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The Frost Moon is a post-Plantera, Christmas-themed occasion summoned with the Naughty Current at any time at evening, ending at daybreak (4:30 AM). It may be summoned at any time of the yr and doesn’t require the precise Christmas season. Through the occasion, distinctive and extremely tough enemies spawn at excessive charges and assault the participant. It’s much like the Pumpkin Moon occasion, however consists of extra waves and contains barely extra content material. Visually, the moon turns right into a snowman head, although remaining in its present section.

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The whole occasion consists of 15 waves, plus 5 “bonus waves”. Waves progress because the participant reaches sure kill scores (although kill scores usually are not exhibited to the participant earlier than wave 20). After a wave’s required rating is met, the subsequent wave begins, and the kill rating is reset to 0. Standing messages will point out when the wave has superior, and which wave has been achieved. See the desk beneath for the factors awarded for every enemy and the rating required for every wave.

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The Frost Moon occasion at all times ends at 4:30 AM. The aim of the occasion is to progress by way of all 20 waves earlier than the occasion ends, though the achievement for the occasion is awarded at wave 15.[1]

The Naughty Current, which summons the Frost Moon, requires supplies solely obtainable in Hardmode worlds the place the participant has already defeated Plantera (though it might probably nonetheless be summoned in pre-Hardmode worlds). As such, it’s meant to current a problem even to gamers with the very best tools. Within the remaining waves, a number of boss-level enemies are fought without delay.

Frost Moon enemies drop highly effective weapons, in addition to pet and vainness objects. Most drop with excessive rarity, and even gamers who handle to finish the occasion will discover they want to take action a number of instances earlier than acquiring them. Drop probabilities for objects dropped by bosses enhance as waves are accomplished. See the part beneath for a extra detailed description of the charges at which loot and trophies drop.

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Reaching wave 15 / 20 earlier than 4:30 AM will show the message “The spirit of Christmas spreads cheer…” at daybreak (4:30 AM). For all the day and evening, all particular results of the Christmas season will happen. At 4:30 AM of the subsequent day, the message “The spirit of Christmas fades…” will seem and all Christmas occasions will not happen till the Christmas season begins once more or the participant reaches the fifteenth wave of the Frost Moon once more. [2]



  • Whole factors required to achieve wave 15: 3410, wave 20: 10160
  • Current Mimics might spawn at any wave, as an alternative of wave-appropriate enemies, if there are at present lower than 4 Current Mimics round.
  • The utmost variety of bosses without delay depends upon the wave. Whereas this quantity is reached (or probably exceeded, for instance if the participant manages to someway attain wave 9 with out killing two Everscreams from wave 6), no extra of the sort of boss will spawn.

Boss spawn limits [3] Wave EverscreamEverscream Santa-NK1Santa-NK1 Ice QueenIce Queen 4 1 – – 5 1 – – 6 2 – – 7 – 1 – 8 – 1 – 9 1 1 – 10 1 2 – 11 – – 1 12 1 – 1 13 – 1 1 14 1 1 1 15 3 2 1 16 4 2 2 17 5 3 2 18 6 4 3 19 7 5 4 20 Limitless


  • The entire boss-type enemies (Ice Queen, Santa-NK1 and Everscream) have elevated probabilities to drop loot in later waves. This opportunity begins at a ten% (20%) probability in wave 4, and grows at a nonlinear rising charge as much as 16.67% (100%) by wave 15, persevering with to 25% (100%) by wave 20.[4]
    • The above probability does have an effect on trophies as of model; in all different variations, trophies usually are not additionally affected by the above probability.
    • The precise method for the drop probability is frac{1}{max(left lfloor frac{30 - W}{2.5} right rfloor - E, 1)}, the place W is the present wave quantity (plus 7 if in Professional or Grasp Mode), and E is 0 in Basic or 2 in Professional/Grasp. Luck does have an effect on this opportunity.[4]
  • In all variations, trophies have their very own, separate probability to drop (which, on Desktop version Desktop and Mobile version Cell, additionally applies alongside the overall drop probability, as defined above). Beginning at wave 15 (or, on Console version Console, at wave 8 in Professional Mode), there’s a probability every Ice Queen, Santa-NK1 and Everscream killed will drop its respective trophy. This opportunity will increase at wave 17, and once more at wave 19; on Console version Console in Professional Mode, these will increase as an alternative occur at wave 10 and at wave 12, respectively. On Desktop version Desktop and Mobile version Cell, Luck does not have an effect on this opportunity. The trophy drop charges for every model in every wave are proven within the desk beneath.[5]

