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A Quinx (クインクス, kuinkusu) is a human or half-human with a restrained kakuhou installed in their body. Since Quinx are able to produce a kagune, they can potentially be mistaken for ghouls and one-eyed ghouls.

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Quinx are similar to one-eyed ghouls in that they only develop one kakugan, in contrast to normal ghouls who develop kakugan in both eyes. When activating the kakugan, the Quinx have a grey sclera in the affected eye instead of black like normal and one-eyed ghouls. Quinx only digest human food and they do not crave human flesh like half-ghouls and normal ghouls do. Even so, devouring human flesh still triggers responses from their Rc cells, increasing the overall abilities of a Quinx.

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Quinx are shown to possess increased physical traits similar to those of ghouls, such as enhanced strength and agility, though this appears to vary greatly from individual to individual. A heightened sense (i.e, smell, hearing, sight) is typical, and healing abilities on par with those of a ghoul are possible side effects of the surgery. Dr. Shiba claims that the more half-ghouls and Quinx get hurt, the more their bodies are filled with Rc cells and thus their basic abilities will increase.[1]

The Quinx surgery was created after Ken Kaneki was examined by the CCG after his capture.

Quinque Frames

The kakuhou that is installed into the body of the Quinx are modified through a process similar to the method used to create quinques, believed to make them safer and seemingly allows the kakuhou to adapt to the new host. This method involves coating the kakuhou in quinque steel, and then implanting it with a special system of “frames” to regulate function and acts as a system of control. There are a total of five frames, with each subsequent frame increasing or decreasing the potential output of the kakuhou by 20%. This process limits the potential strength of their kagune and restricts its form as compared to the highly-adaptable kagune used by normal ghouls. As in the CCG, Quinx may petition their superiors to undergo the frame release surgery.

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The kakuhou of all members of the Quinx Squad are initially set to F2, the second frame, giving them 40% of a ghoul’s potential power. Currently, only Urie had undergone Frame release surgery to proceed into the continuing frames after gaining approval from Director Yoshitoki Washuu. The second batch of the Quinx Squad appear to have the ability to shift between the F2, F3, and F4 frames for set times when demanded.[2]

Although the frames are essential to regulate the flow of Rc cells in a Quinx’s body, they are not entirely fail-proof. In cases of extreme physical stress, the five frames coating the kakuhou can break, releasing a high concentration of Rc cells on the subject’s bloodstream and fully releasing their kagune. This occurrence is known among the CCG as “framing out.” In the event a Quinx’s frames were to break, they are to be considered S-rated ghouls and ought to be subject to immediate extermination.

Only two individuals were known to have their frames broken: Former Squad Leader of the first generation of the Qs Ginshi Shirazu, and current Squad Leader for the second Quinx Squad Kuki Urie.

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First Batch

  • Kuki Urie
  • Saiko Yonebayashi
  • Tooru Mutsuki
  • Ginshi Shirazu †

Second Batch

  • Shinsanpei Aura
  • Touma Higemaru
  • Ching-Li Hsiao

Third Batch

  • Suzu Sanzu
  • Ryuusen Tatsumichi

Kanou’s Surgery

  • Okahira
  • Numerous unnamed Quinx


  • According to Dr. Shiba, the starting point for the Quinx, in terms of kakuhou regulation, allow for 40% of the kakuhou’s potential output. Their frames start at F2 (frame 2), but there are experimental operations available to have it opened up more, though it is considered risky.[3]
  • Dr. Shiba theorizes the Quinx are able to eat human food as long as their Rc levels remain below 1000, the minimal level for a normal ghoul. It is unknown what would happen should they exceed this threshold.[4]
  • According to Urie, Rank 3 Investigators who rampage with their kagune will be exterminated.[4]
  • The process of coating the kakuhou in quinque steel may be to prevent the implant from converting the implanted individual into a one-eyed ghoul by restricting contact with native tissues.
  • According to Urie, the reason Quinx are expected to become as strong as Arima is so they can stop Haise Sasaki if he one day loses control of himself. It is also mentioned by Urie that if the rare chance of one of the Quinx members becoming “framed out” takes place, they will be treated as an S-rated ghoul and will be exterminated.[5]
  • In the anime, the Quinx appear to have black sclera instead of the grey shown and described in the manga.


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