry out a significant function by preserving Rakdos quiescent, however there’s a deeper philosophy to what they do: the Cult’s hedonism, and willingness to threat their lives in its pursuit, is an acceptance of loss of life’s inevitability and an embrace of the valuable reward of life they’ve been given – in addition to a reminder to others that life is each fleeting and treasured, and thus needs to be handled because the reward that it’s, irrespective of how harsh or brief it could be.

Guild mechanics[]

Dissension: Hellbent[]

Hellbent is a capability phrase that’s “on” if and when the controller of a card with Hellbent has no playing cards of their hand. Featured on everlasting playing cards in addition to non-permanent playing cards, Hellbent is coupled with a capability that confers an impact to permanents or non-permanent spells or improves or in any other case adjustments the impact(s) of permanents or non-permanent spells.

Return to Ravnica: Unleash[]

Throughout Return to Ravnica growth, one means thought-about for the in-game Cult of Rakdos was Paincast, a capability that lowered the price of spells for every level of life misplaced by an opponent throughout the present flip. In keeping with Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater, it was deemed that the power created “warped recreation play”;[16] and, a extra combat-relevant means, Unleash, changed it.[17] A type of Paincast would seem on Rakdos, Lord of Riots, who can grant it to all creature playing cards you forged that flip.

Unleash represents two static talents, consisting of 1 that enables the controller of a creature with Unleash to place a +1/+1 counter on it because it enters the battlefield and one other that prohibits a creature with Unleash from blocking if it has a minimum of one +1/+1 counter on it, whatever the means by which it was placed on the creature.

Previous to the official launch of Return to Ravnica, Unleash acquired a poor or combined reception from gamers, with some failing to understand its complexity and freedom of alternative;[18] however, on the prerelease and upon launch of the enlargement, the mechanic gained extra favor, significantly within the Restricted format play.

Ravnica Allegiance: Spectacle[]

Spectacle is a key phrase means that offers spells an alternate price. You may forged a spell for its spectacle price if an opponent misplaced life throughout the flip.

Creature varieties[]

Species and races[]

Species and races related to the Cult of Rakdos embody:


Lessons related to the Cult of Rakdos embody:

Notable members[]

  • Blim
  • Exava
  • Hekara
  • Izolda
  • Judith
  • Juri, Grasp of the Revue
  • Iv’g’nork
  • Palla
  • Rakdos
  • Panjandrum, chief of the “Grasp Panjandrum’s Extraordinary Carnival of Delights”.[20]
  • Brutus, chief of “Brutus’s Improvised Comedy Enjoyable-Time Present”.[21]

In-game references[]

Represented in: Related playing cards: Referred to:

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See additionally[]

  • Rakdos Bloodsport, the Dissension preconstructed theme deck
  • Rakdos Raid, the Return to Ravnica intro pack


  • Dissension: Cult of Rakdos Minisite — Wizards of the Coast (lifeless hyperlink)
  • Return to Ravnica: Cult of Rakdos Minisite — Wizards of the Coast (lifeless hyperlink)
  • Rakdos Fiction: The Merrytown Bloodbath, Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar, August, 2006

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