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Odyssey Kayn

Odyssey Kayn Odyssey Kayn is a character in the Odyssey skin universe, as well as the boss monster in Odyssey: Extraction game mode.

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Odyssey Kayn and his other 2 forms are also seen in Teamfight Tactics Teamfight Tactics as monsters during the Galaxy set.


Odyssey Kayn Odyssey Kayn is a soldier of the Demaxian Empire and an ex-pupil of Galaxy Slayer Zed Galaxy Slayer Zed. He picks up a strange weapon, which traps Dark Star Rhaast Dark Star Rhaast inside.

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Knowing the power of Ora Ora, Kayn now persuades his dream to manifest all Ora and becomes the emperor of the universe.

Game Modes

Odyssey Kayn Odyssey Kayn is the final boss of he Odyssey: Extraction mode. He has three different stages. Players must reduces his health bar to 0 to reach the next stage.

Whenever he is killed, Odyssey Kayn Odyssey Kayn will go to the center of the map, transform to one of his upgraded version (Kayn Ascended Kayn Ascended or Rhaast Unbound Rhaast Unbound). After that, he will travel to one of the three Ora Pillar ora pillars, create explosions to the rest of the map.

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