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Munchkin Zombies Game Rules | Ring Run

10/09/2021 09:59 40

The munchkins are dead, but that won’t stop them! They’re zombies, and they go up levels by eating tasty BRAAAIINNNS! Munchkin Zombies is based on the original Munchkin and can be combined with it or with any other Munchkin set (see the last page). The foes in this game are mostly normal people just trying […]

How to Strip Paint Off Miniatures & Resin, Plastic and Metal

10/09/2021 09:21 45

Do you still have old miniatures lying around since your first paint job? Or did you buy second hand miniatures and want to give them your own style? Then you should strip them from the old paint! In the following article, I put together how to strip miniatures from that old pesky paint. Basically, there […]

Risk 2210 AD Game Rules | Ring Run

10/09/2021 07:59 43

Setup Set up the land board and lunar board, and place the year marker on “year 1” of the score chart. Separate cards into 8 decks (3 territory, 5 command); remove any “wild MOD” and blank cards. Devastated lands: randomly draw four land territory cards and place devastation markers on them. These land territory cards […]

The 4 Quadrants and How to Beat Control on MTG Arena

10/09/2021 07:37 42

As new players play more magic, they discover a number of archetypes, or deck themes, that they encounter time and time again. In this article we will tackle how to take down one archetype many find themselves frustrated to play against: control. Playing against control requires you to make plays that seem counterintuitive against many […]

how to play clue discover the secrets | Ring Run

10/09/2021 07:33 31

How to Play Clue: Discover the Secrets Clue: Discover the Secrets Rules & Instructions Clue: Discover the Secrets is a more modern take on the Clue board game that was published in 2008. And of course, like the original board game Clue, this one goes by the name of Cluedo: Discover the Secrets in the […]

Eclipse Game Rules | Ring Run

10/09/2021 07:17 30

Components 84 plastic spaceships 24 starbase chits 264 wooden population cubes 96 wooden influence discs 18 ambassador tiles 6 player boards 1 supply board 96 Technology tiles 54 ship part tiles 21 discovery tiles 22 colony ship tiles 21 ancient ship tiles 1 GCDG tile 32 reputation tiles (12x 1, 9x 2, 7x 3, 4x […]

Auras | Ring Run

10/09/2021 07:05 29

Auras are visual effects that can be applied to equipment. These auras can be added or modified in the Enchanted Forge to fit the player’s preference. There are currently two types of auras, Radiant and Stellar auras. Radiant Auras can be applied on weapons that have the rarity Radiant or higher (higher than Shadow Level […]

MTG Keywords Explained: Hexproof | Ring Run

10/09/2021 06:57 27

Of all the evergreen mechanics in Magic: The Gathering, hexproof is perhaps the most polarizing. The keyword has only been around since 2011, but it’s spawned some incredibly powerful cards and archetypes. If you’d like to learn more about hexproof, we’re here to break it all down. What is Hexproof? A creature with hexproof can’t […]

how to add loyalty counters to planeswalkers | Ring Run

10/09/2021 04:31 38

Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Liliana of the Veil. Oko, Thief of Crowns. Planeswalkers are some of the most powerful and recognizable cards in Magic: The Gathering history. They function differently than other types of Magic cards and essentially serve as additional players in the game. But the same qualities that make Planeswalkers so successful in […]

how to beat continuous shuffling machines | Ring Run

10/09/2021 03:15 20

Continuous shuffling machines are a mainstay in the casino game of Blackjack. The game’s basic components contributing to your outcome is luck of the draw. Shuffling of cards automatically can affect both the odds of the players to win and the house advantage. Whilst this factor used to vary quite significantly depending on the shuffler […]

Risk Legacy Game Rules | Ring Run

10/09/2021 02:25 25

In 2128, after years of global warfare, theoretical physicists joined together with astronomers, engineers, and particle physicists to announce a breathtaking breakthrough: the ability to create new Earths. Instead of warring over ever-scarcer resources and ever-diminishing supplies, factions and populations could transport to a verdant Earth, untouched by humans. With great fanfare, the colonists departed […]

how to organize magic cards in a binder | Ring Run

10/09/2021 01:57 27

This week at the Revenue Review we’re looking at different ways of organizing your binder and the pros and cons of each. This is Part Two of a three-part series. Last week I explored how to build a binder from the ground up, and next week I’ll walk you through the process of selling off […]

how to get golden adventure cards | Ring Run

10/09/2021 01:46 19

Golden cards often add movement and visual effects, like with this golden Piloted Shredder “Golden” redirects here. For information on golden heroes, see Golden heroes. Golden cards are special, rarer versions of cards. Each card exists in both a regular and a golden form. The difference between a card’s normal version and its golden version […]

