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This article is not about the spam/vandalism on the wiki.

Spam involves the act of posting multiple messages in media centers, such as internet forums and online video games, that have no type of purpose and are mostly unwanted by its users. On Roblox, it usually involves pasting the same message multiple times, almost to where it can be considered as “flooding”. Spam is frowned upon by the majority of Roblox users.

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Due to various types of spam over the years, Roblox has disabled comments on items, badges, gamepasses, and games, therefore making it difficult for a spammer to post spam. However, the comment sections of clothing, models, audio and decals remain vulnerable to spammers.

Phishing Spam

When the copy-paste chain spam was no longer effective, the Phishing Spam was introduced and quickly became one of the most popular and sophisticated spam/scam attempts by attackers. An attacker will register a fake domain name and claim that it is an official “secret” Roblox website that can generate Robux or Premium for free for the user; however, it tricks users into giving their sensitive account credentials to steal their account. To make the site seem real, they include fake reviews and a fake chatroom on the site which tricks any unsuspecting user into thinking it is a legitimate website. To try and gain traffic to their site, the attacker will use an army of bots; either making new accounts specifically for the job or by using already hijacked accounts. They will then spam comments involving free Robux or BC and the link to the fake site on any hotspot area of the website.

The messages will usually come in three formats:

Wow! I got so many free ROBUX by going to (SCAMSITE) I got free BC and ROBUX at this website! (SCAMSITE) ⭐️You’re eligible for GamePasses⭐️! Receive Instantly tons of BUX. No info at all! Unlock GamePasses. Simply get your code before its too late! 👉Go to the link: (SCAMSITE)

This got so widespread that game developers started disabling comments on their games until Roblox could mitigate the issue. In December 2016, Roblox acknowledged the spam by quietly disabling comments on all games, sparking the community to question why they do not use the CAPTCHA verification instead. However, in 2017, the Roblox forum used reCAPTCHA verification to prevent spam, and it is still unsure whether Roblox will push this feature to the rest of the site or not. Recently, Roblox has added an anti-bot verification that requires you to spin the wheel until a displayed item is the right way up. This has ceased bot account creation but no one knows how long it will work. Although no one knows about a spambot account that has passed the reCAPTCHA verification, they still spam groups today as not all spambot accounts have been terminated.

In-Game ‘/me’ Spam

Sometime in late 2018, a new type of spam/scam emerged, where a botted account will join certain games to scam users using the ‘/me’ chat feature with the following message and then leaving soon after:

(USERNAME) just got TONS of ROBUX using (SCAMSITE)! Visit (SCAMSITE) in your browser to generate TONS of ROBUX instantly! (SCAMSITE)

It appears as if it were a message from the game or from Roblox itself (appears in italics), fooling innocent and unsuspecting users. This scam has died down since the /me command was disabled by default in all games on May 17, 2019.

Chain Spam

This was one of the fastest spreading types of spam in Roblox. This type of spam claims that if you copy and paste it into the comments of other items, you will get ROBUX, BC, or other benefits. Here is a current example:


These spam messages will usually claim not to be spam in order to get people to copy and paste it. At one point, MrDoomBringer created a forum post advising people about this kind of spam in an attempt to dispel the hoax. However, the post was never stickied and was quickly lost somewhere in the forum. If this spam actually worked, then Roblox Corporation would be bankrupt and every single user would be rich except admins.

MrDoomBringer’s forum post

This lost its effect after a few years of being posted, since it did not steal information, and was blatant spam. following it was the Phishing Spam.

Another Example:

BC Chain Spam

BC Chain spam is when a user with Builders Club starts a chain where multiple users with BC start to post in a row mostly saying, “BC chain!”, this is normally picked up by neutral users who, deliberately, break the chain, sometimes starting a new chain. Like many other types of spam, this is frowned upon by the Roblox community as a waste of space.

Chain Letter Spam

A picture of a Roblox banner warning about the chain letter.

An example of this spam is, “Post this on five badges and tomorrow will be the best day of your life! If you don’t in the next hour you will die”.

The Chain Letter started on June 19, 2010. This little prank originated from an email prank where the user was to forward a message to how many people it said to or face so and so many years of bad luck. The prankster has not been identified yet. However, it did send shivers down many members’ spines. The only reason this was a problem was that younger kids play Roblox, so many users were actually scared of the threats, and passed on the letter. They were tricked and the people reported it. The messages were removed someday later.

