Goodbye, Planeswalker Redirection Rule!

Goodbye, Planeswalker Redirection Rule!
Goodbye, Planeswalker Redirection Rule!

Yesterday, Magic’s Head Designer Mark Rosewater indicated that the Planeswalker redirection rule is probably going going to be faraway from the sport when Dominaria releases in April.

The Planeswalker redirection rule was carried out in Lorwyn with the introduction of the primary Planeswalker playing cards. The rule states that you simply can not straight goal a Planeswalker with harm dealing spells—as a substitute, you could goal a participant after which redirect the harm from that participant to a Planeswalker they management. Wizards has acknowledged that this rule may be very unintuitive, seeing as you may assault Planeswalkers and goal them with spells like Hero’s Downfall, and has been exploring methods to vary it.

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This alteration first got here to gentle when viewers observed Ixalan playing cards with barely totally different wording through the MTG Area reveal stream final September. Lightning Strike, for instance, at the moment says that it “offers 3 harm to focus on creature or participant,” however in MTG Area the cardboard mentioned that it “offers 3 harm to any goal.” Aaron Forsythe, Senior Design Director at Wizards of the Coast, confirmed that this new wording was intentional and that Wizards was planning on eradicating the Planeswalker redirection rule, permitting gamers to focus on Planeswalkers with harm identical to like they do gamers and creatures.

Eradicating the Planeswalker redirection rule could have a dramatic impression on many current playing cards. Lightning Bolt and its cousins will merely exchange “goal creature or participant” with “any goal.” However the largest questions are round playing cards that at the moment deal harm to “goal participant” or “every opponent.” The harm from these playing cards, like Blightning or Chandra, Torch of Defiance, can at the moment be redirected to Planeswalkers. Will these playing cards nonetheless have the ability to deal harm to Planeswalkers after the rule change? Or will gamers have to seek out new instruments to take away opposing ‘walkers?

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Sadly, we received’t know till the official guidelines replace is revealed, which, in keeping with Mark Rosewater, is more likely to include the discharge of Dominaria this April.

UPDATE: The massive leak of Dominaria’s Launch Notes confirms that the Planeswalker redirections rule will likely be faraway from the sport when Dominaria releases. We additionally know precisely how these adjustments will likely be worded.


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Learn Mark Rosewater’s submit right here.

You will discover Aaron Forsythe’s affirmation right here.

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