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Frontier Magic | Ring Run

As a “range gamer” Timmy, I am an enormous fan of variant codecs, from Vanguard to Planar Magic to Archenemy. Whether or not they’re good for one hour of play or 100, variant codecs are—for a few of us, anyway—at all times price exploring. Thus, I used to be delighted to rediscover this little gem from The Duelist, the analog ancestor of the trendy

Though the examples within the article are previous, the Frontier Magic variant looks like it could be loads of enjoyable to strive with trendy Restricted decks, EDH decks, or anything you may need mendacity round. The part on adapting particular mechanics to this model of play is fairly antiquated, clearly—I doubt you may end up questioning how you can handle banding in Frontier Magic—nevertheless it obtained me interested by how you can apply newer mechanics. Zendikar’s landfall talents particularly appear to be an ideal match; simply deal with exploring a land as having it enter the battlefield beneath your management. And all these Eldrazi Spawn will assist ramp up your mana much more than standard ….

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Anyway, this specific variant helped me whereas away a day or three a few years in the past, and I hope it conjures up a few of you as effectively.

Take pleasure in!

Kelly Digges Each day MTG

On this Magic variant, gamers take the roles of dueling planeswalkers exploring a newly found continent. As a result of they do not know the lay of the land, they summon creatures to scout out the terrain earlier than they’ll faucet it for mana.

Gamers of Frontier Magic will discover they already know many of the guidelines; you may solid spells, faucet creatures, and attempt to scale back your opponent to 0 life identical to within the common Magic sport. However there are two large adjustments to the Magic sport you are accustomed to: Your creatures transfer round a board composed of land playing cards, and people land playing cards take the place of those in your deck.


To play Frontier Magic, pull all lands out of your deck and shuffle them collectively along with your opponent’s lands. (Trace: Write down what you have got so you’ll get the correct ones again when the match is over.) You may have a pile of 40-50 land playing cards. Lay them face down, left to proper, in columns of 5. Go away sufficient house between every card to be able to faucet it with out disturbing its neighbors. If you do not have sufficient playing cards for an entire row alongside the correct edge, simply set these “the rest” playing cards apart – they’re out of the sport.

Frontier Magic

You now have a grid of face-down land playing cards that characterize the territory you may be preventing over. You may begin at one of many large ends, and your opponent begins on the different. Shuffle your decks and put a 1/1 token creature of any coloration on prime of any face-down land card within the row closest to you. Then draw your opening hand out of your library, and also you’re able to play.

How the Recreation Works

Frontier Magic follows the same old Magic flip order: untap, maintenance, draw, essential, discard, and cleanup. When doubtful, the Magic guidelines you are accustomed to apply. However Frontier Magic requires you to consider shifting creatures, tapping land for mana, and attacking in new methods.

Transferring Across the Board

At any time throughout your essential section, you might transfer your creatures one card north, south, east, or west. You’ll be able to transfer as many or as few creatures as you want, however as soon as you have began shifting creatures, it’s a must to end all of your strikes earlier than you are able to do anything. You’ll be able to’t transfer some creatures, solid an artifact, then transfer some extra creatures, for instance. Your opponent can reply to any particular person transfer within the standard Magic trend.

Frontier Magic

There aren’t any diagonal strikes in Frontier Magic, and every creature can solely transfer as soon as a flip. Particular guidelines apply to creatures with flying, landwalk, and shadow; see the “Creature Skills” part beneath. And except a creature has banding (once more, see beneath), you possibly can by no means have a couple of creature occupying the identical land card.

Revealing Land Playing cards

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Begin the primary section of your first flip by flipping over the land card beneath the token creature. Each time a creature steps onto a card, flip that card over if it is nonetheless face down. Finally a lot of the board shall be revealed this fashion.

There’s one other technique to reveal a face-down land card. At any time throughout your essential section, you possibly can faucet a creature to flip over a card instantly north, south, east, or west of that creature – a capability all creatures have, referred to as “scouting.” This allows you to see extra of the board and is especially essential early within the sport. By shifting, then tapping to scout a land, every creature can reveal two playing cards per flip.

Getting Mana

In Frontier Magic, you do not have unfettered entry to your lands. To faucet a land for mana, you could meet three standards. The land card have to be face up, untapped, and both beneath a pleasant creature or adjoining to 1.

Frontier Magic

If the land card is beneath one in every of your creatures, merely faucet the land for mana – doing so does not have an effect on the creature. Should you want extra mana (and who does not?), you possibly can faucet a creature to faucet a further land instantly north, south, east, or west of that creature. This additionally occurs at mana-source velocity, and the land to be tapped have to be face up and never beneath one in every of your opponent’s creatures. In different phrases, you possibly can’t faucet the land out from beneath your opponent.

All the time faucet your lands clockwise. When it comes time to untap subsequent flip, you may want to have the ability to inform which lands you tapped and which of them your opponent tapped. And for the needs of card textual content, you management solely the lands your creatures are standing on.

Summoning Creatures and Casting Spells

Newly summoned creatures are performed in a row between you and the land playing cards. They’re thought-about to be in play, however cannot transfer, block, or use any capacity requiring them to faucet. Creatures that do not endure from summoning illness can transfer onto the row closest to you throughout the primary section once you transfer your different creatures. International enchantments and artifacts are additionally performed into that row between you and the land playing cards, and so they do not transfer in any respect.

