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Lab Experiment

Lab Experiment is a luck-based disaster survival game, created by the Sharkbyte Studios development group which is led by Frinigus and TigerCaptain. Abrasounds helped create original music for the game.

In a typical round of Lab Experiment, each player spawns in on a detached piece of smooth terrain known as a plate, with the primary goal being to survive the plethora of random events as well as the rising lava beneath the chamber. As time goes on, players will gradually end up being eliminated until there is a sole survivor.

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The game is heavily inspired by Dylanbuider’s Plates of Fates: Mayhem, which is credited in its description.

Developer Interview

The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and TigerCaptain and Frinigus on Error: Page “User blog:RBLXDeveloperInterviews/TigerCaptain and Frinigus: Lab Experiment” does not exist., as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Lab Experiment?

  • TigerCaptain: It was a bit like a joke, and took only a month to make the majority of the game. I enjoyed every bit of it, as I could envision the final product of the game. It was heavily inspired by plates of fate, thus viewing the end result with our own twist on the game was easy.
  • Frinigus: It was more of a fun project than dungeon master and a much easier approach when it comes to gameplay/mechanics. We surprisingly finished the game in a month which is the quickest project we have ever done together that did well enough to get 5.4k players at one point.

What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?

  • TigerCaptain: Trying to make it XBox and mobile compatible. It is something I struggle with the most in every aspect, because the way UI is handled could be improved in terms of going through a stack menu. Additionally, making sure things didn’t break when people did unexpected things, or had network issues.
  • Frinigus: We had a tough time figuring out the game-play of a game that revolves around a laboratory. At first it was going to be just a random disaster game but we turned it into a survive on a plate type of game. We were heavily inspired by plates of fate by DylanBuilder since it’s such a classic game but it had a ton of flaws that made the game unplayable if an exploiter joined and just completely destroy the challenge on my end was figuring out every detail about the game and designing Ui that would fit on a phone. Now I have gotten use to doing Ui on all platforms but back then I was trying to understand how to design Ui.

What did you enjoy most while developing Lab Experiment?

  • TigerCaptain: Making the various silly disasters, of course. Nothing beats a good day’s work when you made a disaster that turns people into cats.
  • Frinigus: I love designing all the lore with the game itself. I’m the person that designs a story with a game and players have to figure out everything in the game to understand. So having players be a test subject and scientist controlling their own simulator in a arena was amusing to me.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

  • TigerCaptain: Make a game that you enjoy playing, it really inspires you to keep moving forward.
  • Frinigus: Make a brand of yourself, and also make a game that tells a story to the players.


Tutorial GUI - Lab

Lab Experiment – Normal Gamemode

A sample of a normal round in Lab Experiment. Rounds usually take an average of eight to twelve minutes.

You have a one-minute intermission before a round starts, allowing players time to buy accessories or upgrade their stats via the shop or laser booths.

To be in queue for the game, enter the giant doors under the giant green sign that says “PLAY”. You must have a minimum of four players for a round to start.

When a round starts, the game will choose a random gamemode. These gamemodes mostly involve changing the state of the plates or arena. One of the most iconic gamemodes is “Sudden Death”, where the plates are gigantic, allowing players to walk on top of each other’s plates. However, they are one to two minutes away before the lava reaches them.

As the round continues, random events take place with warnings above the user’s screen, along with a timer that shows how much time (which is usually between 4 – 5 seconds) before the event takes place. When the event does take place, a part will be highlighted in blue. What is highlighted will depend on the event, but it could be either a random player, a random plate, or the entire arena. These events can either be beneficial or lethal.

The goal of the game is to survive the longest. If you are the first, second, or third to survive the longest, the game will give you credits, which ultimately depends on the amount of events they survived in total.

If you have a power-up equipped, you can click the power-up icon or press R to activate your power-up. However, while the power-up isn’t a consumable (one-use), it does have a long cooldown. The power-ups give veteran players an edge over the arena.

