The MTGA Dictionary: MTG Lingo – What does it even mean?

The MTGA Dictionary: MTG Lingo – What does it even mean?
Meren of clan Nel Toth Art
Meren of Clan Nel Toth, a Jund Native (Picture credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

Magic: The Gathering is a sport with lengthy traditions, tons of iterations, a lot of its gamers have been slinging cardboard dragons for many years. This makes it straightforward to casually throw unusual phrases right into a dialog, however a more recent participant may need no clue the place they arrive from, or what they even imply. What’s Jeskai? Time to search out out!

MTG has tons and tons of humorous phrases used to explain mechanics, card sorts, and even bizarre area of interest issues such because the phrase “Bear” describing any 2/2 Creature for two mana. Nevertheless, a few of these made-up names are used extra usually than others. Take for instance our latest breakdown of the Mythic Invitational decks – Gabriel Nassif’s Sultai Midrange and Seth Manfield’s Jund Sacrifice. What do these imply? Really, a quite simple factor – shade mixtures.

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MTG color wheel
The colour pie and a few of its key ideas (Picture credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

The 5 Colours

The 5 colours are the important thing construction of Magic and all of its worlds and it equally impacts gameplay and lore. These are nearly at all times organized in the identical manner: white-blue-black-red-green and abbreviated with the letters W, U, B, R, G. As you may in all probability discover, a five-color deck is typically known as “WUBRG” or “Uber” to make it simpler to pronounce.

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Every shade of Magic represents sure virtues, objectives, and key traits. Often, a few of these are shared amongst colours, and others are in direct battle. That’s why every shade has two “allies” (the 2 colours subsequent to it on the pie) and two “enemies” (the 2 opposing colours). For instance, white is allied with inexperienced and blue and is at struggle with purple and black. Now you already know why we use phrases like “an enemy fetch land” to explain a card equivalent to Verdant Catacombs.

Ravnica MTG
Good outdated Ravnica (Picture credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

The Shade Pairs – Guilds

Shade mixtures have at all times been a part of magic however it wasn’t earlier than the primary look of town of Ravnica till we acquired official names for them. Lengthy story quick, Ravnica has 10 guilds, every aligned with two colours of mana – some allied, and others, opposing. The names of the guilds are nonetheless used when speaking about shade pairs in all of Magic, not simply Ravnica. Right here’s the checklist:


  • Azorius – white & blue
  • Orzhov – white & black
  • Boros – white & purple
  • Selesnya – white & inexperienced
  • Dimir – blue & black
  • Izzet – blue & purple
  • Simic – blue & inexperienced
  • Rakdos – black & purple
  • Golgari – black & inexperienced
  • Gruul – purple & inexperienced
Abzan Infantry, MTG Art
Abzan Infantry from the airplane of Tarkri (Picture credit score: Wizards of the Coast)

They Come As Three – Shards And Wedges

Following Ravnica’s success, Wizards designed units that every one revolve round three-color teams. These included the Alara block with its Shards and the Tarkir block with its Clans, and just lately, even the Ikoria set with its Biomes. When three colours are subsequent to one another on the colour pie, they’re known as Shards. If considered one of them is opposing the opposite two, we name it a Wedge. Right here’s a listing of all of them:

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  • Bant – inexperienced, white, & blue
  • Esper – white, blue, & black
  • Grixis – blue, black, & purple
  • Jund – black, purple, & inexperienced
  • Naya – purple, inexperienced, & white


  • Abzan – inexperienced, white, & black
  • Jeskai – white, blue, & purple
  • Sultai – blue, black, & inexperienced
  • Mardu – white, black, & purple
  • Temur – blue, purple, & inexperienced

That’s quite a bit to take, so we’ll finish it right here for now. Magic is a big sport and comes with tons of lingo to explain its huge content material. Now that you’re armed with the data of the colour mixtures, you’ll know precisely what to anticipate from a deck by simply its identify. Now go and construct your self a cool Grixis deck! In spite of everything, that is Nicol Bolas’ favourite combo!

For extra MTGA information, evaluation and decks, keep tuned to EarlyGame!

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