How to Organize Your Magic Collection | Ring Run

10/09/2021 00:29 22

The heart of Magic: The Gathering is playing with others, and COVID-19 has brought major challenges to our community. Thankfully, though, you can still enjoy and engage with Magic on your own. One solo activity you could try is organizing your Magic collection! Sometimes, card organization can be time-consuming. In fact, you might have been […]

how to win mancala in one move | Ring Run

10/09/2021 00:15 30

Mancala games are often won with the smallest margin. One extra stone in your mancala can make the difference to win or to lose. Opening Moves As the first player, you should start with the 3rd hole as opening move as your last stone will land now in the mancala. This not only scores you […]

how to play lord of the rings risk | Ring Run

10/09/2021 00:11 38

Setup Lay the gameboard out on the table. Set the Adventure cards face down near the game board. Make sure that the 2 Wild Cards are not in the Territory card deck. Sort the Territory cards into Good cards (grey shield), Neutral (no shield), and Evil (black shield). Shuffle each deck separately and keep them […]

how to play ticket to ride first journey | Ring Run

09/09/2021 22:34 26

Components 1 Game Board 80 Plastic Trains 72 Train Cards 32 Ticket Cards 4 Coast-to-Coast Bonus Ticket Cards 1 Golden Ticket Object of the Game The goal of the game is to be the first player to complete 6 Tickets. Setup Place the game board in the center of the table. Give each player 20 […]

The Complete Guide to MTGO Shortcuts | Ring Run

09/09/2021 22:25 23

Magic: the Gathering Online is one of the very best tools we have to help us improve. It lets us play games with real stakes at any time and in any place. It is also a very frustrating program with woefully insufficient documentation. With this in mind, I’m going to outline some of the tricks […]

how to remove paint from warhammer 40k models | Ring Run

09/09/2021 21:50 17

Firstly there are a couple of reasons for this post about how to strip paint off miniatures. One is because I consider myself to be a mature beginner. As a kid, I would strip mini’s using my mum’s nail polish remover. Only because it’s what I could get my hands on. Now I earn an […]

9 Forbidden Ways to Counter Graveyards | Ring Run

09/09/2021 21:28 24

Just kidding guys, most of these ways are already used to counter Graveyard! Hopefully you guys will find this helpful! Currently, I have been seeing lots of people complaining about the Graveyard. Graveyard is always ‘in the meta’ since released. It is one of the most popular cards used by almost any player (at least […]

Shuffling Dos & Don’ts | Ring Run

09/09/2021 21:23 23

One of the basic rules of Magic is that players are to start each game with a deck of cards in a random order. It’s stated in the Universal Tournament Rules (UTR 21) that players are to sufficiently randomize their cards and while doing so, the card faces can’t be seen. Whether the deck is […]

how to get into modern mtg | Ring Run

09/09/2021 20:23 23

Magic has mostly moved online since early 2020, but Magic players are eagerly awaiting the return of tabletop organized play and some of their favorite formats like Modern. A handful of people, including myself, have distanced themselves from some formats since competitive Magic’s focus shifted to Standard and Historic. Standard and Historic are some of […]

how to untap lands mtg arena | Ring Run

09/09/2021 20:00 17

Jumping into MTG Arena can be quite intimidating, as the game boasts a massive amount of mechanics, spells, archetypes, and strategies. Considered the most complicated game in the world by MIT, mastering every aspect of Magic: The Gathering takes years upon years of practice. Thankfully, MTG Arena serves as a great entry point for new […]

Shuffle | Ring Run

09/09/2021 19:47 27

Shuffle Japanese シャッフル Japanese (romanized) shaffuru English shuffle Other names French: mélanger German: mischen Italian: mischiare Portuguese: embaralhar Spanish: barajar Korean: 셔플 syeopeul Traditional Chinese: 洗牌 xǐpái / sai2 paai2 To shuffle (Japanese: シャッフル shaffuru) is to have sufficiently randomized a pile of cards, usually the Main Deck. A player cannot check or order the […]