“Post and _____” Spam

Post this on 2 shirts You will get 500 Robux

This is a spam that is annoying. Users often post this to get players to think if they copy-and-paste it, they will get more Robux while reporting it, just say “This user posted a spam that claimed it gives users ROBUX” in the comment box.

However, this message claimed that it will give users Robux, and it says you need to copy and paste this comment on 2 other shirts and then check your robux. Copy and pasting the message on other items is often done to trick other users that read the comment.

Another Example:

“This is a weird glitch” spam

This is a weird glitch Post this on t h r e e different items Then check your robux

Trades Spam

This spam is a spam used to advertise the posters place, group, T-shirt, etc. without buying an official ad. This spam is commonly found on Limiteds, so people would be lured into buying theirs, then they would raise the price until the buyer has no ROBUX. Example:

Send me trades.

“Voice Changer” spam

This is similar to the “you will yawn” spam, but instead it changes your voice to a high pitch. This won’t work in real life. Example:

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Say Albert Dab Slowly Then Say Flamingo Hold Your Breath Don’t Breathe Until You Post This On A Different Hat Check Your Voice

The voice changing spam.

“Insult” spam

This type of spam is posting something about something/someone stupid spelling out S.P.A.M., as in a form of an acronym. The message is often altered. Examples include the ones below.

“The person below me XXX” Spam

This type of spam is usually used by people to mock those who go against their views or if they just dislike the user. The person will look at a comment or their avatar and mock them by posting that spam.

There are some examples below:

Watch out kids, THE GUY RIGHT BELOW ME FARTED! Be careful kids, the person below me farted! Look out! The person below me farted!

An example of this type of spam.

The Account Deletion letter

A month later, on July 19, 2010, a private message chain letter was released, stating that it was an official Roblox message. It claimed that, due to lack of space, unused accounts were being removed. In order to prevent the reader’s account from deletion, the reader was supposed to pass the letter on to 10-15 other users to prove they were active. It also says that, if the user does not send this message within 2 weeks, they will be removed in order to get more space for new Robloxians. This spread so rapidly that the Roblox admins had to post a banner stating the letter was a hoax. By the end of the week, the letter source had been discovered and removed. The player that started the chain has not been found. XiaoXiaoMan also told everybody (via a YouTube video) to ignore the hoax and cease the act of sending the letter. XiaoXiaoMan did this by pointing out the flaws of the chain letter. This message claimed that it was written by the Roblox admins, as seen below.

Sorry to send this message, since Roblox was popular, many people were being inactive on the website for no reason, and, too many players on Roblox, we are planning on removing accounts that are inactive for 2-3 weeks. In order to prevent your account from being removed, can you pass this letter on to 10-15 users? Use the “Copy and paste” chain to prove that you are active. Those who do not send this message within 2-3 weeks, will be removed in order to get more space for new users. Thank you. -Roblox Team

The “Free” Robux and BC Spam

Chain Letter

At the beginning of August 2011, a new breed of Chain Letters was distributed across the Roblox site. The message claimed that the Admins of Roblox had created the message and sent the message to select players, and to participate in the Giveaway, one would have to send the message to 20 other players, and you would be given 1000 Robux per person the message was sent to. There are many reasons why this is a chain letter, which can be easily found in the message itself.

Scam Game Spam

Recently, there is a certain person continuously spamming games named “Robucks Giveaway”. The games are botted so people can notice them on the front page and get lured in.

Celebrate the New Year the right way! Spam

This is a type of spam that started around the new year 2017 that asks if you want all game passes, ROBUX and no more scams and gives a link to a ROBUX generator. Underneath the example is the 2018 spam.

Celebrate the New Year the right way! Get access to EVERY Game Pass for FREE! Want Thousands of ROBUX too? Are you tired of scams? Good! No Login Info Needed! Go To The Following Link: (SCAMSITE)

“Good News!” spam

This is a spam about people thinking that a free robux scam site actually works.


Hello everyone! Good news! There’s a site that really gives R0BUX. just type (SCAMSITE) and check it out now.

