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how to play clue discover the secrets | Ring Run

how to play clue discover the secrets | Ring Run
how to play clue discover the secrets | Ring Run

How to Play Clue: Discover the Secrets

Clue: Discover the Secrets Rules & Instructions

Clue: Discover the Secrets Rules, Instructions, DirectionsClue: Discover the Secrets is a more modern take on the Clue board game that was published in 2008. And of course, like the original board game Clue, this one goes by the name of Cluedo: Discover the Secrets in the United Kingdom and some other countries. This article covers information about how to play Clue: Discover the Secrets, and it includes an overview of theClue: Discover the Secrets rules. (We don’t provide a complete copy of the Clue: Discover the Secrets instructions, however.)

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This game is actually intended to supplant the original game, and both versions of the game are available. The official name of this version of the game is just plain Clue or Cluedo, but the subtitle helps game retailers differentiate between this new edition of the game and the original. The business managers at Parker Brothers apparently felt like Clue had become too old-fashioned for modern audiences, so they rolled out this new version of the game. It reminds me a little bit of the whole “New Coke” fiasco several years ago. I’m surprised they’re not marketing these two games as “New Clue” and “Clue Classic.”

Clue: Discover the Secrets Characters

One of the updates to the game is the introduction of more modern sounding character names. Here are the new characters:

  • Diane White
  • Eleanor Peacock
  • Jack Mustard
  • Jacob Green
  • Kasandra Scarlet
  • Victor Plum

Clue: Discover the Secrets Weapons

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Some of the weapons from the original game have been retained while others were replaced with presumably more modern weapons. The lead pipe, the wrench, and the revolver are no longer in the game. They’ve been supplanted by the baseball bat, the dumbbell, and the pistol. Several new weapons have been added, too-an axe, a trophy, and poison.

Clue: Discover the Secrets Rooms

The board layout is basically the same, but some of the names of the rooms have been changed. For example, the Ball Room is now the Patio.

The rules are the same, but there are some additions. This game includes a new wrinkle called “Intrigue cards.” There are two kinds of Intrigue cards available:

  1. Keepers – These cards give the player special abilities, like being able to look at another player’s cards.
  2. Clocks – These act as a time for the game. The first seven clocks have no in-game effect, but the players who draws clock #8 is killed by the villain and eliminated from the game.

In this new edition, the player cannot make an accusation from anywhere on the board anymore. He or she has to move to the swimming pool in the middle of the board before being able to make an accusation.

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I’m not sure that a new version of Clue was necessary, and it doesn’t sound like the new rules and changes will make the game more fun or more entertaining. Moves like this are usually some corporate player’s way of staying relevant, and I guess if Parker Brothers sees an increase in sales of board games because of it, they’ll be happy with it.

But I think I’ll stick with the classic version. It has a quaint charm about it that I’ll always enjoy.

Where to Buy the Clue Board Game Online

Use these links to buy Clue board games at your favorite online retailers. Links open in new browser tabs for your safety and convenience.

Amazon: Buy now.

Walmart: Buy now.

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