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How to Counter Zyra

How to Counter Zyra

Learn how to Counter Zyra (7 Suggestions)

Zyra is among the strongest Helps within the present meta. She has benefitted closely from merchandise adjustments for Season 11 which has shot her up when it comes to decide fee and delight (for me on the very least).

With Zyra’s play fee growing and her lane dominance ever-growing, you need to discover ways to play towards her.

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Understanding find out how to counter Zyra, and any champion normally, is step one to bettering and changing into a greater participant.

Learn how to Counter Zyra:

  1. Counter her in champion choose
  2. Select magic resistance runes
  3. Take advantage of ranges 1 and a pair of
  4. Step on her Seeds at any time when potential
  5. Be ready for ambushes
  6. Respect her degree 6 all-in
  7. Don’t combat within the jungle or round targets

1. Counter her in champion choose

First issues first, champion counters. The perfect champions to select towards Zyra are champions with long-range poke or laborious CC/all-in. Decide champions who’ve these property or play type to have a a lot simpler time throughout the laning part. Keep away from champions who’re squishy, motionless, and lack vary.

These champions are usually not good towards Zyra as you’ll put your self able the place she will be able to harass and kill you everytime you attempt to poke or safe minions to your warding quest.

Zyra worst lane matchups

Champions comparable to Xerath and Vel’Koz are good counters to Zyra thanks their long-range talents which makes it laborious for her to land poke in return.

Utilizing your vary benefit, you’ll be able to bully Zyra down from afar whereas remaining secure. This may cut back her early harm output and poke in lane which subsequently decreases her probabilities of successful the lane.

If long-ranged mages aren’t your factor, perhaps you’ll do higher with a Hook champion or somebody who can all-in like Pyke, Leona, Pantheon or Nautilus.

If she needs to poke you down in lane, she’s going to are available vary of your talents (which you should utilize to take her down). She is going to typically overextend to poke too which makes it simpler so that you can all-in and kill her.

As Zyra is fairly squishy, for those who’re capable of burn her Flash within the early recreation, you’ll be able to continuously search for kills and abuse her vulnerability to kill her and over and over which is one thing that interact champions can do.

If you wish to see what champions Zyra counters or will get countered by, try Zyra’s champion web page.

2. Select magic resistance runes

Generally when taking part in towards Zyra, she is the most important risk within the laning part. For this reason it’s really useful that you just go for magic resistance runes in your minor rune part to guard you towards her poke.

magic resistance minor runes

Whereas armor will assist towards the ADC and enemy primary assaults, magic resistance is extra impactful within the early recreation because it reduces her harm output which can improve your probabilities of staying alive in lane.

Relying on the champion you’re taking part in, it’s possible you’ll want to go double adaptive harm after which magic resistance (which is among the widespread setups you’ll take since it really works on all Helps like Janna, Lulu and Morgana).

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You might also want to go one adaptive, 1 armor and 1 magic resistance. Alternatively, there’s all the time the choice of 1 adaptive and double magic resistance.

There may be quite a lot of methods you’ll be able to take magic resistance, however so long as you’re taking it- you’ll be set!

For those who’re undecided what runes your champion ought to take, try our champion pages. We’ve got quite a lot of builds and rune pages for each champion within the recreation.

Get your favourite champions runes and construct straight imported into your shopper with the Mobalytics app.

3. Take advantage of ranges 1 and a pair of

Now it’s time to get into the sport. At degree 1, ensure you’re auto-attacking the minions so you’ll be able to hit degree 2 on the similar time or earlier than Zyra. If she hits degree 2 earlier than you do, she might search for a positive commerce. When taking part in champions with hooks like Thresh, Blitz, or Nautilus, hitting degree 2 first will mean you can search for an early all-in.

Riot Blitzcrank (LoL splash)

To hit degree 2 within the backside lane first, you should ensure you cease leashing to your Jungler at 1:38, then make your approach to lane. You have to to safe the primary 9 enemy minions.

That is the primary minion wave adopted by 3 melee minions on the second wave. It must be the following 3 melee minions to offer you adequate XP to degree up.