“Want this Game Pass?” Spam

A scammer sometimes posts in the comments in a game pass like the advanced placing game pass for Welcome To Bloxburg. They try to convince users to click on their profile. They then will find a game that says “Free Robux!”. This will then steal the victim’s account using the MGX Gui script used to get players accounts in games. However, they might not use the noob look. This spam is rarely used.

“Want this gamepass? Not enough robux? Then you can get some! Just go to my profile, click creations, play my game, read the desc, enjoy your robux!”

/BC me Spam

Players with Builders Club will say “:BC me” in the comments of popular catalogue items making it look like they were NBC and received Builders Club from saying “:BC me” which results in many NBCs falling for this causing rows of spam of fake admin commands.

/e free spam

This type of spam are when players post “/e free” on the comments of a shirt, pants, a UGC item, or even decals. This tricks people into thinking they got the item for free by posting /e free in the items comments. This makes the comments flooded with /e free spam. Many people have pointed out commenting “/e free” doesn’t make sense because “/e” stands for emote. Therefore, people are saying “/emote free”, which, of course, really doesn’t make sense. This type of spam is disliked amongst the Roblox community.

Advertising Group Spam

Advertising a group is when a person will recruit people through messages or comments without performing the proper way by advertising with ROBUX. This is considered annoying because the recruiter may ask repeatedly while claiming that someone saw you – or them themselves – doing something impressive allowing to be counted as spam.

You will die spam

This spam is messages saying that the reader will die if he/she does not copy and paste this. Example:

You are dead! In 1 hour, if you do not copy and paste this 10 times, you will die! if you are reading this you will die in the next hour if you copy this on another  ITEM tomorrow will be the best day of your li Fe Y O U W IL L D I E I N U R S L E E PT O N I G H T I F Y O U C O P Y T H I S U W I L L H A V E G O O D L U CK F O R E V E R

Don’t spread that “you will die” spam

This kind of spam tells people not to post the “you will die” spam (but its still spamming so its also bad).

Don’t spread that “you will die in your sleep tonight” thing. People who do are scaring younger kids and triggering anxiety. LISTEN UP 📢❤️people have been saying you’ll die in your sleep ❤️👌 but you are ok 👌😀 you are safe 😀😴 sleep well 😴✂️ copy and paste to spread the word📋 IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU won’t DIE IN YOUR SLEEP TONIGHT. IF YOU COPY THIS ON ANOTHER COMMENT SECTION , YOU WILL HAVE GOOD LUCK FOREVER. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

“The Gift is Obvious” Spam

An example of this Spam

A kind of spam that was seen in the comments area of the hat “Obvious Gift is Obvious.” It starts with “It’s so obvious what the gift is its…..” then the spammer writes down their own idea. One example is: “Gosh guys its so obvious whats inside! Its a Unicorn horn embedded in an oddly-shaped living rainbow colours tree branch that feeds on a thousand flesh!” Sometimes this spam can be serious and sometimes plain silly.

Live-stream Comment Spam

This type of spam involves a user posting a comment on a T-shirt/Shirt/Pant, such as Art Warrior and I’ll Have Another, about a famous person, with particular persons that are mentioned being PewDiePie, making a live stream commentary video on Roblox right now with a potentially malicious/fake URL included in the comment, Such spam is typically repeated multiple times in one hat by the same user with exactly the same content in the comments. However, such claims are not true, as PewDiePie and Notch would never have actually played Roblox since they have not actually announced themselves to the public playing Roblox. However, Pewdiepie has since then played Roblox.

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A typical message that follows this type of spam is:

PewDiePie is livestreaming playing Roblox live RIGHT NOW! (SCAMSITE)”Bro! PewDiePie is livestreaming on Roblox for the next hour here!!! (SCAMSITE)”

Save Roblox Spam

This type of spam is used to stop scammers. Although the intention was to “save” Roblox. However, it is considered spam and is not recommended to spam it.

☻/ This is Billy. /▌ He says that those FREE R$ are scams. / Those posts are FAKE. and WILL INFECT YOUR COMPUTER WITH VIRUSES Or STEAL YOUR ACCOUNT! Copy and paste to save Roblox!

Anti Scamming Spam

Same as Save Roblox Spam, This uses another Font.


Anti-spam comment spam

These comment often have a lot of emojis in them and are in UGC item comments.