Bottom Left Corner - Lab

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In addition, when playing rounds, you gain a currency called “Research”, identified as the green beaker icon. Research is used for power-up upgrades and leveling up your character. When you level up your character

On the contrary, there is also a currency called “Credits”, identified as the blue “c” icon. Credits are used to buy crates and upgrade your laser gun.

Boss Battles & Laser Guns

Players equipping their laser guns as they try to fight against one of the bosses.

Laser Upgrade GUI - Lab

In rare cases, a boss battle will occur, depending on the gamemode. During the boss battle, players will be equipped with a laser gun with their stats. The boss will inflict negative events on random players or plates, in conjunction with the game’s random events. The boss has a health bar, lowering by being shot by the players’ laser guns. When the boss dies, players will gain research based on the amount of hits inflicted on the boss.

The laser gun has three properties you can upgrade.

  • Damage – The amount of damage you deal to the boss for every shot.
  • Accuracy – How accurate the shot is.
  • Rate – How short the intervals are between each shot.

You can upgrade these properties with credits. However, the more you upgrade it, the more the game will increase it cost to upgrade the laser gun.

Crates & Accessories

Crates are random accessories you can obtain by spending credits. Crates will give you three random accessories and put them into your inventory. Accessories are used to customize your ingame avatar.

The accessories for the avatar includes hats, faces, trails, auras, and torso decals. It is worth noting that all hats and faces are taken directly from the Roblox Catalog, while the trails, auras and torso decals are unique to Lab Experiment.

Accessories come into three rarities: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Legendary is seen as the most valuable accessories. Players have the option of selling their accessories for credits using the trash feature.

The Common Crate costs 250 Credits (35 Robux), has a 75% chance of opening up a common accessory, 20% chance of opening up a rare accessory, and a 5% chance of opening up a legendary accessory. Common accessories are color coded as gray.

The Rare Crate costs 500 Credits (75 Robux), has a 55% chance of opening up a common accessory, a 30% chance of opening up a rare accessory, and a 15% chance of opening up a legendary accessory. Rare accessories are color coded as cyan.

The Legendary Crate costs 1000 Credits (125 Robux), has a 35% chance of opening up a common or rare accessory, and a 30% chance of opening up a legendary accessory. Legendary accessories are color coded as purple.


Name Image Pass Description Robux Color Pass

LE Color

Get specific body colors:

-White -Magenta – Sapphire – Ruby – Emerald – Amethyst

50 Hats x5

LE Hats

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Be able to wear 8 hats at once instead of 3!

Note: The name and image of this pass have not been updated.

200 VIP


This gamepass gives you:

– x2 Win Credits – Vip Tag – Gold Chat – Special Trophy Hat (Adding more stuff soon)

1,000 Radio Plate

LE Radio

Allows you to play music on your plate!

To use this in-game: click the plate button when the round starts > then go to the Music tab on top. You’ll be able to mute all music and put in an ID.

Music by players are muted by default until you turn mute off in-game.

250 Extra Powerup

LE Powerup

Allows you to equip 2 powerups in-game!

You must have upgraded the powerup in order to equip it, also click the square button next to the powerup to equip it.

You can only use 1 power-up until the cool-down ends.



There has been polarized reception towards the game due to largely being inspired from Plates of Fate: Mayhem, with some considering it a ‘ripoff’ because of the very similar concept.

On the other hand, many players believe it is better than Plates due to its continued support in terms of minor updates by the developers and overall amount of content in comparison.


On June 2, 2019, Frinigus announced a link to an upcoming sequel of Lab Experiment, with the name Space Experiment. It currently opens up briefly for testing during weekends (specific times are announced in the Sharkbyte Studios Discord server)

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  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Turkish


  • The theme “Only you can prevent forest fires” where every plate starts with a fire cube is a reference to Smokey the Bear’s slogan with the same sentence.
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