Phase 10 Twist Game Rules | Ring Run

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules | Ring Run
Phase 10 Twist Game Rules | Ring Run

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules


  • 112-Card Deck of Part 10 Playing cards
  • Twist Card Holder
  • Part 10 Twist Sport Board with Card Tray
  • 6 Pawns
  • Directions

Object of the Sport


  • Separate the reference playing cards from the remainder of the Part 10 deck and place them round so all can see them.

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  • Place the Twist Part Playing cards within the Twist Part Card Holder.

  • Unfold the sport board and place it inside straightforward attain of all gamers.

  • Set the Part 10 Twist Card Tray within the heart of the sport board

  • Shuffle the deck of Part 10 playing cards and deal 10 playing cards, face-down, to every participant.

  • Place the remainder of the deck face down in a single part of the Part 10 Card Tray to kind the Draw Pile. Flip the highest three playing cards over and place them face-up, one in every of the three different sections, to kind three Discard Piles.

  • Everybody chooses a coloured pawn and locations it on the “1/Begin” house on the sport board. Word that the pawns stack on one another, so multiple pawn might occupy a single house at any time throughout play.

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules

Sport Play

Maintain your playing cards so no one else can see them. Play begins with the participant to the left of the vendor and proceeds to the left. Throughout the first hand, all people should attempt to full Part 1.

In your flip, first draw a card both from the Draw Pile or from one of many three Discard Piles, and add it to your hand. If doable, do one of many following:

  • Lay down your Part (Every participant could make just one Part throughout every hand), -OR-

  • Upon getting laid down your Part, chances are you’ll “Hit” on any of the Phases which have been laid down, together with your personal.

On the finish of your flip you will need to discard one card onto any of the three discard piles, or, in the event you select, chances are you’ll play a Skip card out of your hand.

Should you draw the final card from one of many Discard Piles, you will need to discard again into the empty part of the cardboard tray.

The participant to the left now begins their flip.


Phase 10 Twist Game Rules

A Part is a mix of playing cards manufactured from units, runs, playing cards of 1 coloration, or a mix of any of these.

This course of is described in higher element within the “Laying Down a Part” part. These are the Ten Phases:


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    Set: A set is manufactured from two or extra playing cards with the identical quantity.

  • Run: A run is made of 4 or extra playing cards numbered so as.

  • One Coloration: The playing cards are the entire similar coloration.

  • Skip Playing cards: Skip playing cards trigger one other participant to lose a flip. If you discard on the finish of your flip, as a substitute of putting a card in one of many three Discard Piles, place the Skip card in entrance of the participant you select. They are going to lose their subsequent flip.

    • If you draw a Skip card, chances are you’ll discard it instantly or put it aside for a later flip.

    • A Skip card might by no means be utilized in making a Part.

    • Just one Skip card could also be used in opposition to every participant per spherical (round is as soon as across the desk).

    • If any of the discard piles are began with a Skip card, cowl it with a brand new card from the draw pile.

  • Wild Playing cards: A Wild card could also be used rather than any quantity card, or could also be used as any coloration, with the intention to full a Part.

    • You could use any variety of Wild playing cards, however you will need to use at the very least one (1) pure card while you lay down a Part.

    • As soon as a Wild card has been performed in a Part, it can’t be changed by the supposed card and used elsewhere, however should stay as that card till the hand is over.

    • If the discard pile is began with a Wild card, it might be picked up in play like another card.

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules

Laying Down a Part

If, throughout your flip, you are capable of make a Part with the playing cards in your hand, lay down the Part face-up on the desk earlier than discarding.

You could not lay down components of a Part until you may have the entire Part. You could lay down greater than the minimal necessities of a Part, however provided that the extra playing cards might be instantly added to the playing cards already within the Part.

Just one Part might be made per hand. It’s essential to make the Part designated by the house you occupy on the sport board, regardless in the event you maintain the makings of a unique Part.

A Part is taken into account full as quickly as you lay it down. You don’t want to win the hand with the intention to obtain credit score for the Part. Typically, a number of completely different gamers will full a Part throughout the identical hand.


  • Hitting is the way in which to do away with leftover playing cards after laying down a Part.

  • You “hit” by placing a card instantly on a Part that is already laid down.

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    The cardboard should correctly match with the playing cards already down.

Going out / Ending a Hand

After laying down a Part, gamers attempt to “Go Out” as quickly as doable. To Go Out, you will need to do away with your entire playing cards, by discarding or hitting.

As quickly as any participant Goes Out, the hand is completed and pawns are moved.

Pawn Motion

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules

Everybody strikes their very own pawn after every hand:

  • Transfer 3 areas in the event you “Go Out”.
  • Transfer 2 areas in the event you accomplished your Part, however didn’t do away with your entire playing cards.
  • Transfer 1 house even in the event you didn’t full your Part (besides while you’re on the Part 10 house).

Sport Board Areas

Should you land on a numbered house, the quantity designates the Part you will need to lay down. Instance: Should you land on an area marked with a “3, “you’ll attempt to full Part 3, Should you land on an area marked with a “7, “you’ll attempt to full Part 7.

Phase 10 Twist Game Rules

Should you land on the PHASE 10 Area…

The tenth Part house on the sport board is coloured RED and is completely different than different recreation board areas: you don’t transfer 1 house whereas on it… you will need to lay down your Part, with the intention to transfer previous the Part 10 house. You could skip over the tenth Part house by incomes a 2 or 3-space transfer from one of many two previous areas.

Should you land on a TWIST Area.

After the following hand has been dealt and you’ve got reviewed your playing cards, chances are you’ll:

  • Select to finish one of many two Phases which are on both facet of your Twist house on the board-or-

  • Draw a Twist Part card from the Twist card holder

Should you draw a Twist Card, you will need to make the Part it designates, which will likely be one of many following:

There’s a threat and potential reward to taking a Twist Part card:

  • The Threat – in the event you do not full (lay down) the designated Twist Part earlier than the hand is completed, you may have to maneuver backward 1 house.

  • The Reward – you get to double the standard strikes: Full your Twist section and transfer 4 areas as a substitute of two. Go Out in your Twist Part and transfer 6 areas as a substitute 3.

You do not have to disclose what Twist Part you are attempting to finish till after you lay it down. There aren’t any further strikes awarded for choosing both of the Phases which are on both facet of the Twist house; you merely advance from the Twist house as famous within the Pawn Motion part.

Finish of the Sport

Proceed Studying

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