👋 Hi Scammers! 😁 😜 Can’t you see? 😅 🤣 People are making fun of you all! 👀 🤔 Wanna know why? 🤨 💻 Because the ”Glitch” and “/e free” is not working! ❌ ✅ Copy and paste to keep ROBLOX safe

“Friend Request and Follow” Spam

An example of the bots sending multiple friend requests to someone.

These are bots that spam your friend requests and followers. These bots keep following and requesting every day with the usernames of ReadMyDesc, DontClickMe, and ClickMe with random numbers at the end. Do not accept their friend requests, as they will message you with scam and phishing websites. These users also have the generic outfits. As of July 2017, there were more than 72,000 of these bots.

Today, you can still get friend requests from these bots. However, they are now under some names like ch3kspr1z3r3de3m (checksprizeredeem). They are also much less frequent, as some people peaked about 10 requests a day right now.

“Chat flood” spam

This type of flood consists of an group of bots coming together and then flooding the chat with random things like “My pants are medium size” or “I like dancing in the rain”. This type of flood is uncommon but was mostly used in 2019, because this type of flood would break the chat through a chat load glitch. This can be seen when the user joins a game; you can quickly see the chat being flooded.


Colorbots are a type of bots that have avatars with solid colors, and the first Colorbots that started appearing around July 2017 wore the default clothing. They usually post “Get Free ROBUX” Spam and “Celebrate the New Year the right way!” spam. They name themselves like regular spambots or admin with numbers at the end. Underneath this is a gallery of examples of what they look like.

Game name spam

This is a type of spam for example “OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY OBBY” This spam was always used for a keyword spam. Usually when typing Obby or any other words it will show the spam name game.

Youtuber Hosting a Robux Giveaway spam

This is a type of spam of people thinking that a popular Roblox Youtuber is hosting a robux giveaway.


Hi everyone! mrflimflam or flamingo is hosting R0BUX giveaway[sic] this month. Everyone is free to join, just go to (SCAMSITE)!

Other Spam

Usually this kind of spam is pointless and intended to remove scam bots spam or doing them for fun.

This is a spam that takes up a lot of space. Sometimes it’s the same thing repeated over and over, other times its characters that look like a picture (ASCII Art). Either way, it ends up taking up a lot of space and making it harder to read the comments or the forum post. Sometimes, users will post “spam cleaners”, other space-hogging spam messages supposedly intended to hide the spam, but this is spam as well.

Word Pyramid Spam

t th thi this this i this it this ite this item this item i this item is this item is e this item is ep this item is epi this item is epic this item is epi this item is ep this item is e this item is this item i this item this ite this it this i this thi th t

This spam is uncommon. This spam can also flood the comments of items, and groups.

Spam Clean

This type of spam attempts to clear other spam from the comments by using multiple newline characters. Instead of achieving its intended goal, it left a big white “hole” in the comments.

Same Spam

This is the common kind of spam. The spammer would say a random word like “baseball” or “body”, and then say it over and over again until he/she leaves the game. There is software which can be downloaded to help same spamming. In-game chat, however, has a feature that limits the number of spam posted in a brief period, blocking the player from posting additional comments for a few seconds.

“Your behavior is briefly being monitored” Spam

This spam was found in popular YouTuber videos. A bot is seen following the user spamming that they are being monitored and to opt-out they need to email Bloxiphant or commonly known as Gerard B. This may be annoying and frustrating for YouTubers, as those bots join them in every game and follow them. This can result in a video being possibly ruined.

Recognizing and Reporting Spam

Copy-and-Paste Chain Spam

To find this spam, just look for a part where it says “COPY AND PASTE THIS ON” or “THIS IS NOT SPAM”. When reporting it, just say “This message is spam” in the report box. The moderators know what chain spam is and need no real explanation of why it was reported. However, do not leave the report box blank or they will think it was a random report.

Advertising Spam

It is easy to spot this spam. Just look for anything that asks for a visit or purchase. Say “This message is advertising the person’s place and holds no content. It is spam.” in the report box. Also, some ads would say something like, “OMG! These people joined my game!” or “DO NOT CLICK” and would advertise copied games or spam. Below image is an example.

The red arrow points to the spam ad.

You should know it when you see it. Be sure to describe how the message is spam, and be upfront about what is not good about it. Keep your report short and simple enough to read.

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