Wave Trophy Likelihood Precise Trophy Drop Charge Basic / Professional Professional Basic Professional Basic Basic Professional 15 8 1 in 4 3 in 11 4.17% 25% 27.27% 16 9 1 in 4 3 in 11 5% 25% 27.27% 17 10 1 in 3 3 in 8 6.67% 33.33% 37.5% 18 11 1 in 3 3 in 8 8.33% 33.33% 37.5% 19+ 12+ 1 in 2 3 in 5 12.5% 50% 60%

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  • The Frost Moon occasion will generally finish after leaving after which reentering the world.
  • On the Console version Console model, Everscream, Santa-NK1 and Ice Queen can drop their trophies as early as wave 8 in Professional Mode.[4]
  • Water Candles, Peace Candle, Battle Potions and Calming Potions don’t have any impact through the invasion, as the identical with another occasions.
  • If the participant is killed through the occasion, the occasion just isn’t canceled. The participant will maintain re-spawning and might proceed combating its enemies because the occasion continues till daybreak. In single-player video games, exiting the world and reloading it would cancel the occasion, however it would additionally delete the objects from the bottom.
  • The Frost Moon doesn’t stack with the Blood Moon. Summoning the Frost Moon whereas a Blood Moon is energetic will lead to an everyday Frost Moon.
  • Summoning a Pirate Invasion throughout a Frost Moon will cancel it.
  • Any boss enemies which might be nonetheless on a participant’s display screen by the point daybreak breaks will start to maneuver quickly in a single route, speeding off-screen to despawn. It’s nonetheless doable to pursue and even kill some bosses whereas that is occurring.
  • Lingering enemies overwhelmed after the occasion is over won’t ever drop any uncommon objects.



  • As a result of spawn charges for areas the place Frost Moon enemies can not spawn are additionally elevated, a Frost Moon can be utilized to farm for different objects, e.g., Pirate Maps on the Ocean, whereas fully avoiding the Frost Moon enemies.
  • The Frost Moon enemies are prone to the Ichor debuff, which makes a Flask of Ichor, Ichor Arrows or Bullets, or the Golden Bathe very efficient.
  • Gamers ought to kill the enemies as quickly as they spawn to make sure that extra enemies can spawn constantly with the intention to enhance the probabilities of reaching later waves.
  • The Frost Moon will be a good way to acquire a considerable amount of cash shortly.
  • A great potion to make use of is the Heat Potion because it decreases injury considerably from enemies within the occasion.
  • Attempt to make a lure space, this doesn’t imply an AFK Farm however a location mounted with traps. Use this farm with a lever to maintain the traps on and maintain them on whilst you struggle the mini bosses. This might assist with the mobs whilst you struggle mini bosses.


  • The Frost Moon was the toughest occasion within the sport till replace, after which it was overwhelmed by the Lunar Occasions.
  • This is without doubt one of the few post-1.2 options obtainable on the 3DS model.

Historical past[]

  • Desktop 1.4.1: Requirement to unlock one in-game day of Christmas modified to Wave 15.
  • Desktop Reaching the tip of the Frost Moon unlocks one in-game day of Christmas.
  • Desktop Mounted invasion progress wrapping round to -32768 when exceeding 32767 factors in multiplayer.
  • Desktop
    • Added Elf Archer Banner, Elf Copter Banner, Flocko Banner, Gingerbread Man Banner, Krampus Banner, Nutcracker Banner, Current Mimic Banner, Yeti Banner, and Zombie Elf Banner.
    • Frost Moon factors for defeating Flocko and Krampus each lowered to 0.
  • Desktop
    • Elf vainness now drops from Zombie Elves throughout a Frost Moon.
    • Mounted bug the place Frost Moon waves 14 to 19 had “Santank” as an alternative of “Santa-NK1” for the title.
  • Desktop 1.2.4: Confirm Frost Moon factors for defeating Krampus elevated from 8 to 10.
  • Desktop
    • Made it barely simpler to advance in Frost Moon waves.
    • Made a number of Frost Moon monsters shoot slower and do much less injury.
  • Desktop 1.2.3:
    • Pumpkin Moon and Frost Moon can now be began when utilizing a Snowman pet.
    • All waves in Frost Moon appropriately use “Flocko” within the warning.
    • Flocko & Elf Copter now each appropriately run away at daybreak.
    • Mounted frost moon wave show textual content (Elf Zombie to Zombie Elf).
  • Desktop 1.2.2: Launched.
  • Console 1.05: Launched.
  • Swap 1.0.711.6: Launched.
  • Cell Reaching the tip of the Frost Moon unlocks one in-game day of Christmas.
  • Cell 1.2.11212: Launched.
  • 3DS 1.03: Launched.


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