Frontier Magic

Attacking and Defending

To assault one other creature, you have to be instantly north, south, east, or west of it. Not like common Magic, you are not restricted to 1 fight, and the defender does not get to decide on blockers. However simply as with shifting your creatures, as soon as you have began making your assaults, you possibly can’t do anything till you are executed. You declare an assault, resolve it, after which both declare one other assault or announce that you simply’re executed attacking. For the needs of card textual content, the creature you are attacking is taken into account to be a blocker, however there is not any declare-blockers step.

Terrain bonuses. Untapped creatures get a +1/+1 bonus if their coloration matches the colour of the encircling terrain. A Hurloon Minotaur, for instance, will get +1/+1 if it is standing on a mountain, and an extra +1/+1 for every seen, matching land north, south, east, or west of it so long as that land is not managed by one in every of your opponent’s creatures. So a lowly Shanodin Dryads turns into a 6/6 creature if it is standing on a forest and surrounded by vacant forests in all 4 instructions.

Frontier Magic

You’ll be able to assault a tapped creature in the event you’re adjoining to it, and it is typically a good suggestion, as a result of tapped creatures do not get terrain bonuses – they had been too busy doing one thing else to dig in for protection. However even in Frontier Magic, you possibly can’t assault with a tapped creature. Needless to say simply in like in common Magic, your attacking creatures get tapped.

Attacking your opponent. To assault your opponent along with your creatures, first transfer them to the row closest to your opponent. Then they will deal injury equal to their energy to your opponent. The transfer does not faucet them, however the assault does.

Creature Skills

To replicate the movement-oriented setting of Frontier Magic, some creature talents work in a different way than within the common Magic sport.

Flying. Flying not impacts who can block whom. As a substitute, flying creatures get a particular motion capacity. Fairly than making the same old transfer, flying creatures can transfer two playing cards north, south, east, or west. They fly over the intervening land card (and so they do not reveal it if it is face down), even when your opponent has a creature standing on that card.

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Frontier Magic

Landwalk and shadow. These two talents enable further strikes beneath sure circumstances. Landwalking creatures can transfer north, south, east, or west any variety of areas – with out altering course – so long as the intervening land playing cards are all the applicable sort. For instance, a Bathroom Wraith may transfer east to a swamp, proceed east to a different swamp, then transfer yet one more card east to an island, the place it must cease. Creatures with shadow perform equally, besides they depend on a row or column containing creatures (it does not matter whether or not they’re pleasant or enemy creatures) to maneuver a couple of house. Additionally they transfer in straight strains, however should cease on the primary unoccupied land card. A Soltari Lancer may transfer north to a land with a pleasant Samite Healer on it, proceed north to a land along with your opponent’s Hill Big, then come to a cease on a vacant plains yet one more house north.

Frontier Magic

Landhome. This one’s straightforward: Creatures with landhome should at all times stand on land playing cards of the suitable coloration.

Trample. Creatures with trample assign injury in keeping with the brand new trample guidelines. In the event that they deal deadly injury to the creature they’re attacking, any additional injury continues on to any creature on the subsequent land card past the defending creature. If the defending creature is standing on the row closest to your opponent, any injury that tramples by way of is dealt to your opponent.

Frontier Magic

Banding. In Frontier Magic, the banding capacity allows you to stack a couple of creature on a land card. They’re going to assault as one creature: Mix their energy and toughness. A stack of creatures can have a limiteless variety of creatures with banding, and one creature with out banding. The entire stack calculates its terrain bonus solely as soon as, nevertheless it will get the +1/+1 even when just one creature has the correct coloration for that land. Creatures which have “banding when attacking,” or banding beneath different situations, have it on a regular basis in Frontier Magic.

Regeneration. Regenerated creatures return to the sport within the row between you and the land playing cards. They will transfer again onto the board the flip after they’re regenerated.

Frontier Magic

Your token. No creatures means no mana, so in the event you lose all of your creatures, you get a brand new 1/1 token in your again row free of charge.

Different Typical Magic Results

More often than not, land destruction works identical to in common Magic: Merely put the cardboard in a particular “land graveyard.” If there is a creature on prime of the land, it stays on the “gap” within the continent, however you possibly can’t transfer a creature right into a gap within the map. Meaning in the event you transfer off a gap, you possibly can’t come again. Should you reply to your opponent’s transfer by destroying the land they’re shifting to, the transfer “fizzles” very like a spell and not using a authorized goal fizzles. The creature stays put, having wasted its transfer. If it’s a must to sacrifice lands, they have to be lands your creatures are standing on.

Playing cards That Simply Plain Do not Work

Not each card works in Frontier Magic. Particularly, avoid mass land-destruction (like Armageddon or Sunder), land playing cards that stand up and stroll round (like Stalking Stones), and artifacts that flip into creatures (like Chimeric Employees). All different Normal-legal playing cards ought to work, though you may must make common sense rulings on the fly generally. How playing cards adapt to Frontier Magic needs to be simple usually. This is not the Professional Tour; if a card is damaged, simply do not use it subsequent time.


Remember protection. You’ll be able to’t want your blockers into existence; they have to be in the correct place on the proper time. Keep watch over the terrain within the row closest to you. If there are a variety of islands there, do not let your opponent get a blue creature there, as a result of terrain-pumped assaults on you actually damage.

Take into account your deck. Should you go for a monocolor deck, at the least half the lands on the market shall be helpful. However keep aware of the mirror matchup – these video games can transfer in a short time.

Do not over-scout. Bear in mind, you are not simply revealing these land playing cards – you are revealing them to your opponent. Do not scout the middle of the continent till you are positive you, and never your opponent, shall be controlling it.

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