Muffin Kombat is a FPS recreation created by POOPENGUIN on March 29, 2015. The sport is a wave type recreation, the purpose of the sport is to guard the flag in Residence Base from the waves of Muffin Males, and accumulating Muffin Bucks from doing so. The sport has round 6 million place visits, and is presently open sourced.


The participant begins out in Residence Base and has a FG42, the participant waits for a wave to begin then goes to the battlefield. When a wave begins, Muffin Males come in the direction of Residence Base to be able to destroy the flag, which the participant should cease them to be able to win a spherical. Muffin Bucks are the foreign money within the recreation, they’re rewarded from killing Muffin Males, successful rounds and doing different issues in-game. Muffin Bucks can be utilized to purchase weapons and entry issues.

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In Residence Base there are outlets so that you can purchase gadgets at, and a trash can so that you can promote to your gadgets at for Muffin Bucks. There are additionally two modes, multiplayer and single participant. Your beginning merchandise is an FG42, which is an automated rifle that’s used to defend the Residence Base from the Muffins, There are lots of forms of Muffin Males, here’s a record to call a couple of.

  • Muffin Man
  • Fats Muffin Man
  • Soldier Muffin
  • Jetpack Muffin
  • Exploding Muffin
  • Tiny Muffin
  • Spartan Muffin
  • Illuminati (Spawns at Wave 50)

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Every wave will get more and more extra completely different as you win rounds, for instance, the Jetpack Muffin flies and has a gun.

If the waves get too troublesome, the participant can rent Troopers from the Tent for 25 MuffinBucks a bit, and they’re going to help the participant in killing muffins.

If the participant beats The Final Wave (Wave 50), the sport is reset to Wave 1, and a message field that claims “YOU WON, KIDS” is displayed on display screen, and everybody on the server is awarded with a RANDOM BOX.


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The sport is damaged as a result of Roblox updates. Just a few damaged issues are listed right here: some gamers cannot equip their gun. Generally when the participant equips their gun they are going to be caught within the air holding their gun. One other drawback is the Muffins. When a participant “kills” a Muffin, the consumer sees the Muffin as lifeless, however the server doesn’t. Thus, Muffins can nonetheless be strolling though they’re “lifeless’ to the consumer. General, the sport isn’t 100% damaged as a result of generally the issues don’t all the time occur in-game, like generally the participant doesn’t get caught within the air with their gun.

Because of the issues, POOPENGUIN closed the sport down, leaving simply an evidence of what occurred. POOPENGUIN states that the sport can be retired, as a result of fixing it will require constructing it from the bottom up, and he’s already preoccupied with a unique recreation. After two years, he determined that it would not be helpful to simply depart them uncared for for thus lengthy, so he made it open supply in order that anybody may remake it in the event that they wished to.

Cheat Codes

There’s a system of cheat codes within the Information to Muffin Killing e book. This was made as a result of POOPENGUIN observed how one may kind into the header of the e book, so he made cheat instructions that might set off by typing a selected phrase. This code may be present in Startergui->book->Body->Window->Page1->Cheats.

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  • PENGUINSAREAWESOME (Returns with YES THEY ARE and provides 5,000 MUFFINBUCKS to the participant.)
  • 360 (Returns with SPARTANS and spawns the final wave)
  • ILLUMINATI (Returns with CONFIRMED and summons a mini illuminati)
  • SEALTEAM6 (Returns with DEPLOY and spawns troopers)
  • SNIPER (Returns with HEADSHOT and spawns a muffin sniper)
  • GRAVITY (Returns with BEGONE and lowers gravity)
  • SEIZURE (Returns with AAAAHHHHHHHH and shakes the digicam round)
  • JETPACK (Returns with FLYY and spawns a Jetpack Muffin)
  • AMMO (Returns with FOREVER and provides 999999 ammo)
  • NO SKILLS (Returns with ALL THE KILLS and kills all muffins on the sector)
  • IWANTTOGOTOTHELAB (Returns with LEL and offers entry to the Laser Weapons Store.)
  • GIMMEABOX (Returns with HERE YOU GO and grants the participant a Random Field)
  • INVISIBRU (Returns with NONAME and removes nametag)
  • FAT TANK (Returns with BOOOOM and provides a Muffin Tank)
  • GET NOSCOPED (Returns with OOHH BABY A TRIPLE and provides the participant an MLG rifle, which one-shots the whole lot)
  • GET QUIETLY NOSCOPED (Returns with QUIETLY and provides the participant a quiet MLG rifle)

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