Strixhaven’s New Planeswalkers | Ring Run

Strixhaven’s New Planeswalkers | Ring Run

Strixhaven preview season hasn’t even formally begun, and we have already got two new planeswalkers to speak about! These playing cards provide some thrilling deckbuilding choices, in addition to new contexts for evaluating some highly effective format staples. Let’s bounce into it!

Kasmina, Enigma Sage

Kasmina was the primary walker revealed, and there are some fascinating locations you possibly can go along with her. First off, her static capacity makes us rethink different planeswalker playing cards, particularly those who weren’t designed to realize loyalty. For instance, the unusual planeswalkers from Battle of the Spark solely have minus talents, so you possibly can solely use their talents a finite variety of instances.

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Narset, Parter of Veils is among the stronger walkers from WAR, however you may solely get two makes use of out of her -2 capacity. Now she will be able to threaten that can assist you discover much more playing cards so you possibly can shut the door in your opponent. Narset’s -2 may even discover Kasmina herself, so this synergy might come up so much when you put each planeswalkers in the identical deck. We’ve already been seeing Yorion Bant Management decks pop up in Historic to fight Sacrifice decks, and Kasmina may change into a one- or two-of in these decks.

Kasmina additionally has some good synergy with Teferi, Grasp of Time in Commonplace. In contrast to the WAR planeswalkers, Teferi can achieve loyalty, albeit very slowly, and also you usually don’t get to make use of his -3 capacity greater than a couple of times in a sport. Gaining Kasmina’s +2 will permit him to make use of his -3 in your opponents’ turns extra recurrently, since you can be solely happening 1 loyalty on the interplay every time. That can also be assuming it’s important to use the -3 capacity and by no means have a flip cycle to permit for a double +2. Should you’re capable of management the board whereas activating the +2 capacity, Teferi may get into final vary, and also you’ll have much more decisions on the way you final him due to Kasmina.

Talking of ultimates, let’s take a look at another planeswalkers who will permit us to -8 rapidly. Going again to our Historic Battle of the Spark walkers, we have now Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner. Kiora is available in with 7 loyalty, so you possibly can instantly +2 her utilizing Kasmina’s capacity and threaten to solid any blue or inexperienced spell out of your deck. Any followers of Emergent Ultimatum on the market?

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Let’s say you final you Kiora, seize Emergent Ultimatum, and current the pile of Alrund’s Epiphany, Liliana, Dreadhorde Common, and Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider. In case your opponent provides you Vorinclex and Liliana, you’re instantly threatening a Liliana final, which can put them on just one land and no actual probability of successful. If they offer you Vorinclex and Epiphany, you possibly can then plus your Kasmina and threaten to seize one other Ultimatum. If they offer you Epiphany and Liliana, you get to plus your Liliana as much as 8, take one other flip, and seize one other Ultimatum. I feel you get the concept at this level.

It’s additionally price noting right here that Kasmina has a minus capacity to guard herself. This capacity works properly with Kiora as a method to set off her static capacity to attract a card. It additionally works nicely you probably have any additional copies of Narset in your hand. If it is advisable get some chump blockers down, you possibly can -1 Narset to make a 1/1 Fractal and play a second Narset out of your hand, with out letting any loyalty factors go to waste. Whereas this can be Kasmina’s weakest capacity, it is going to will let you get some free worth that you simply wouldn’t have in any other case.

Professor Onyx

Professor Onyx may discover a place in every kind of decks, however her most blatant house is in a extra controlling deck. She threatens to take over the sport when you can defend her for a couple of turns — form of like an Ob Nixilis on steroids. The truth that her +1 lets you select a card out of your high three is a large improve over Ob Nixilis, who simply provides you a random card.

Onyx’s +1 additionally opens the door for some potential graveyard synergies. Cling to Mud has confirmed to be a robust instrument to have in your arsenal; this capacity will fill your graveyard so you possibly can pay Cling’s escape value, and if Cling itself is among the playing cards you discover, you may have the choice of drawing it or placing it in your graveyard for later. One other escape card that might match on this shell is Glimpse of Freedom — a really clear card draw spell that the majority management decks will need. Since Onyx’s static capacity will drain your opponents each time you solid an instantaneous or sorcery, having playing cards you possibly can play on repeat go up in worth in these decks.

In the meantime, Onyx’s -3 will all the time reply probably the most highly effective menace on the board. Whereas the most important creature isn’t all the time the perfect card in Magic, forcing your opponent to sacrifice a menace can nonetheless go a good distance. Should you can inventory your deck with sufficient solutions to different problematic threats, you should use Onyx to wash up the stickiest ones. Playing cards like Dream Trawler or Toski will be almost unattainable for a blue-black deck to beat, however Onyx opens the door for it to change into a stronger deck in Commonplace.

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To be trustworthy, I’m not tremendous impressed by Onyx’s final capacity. It’s a win situation, for certain — and particularly helpful in management mirrors — nevertheless it’s not the factor that units this card aside. In my thoughts, Onyx’s actual “final” occurs whenever you actually get to go off along with her static capacity. You’ll be slowly draining your opponents’ life complete with each passing flip, permitting you to stabilize as you’re employed towards ending the sport. Planeswalkers excel in management decks by padding your life complete and producing card benefit, and Onyx does this in spades, pulling you additional forward with every flip she sticks round.

After all, Onyx’s static capacity isn’t simply helpful for management decks — it’s additionally a possible combo piece. Her static capacity works so much like prowess — you solid spells and, in concept, your opponent takes extra harm — nevertheless it additionally jogs my memory of storm. She rewards casting a variety of spells in a single flip; her static is mainly Tendrils of Agony. Should you’re trying to construct one of these deck, pairing Onyx with Thousand-12 months Storm in Historic will will let you win with only a few spells, as every copy you create with Storm will set off Onyx’s static capacity. It could value a variety of mana, however I’m certain we’ll see some gamers attempt to flip this a factor!


We’ve solely seen a handful of playing cards from Strixhaven, and the hype is basically setting in! These playing cards permit for lots of inventive potentialities, and I can’t wait to see what gamers provide you with.

What are some belongings you wish to do with these playing cards? Tweet at @masoneclark and @card_kingdom and tell us!

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