For those who’re able the place you’re not capable of hit degree 2 first, reposition and play safer till you’ve hit degree 2. Enjoying disrespectfully or strolling too near her will allow her to land poke and power you to burn by means of your well being potions.

4. Step on her Seeds at any time when potential

It’s widespread information that Zyra will likely be unable to spawn flowers or crops when there are not any seeds close by.

She will be able to place seeds manually together with her W, however her Passive periodically spawns seeds close by. To lower the variety of crops she will be able to spawn, ensure you step on each seed you’ll be able to so it dies.

Zyra W

At any time when it’s secure to take action, step on Zyra’s seeds to destroy them. They spawn periodically each 30 seconds and can all the time be close to her.

Take be aware that they don’t spawn when she is in a bush (however that doesn’t imply there’s no inside a bush).

zyra passive

Good instances to step on her seeds are when:

  • When she is out of vary to make use of her Q or E. This implies she will likely be unable to convey them to life.
  • When her Q or E is on cooldown. This may make it not possible for her to spawn a plant.
  • When she is nowhere close by. Clearly, if she is nowhere close by she won’t be able to spawn them.

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Destroy them at any time when potential so she is unable to make use of them to her benefit to poke you down in lane.

5. Be ready for ambushes

Zyra is among the greatest all-in champions at degree 6. If she is forward, she will be able to typically cheese you whilst you stroll again to lane. I’ve carried out it loads of instances once I’m forward on Zyra, and it’s fairly simple to do. All of the Zyra wants is to have the ability to sneak into one of many bushes which can be within the backside lane (both the primary bush in the course of the lane or the bush behind your tier 1 tower).

As soon as she is there, she simply wants to attend so that you can stroll previous her earlier than unleashing her full combo and bursting you down. To stop this, do the next.

  • Don’t stroll near the jungle partitions when strolling again to lane. This fashion, she will likely be unable to land her E simply. Stroll within the center or to the outer facet of the lane.
  • Don’t AFK or tab out in your means again to lane. In any other case, you’ll not be capable to react and dodge her E or retreat if needed.
  • When recalling, watch the minimap to see the place Zyra has moved. If she has gone lacking and was final noticed heading into your jungle, she could be attempting to ambush you.

Nonetheless, Zyra isn’t simply good at ambushing people who find themselves strolling to lane. She will be able to abuse people who find themselves strolling across the map alone within the later components of the sport.

At all times control the minimap so you already know the place she is at any given time. For those who’re the Assist, keep away from warding alone within the mid or late recreation as Zyra can typically blow you up while you try and ward.

6. Respect her degree 6 all-in

Zyra’s Final is an extremely sturdy device that provides burst harm and CC. It may be utilized in quite a lot of methods however it’s mostly used as a device to one-shot the enemy. At any time when she hits degree 6 and when her Final is up, you should play respectfully and don’t underestimate her harm output.

Zyra R

When taking part in as a squishy champion whose Final is extra of a utility device reasonably than a dangerous dealing Final like Janna or Soraka, it is best to play very secure as soon as each groups have hit degree 6.

7. Don’t combat within the jungle or round targets

Attempt to keep away from combating the enemy contained in the jungle or round main targets like Baron or Dragon as these areas of the map are normally the place your group will clump collectively. This enables her to land a multi-person root together with her E or a multi-person knock up together with her Final.

For those who can, attempt to disengage and reposition so that you’re not in these tight areas of the map. Ideally, it is best to look to combat in the course of the map and within the open. This may restrict how many individuals she will be able to root or knockup at any given time.

Haunted Zyra

For those who do occur to combat contained in the jungle, attempt to not huddle up collectively as a group. Attempt to keep considerably aside and never in step with each other so she is unable to land a multi-person E. Disengage or reposition if she prompts her Final so she doesn’t knock your complete group up.

Additionally, in case your group is making an attempt to take the Baron, she will be able to use her Q and crops to bully your group and power you off the target. So strive to not take these targets if Zyra is within the space.


Going through Zyra might be daunting. She has a number of harm and might be tremendous irritating to play towards. We hope the following pointers will make coping with her barely simpler.

In case you are focused on studying find out how to play as Zyra, try my Twitch Stream!

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