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Kind-47A Scarab H2A Manufacturing data

Product line:

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Excavator tier-four[1]



Technical specs


  • One focus cannon[1]
  • Two heavy plasma repeaters[1]


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In service:

  • Human-Covenant Struggle


  • Artifact-retrieval car[1]



We have all run the simulations. They’re robust, however they ain’t invincible!” — Sergeant Main Avery Johnson[2]

The Kind-47A ‘Protos’ Extremely-Heavy Assault Platform is a kind of Covenant Scarab quadrupedal mining platform.

Design Particulars[edit]

Design particulars[edit]

On the Protos Scarab, an power protect may be produced in entrance of the hall resulting in the cockpit with a purpose to hamper boarding actions.[3]


In contrast to most autos deployed by the Covenant, the Scarab doesn’t make use of anti-gravity propulsion to maneuver; it as a substitute makes use of a quadrupedal “leg” meeting for locomotion. These jointed legs are very highly effective, able to crushing autos starting from civilian cargo vans to M808B Scorpion tanks.[2]


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Protos Scarabs are armed with two seperate suspensor-mounted heavy plasma repeaters which can be optimized for anti-aerospace use. There may be additionally a fine-tunable focus cannon and specialised sensor arrays.[1]

Growth historical past[edit]

The Protos Scarab has unknown origins to even the Covenant who used it.[1]

Operational Historical past[edit]

You could discover this difficult to imagine, however most individuals discover Scarabs to be reasonably unsettling.” — Cortana to John-117, through the Battle of Mombasa[4]

The Covenant hardly ever used the Protos Scarab in direct fight, utilizing it extra as a specialised artifact-retrieval car through the Human-Covenant Struggle. The options of this Scarab had been hardly ever noticed by human forces, as Protos Scarabs rapidly burned their manner by UNSC defenses.[1]

Unprecedented numbers of the Protos Scarab had been deployed through the Fall of Attain and later the Battle for Earth.[1] When the Excessive Prophet of Remorse invaded Earth, he deployed at the very least 5 Kind-47 Scarabs to Mombasa, Africa, the place at the very least two of them had been the Protos Scarab.[5] Two Scarabs had been positioned in New Mombasa, whereas one other three had been deployed in Outdated Mombasa. One of many Scarabs in New Mombasa was apparently charged with destroying the Mombasa Tether,[6] although John-117 managed to board and destroy the walker simply minutes earlier than Solemn Penance jumped into slipstream area.[2] Shortly after, the UNSC Brasidas managed to disable one other Protos within the metropolis with its MAC. A close-by detachment of UNSC Marines promptly engaged the surviving Covenant forces in an try to get well the Scarab for themselves.[7]

In the course of the Battle of Set up 05, a Protos was parked at a Brute encampment near Set up 05’s Management Room. Throughout an assault by Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam, a number of UNSC prisoners escaped and Sergeant Avery Johnson took management of the Scarab. Speaking from its management middle, Johnson negotiated a truce with the Arbiter to cease their mutual enemy Tartarus from activating the Halo Array. Johnson proceeded to drive the Scarab to the Management Room, escorted by the Arbiter in a Banshee together with different Covenant separatist forces. Upon reaching the Management Room, Johnson used the Scarab’s focus cannon to blow open the sealed doorways earlier than parking the machine and disembarking to instantly help in stopping Tartarus inside the Management Room.[3]


Halo 2[edit]

The Halo 2 Scarab was nearly indestructible and immune to wreck within the recreation. Its motion was completely scripted, and no damageable components seem to have been coded for it. It was solely destroyed in a cutscene. When the T-47A Scarab fires, some molten, inexperienced liquid (presumably coolant or extra plasma) will leak out under the principle cannon. The ahead plasma turret might be destroyed with only a few melee assaults, as may the rear plasma turret. The flaps on the principle gun might be destroyed solely through the use of a Scorpion tank. Additionally, the underside grate might be destroyed.


  • Throughout an interview, Shi Kai Wang joked that the Protos Scarab seems to be like a buying basket.[8]
  • In Halo 2, the participant can acquire the “Scarab Gun” on the extent Outskirts and Metropolis. The weapon makes use of the Plasma Rifle chassis, although it fires the identical plasma stream because the Scarab’s major gun, by no means overheats, and may fireplace indefinitely. Acquiring the Scarab Gun in Halo 2 for Home windows Vista rewards the participant with an achievement. Acquiring the Scarab Gun in Halo: The Grasp Chief Assortment will grant the participant the Scarab Lord achievement for 20 Gamerscore.
  • Within the recreation world, the Scarab encountered in Halo 2’s Metropolis is the one one which the participant can’t instantly destroy and should board and take out its crew. Within the different video games, the Scarabs fought by the gamers have susceptible reactor cores situated on the again that may be focused to destroy the car except for the Tremendous Scarab in Halo Wars.


Listing of appearances[edit]

  • Halo 2 (First look)
  • Halo Graphic Novel
    • Second Dawn over New Mombasa
  • Halo: Evolutions – Important Tales of the Halo Universe
    • Palace Resort
  • Halo 4 (Talked about solely)
  • Halo 2: Anniversary
  • Halo: Meridian Divide


Floor autos of the Covenant and its remnants

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