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NameVoid ShotSkill IdVoidShotIconVoid Shot skill ringrun.comCast Time1sItem ClassRestrictionsBowsLevel Req.70Attack Speed100%Effectiveness of Added Damage120%Damage Multiplier120%Fires an arrow which decelerates to the target location, the arrow will then become unstable and explode dealing weapon damage in an area, converting half of the physical damage to cold 120% of Base Attack DamageConsume a Void Charge to Trigger this Skill when you fire Arrows with a Non-Triggered Skill50% of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage100% more Area DamageYou cannot use this Attack directly

Void Shot is a skill granted by the unique VoidfletcherVoidfletcherPenetrating Arrow QuiverRequires Level 64Arrows Pierce an additional TargetConsumes a Void Charge to Trigger Level 20 Void Shot when you fire Arrows with a Non-Triggered SkillAdds (30-40) to (80-100) Cold Damage to Attacks+(80-120) to maximum Energy Shield+(20-30)% to Cold Resistance+(20-40) Mana gained on Kill30% increased Projectile Speed5 Maximum Void ChargesGain a Void Charge every 0.5 secondsEven emptiness may be harnessed..

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When triggered by using BarrageBarrageAttack, Projectile, BowLevel: (1-20)Cost: (7-11) ManaAttack Damage: (47-54)% of baseEffectiveness of Added Damage: (47-55)%Requires Level 12After a short preparation time, you attack repeatedly with a ranged weapon. These attacks have a small randomised spread. Only works with Bows and 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3Divergent4Phantasmal0.5% increased Projectile Damage1% chance to Knock Enemies Back on hit0.5% increased Attack SpeedInflict non-Damaging Ailments as though dealing 5% more DamageDeals (47-55)% of Base Attack DamageFires 4 additional ProjectilesFires Projectiles sequentiallyPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.Barrage skill, it will consume all Void Charges (it is called Void Arrows in the UI) at once.

Modifiers that add additional arrows (like Deadeyes “Endless Munitions” or ArborixArborixAssassin BowBowQuality: +20%Physical Damage: (150-174) to (394.8-424.8)Critical Strike Chance: 6.70%Attacks per Second: 1.25Weapon Range: 120Requires Level 62, 212 Dex+(15-25)% to Global Critical Strike MultiplierGrants Level 30 Dash SkillAdds (95-115) to (240-265) Physical DamageBow Attacks fire 2 additional Arrows if you haven’t Cast Dash recently(20-30)% increased Attack Speed if you haven’t Cast Dash recently(100-160)% increased Evasion Rating if you’ve Cast Dash recently(20-30)% increased Movement Speed if you’ve Cast Dash recentlyTravel Skills other than Dash are DisabledIron ReflexesThrough droughts, fires, floods and frost,the ancient giants stand resolute,while deep in the rich, dark earth,their grasp stretches ever farther.) will also affect the amount of arrows fired per Void Shot.

Version history

Version Changes 3.11.0

  • Fixed a bug which caused the skill tooltip of the Void Shot skill to change.

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  • Updated the descriptions on the Voidfletcher unique quiver and SpellslingerSpellslingerSpellLevel: (1-20)Cast Time: InstantRequires Level 24Reserves mana based on the supported spells to cause those spells to trigger when you fire projectiles from a wand 1% Quality:1Superior2Anomalous3DivergentSupported Skills deal 1% increased Spell DamageSupported Skills have 1% chance to Freeze, Shock and IgniteSupported Skills have 2% reduced Cooldown Recovery RateThis Skill’s Mana Reservation is the total of the Mana Reservations of Supported Skills, and cannot be further modifiedTrigger Supported Spells when you fire Projectiles from a Non-Triggered Wand AttackSupported Skills have Added Spell Damage equal to (50-100)% of Damage of Equipped WandIf two Wands are Equipped, each contributes half as much Added DamageSupported Skills have (0-38)% increased Cooldown Recovery RatePlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.Spellslinger skill gem to clarify that their skills can only be triggered by non-triggered skills.
  • (Not in patch note) The skill description has not been changed as a bug.[1]


  • Void Shot now travels and explodes 50% faster and deals 100% more Area Damage (up from 50%) and has an added damage effectiveness of 120% (up from 100%).


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  • Introduced to the game.


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