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Purchase illegal Black Market items and use golden Krakens to recruit new brawler minions!

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Black Market Brawlers is a temporary game mode that coincided with the lore event Burning Tides. It was released on July 30, 2015 and disabled on August 10. It was exclusive to Summoner’s Rift by Blind Draft.[1]


“In Bilgewater, anything can be bought

In the aftermath of the destruction of the Dead Pool, Gangplank’s spoils-filled warehouses have been plundered, and those who followed the dread pirate have forfeited their allegiance.”

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Earn and spend Krakens.png Krakens to enlist brawler minions and upgrade their abilities, offense, or defense. Once hired, they’ll replace regular minions and spawn in every wave of all three lanes for the rest of the game on Summoner’s Rift.

  • Notes: Morellonomicon Morellonomicon is disabled.
  • Destroying inhibitors now buffs your Brawler minions instead of summoning super minions.
  • The Brawlers and Black Market items appear as separate tabs in the store – i.e. Brawlers, Recommended, All Items and Black Market.


  • Unique currency used to hire mercenary “Brawler” minions. This is earned in addition to gold Gold gold.
    • Earn 1 Kraken every 60 seconds.
    • Earn 2 Krakens for champion kills.
    • Earn 1 Kraken for champion assists.
    • Each allied player earns 1 Kraken for epic monsters.
    • Earn 1 Kraken for large monsters in the enemy’s half of the jungle.


  • Brawlers cost 5 Krakens to purchase – you can only have one. They cannot be sold.
  • Once hired, Brawlers will accompany each minion wave that spawns on all three lanes.
  • You can improve your brawler in the store by purchasing a Mercenary Upgrades Mercenary Upgrades, Offense Upgrades Offense Upgrades or Defense Upgrades Defense Upgrades, which cost Krakens. Ability upgrades listed below. Each brawler can be upgraded a total of 9 times, with 3 improvements in each area, for a total of 90 Krakens. Stat modifications are relative to…
    • Level 1 costs 5 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +10 AD or +100 HP.
    • Level 2 Costs 10 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +20 AD (total 30) or +200 HP (total 300).
    • Level 3 Costs 20 Krakens — Ability upgrade, +30 AD (total 60) or +300 HP (total 600).

Black Market items

This mode has a special selection of items available in their separate Black Market tab.

Once the Burning Tides had ended, Dead Man's Plate Dead Man’s Plate has been enabled in all queues as a permanent memento of the event. Lost Chapter Lost Chapter was also reintroduced in patch V6.9.

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