Voltron showrunners explain more about the big Shiro moment | Ring Run

Voltron showrunners explain more about the big Shiro moment | Ring Run
Voltron showrunners explain more about the big Shiro moment | Ring Run

Just lately, Voltron: Legendary Defender government producers Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery sat down with io9 to unpack among the main revelations from the present’s sixth season and focus on the place the paladins of Voltron are headed now. The seven-episode season that launched new plot strains and neatly tied up others, however even devoted followers had been a little bit mystified by one main reveal — even when hypothesis had pinned it down months prematurely.

[Warning: Major spoilers for season six of Voltron: Legendary Defender ahead.]

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One subplot, seasons within the making, lastly got here to a head in season six. After disappearing from the Black Lion throughout a combat with Zarkon on the conclusion of the second season, Shiro returns after being presumably held captive by the Galra following the combat.

Since his return, he’s been performing surprisingly, most noticeably when he referred to as out to Lance inside Voltron’s religious realm (much like what we see of the Black Lion’s consciousness) after which confirmed no reminiscence of it after when Lance questioned him.

Shiro and Lance in Voltron’s religious realm.

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Season six answered the questions and confirmed a significant fan idea that has been floating round since Shiro’s return. The Shiro that’s been round since season three isn’t the true Shiro. Slightly, he’s a clone that was allowed to flee with the aim of infiltrating Crew Voltron and ultimately falling beneath complete management of Haggar, the witch beforehand beneath the command of the now-deceased Emperor Zarkon. Much more stunning, nevertheless, was the truth that the true Shiro — our lovable, chivalrous, house dad and the Black Paladin of Voltron — bodily died throughout the battle with Zarkon. His spirit has been trapped within the Black Lion’s consciousness since. Fortunately, Shiro was introduced again into the bodily world on the finish of season six as Allura transferred his consciousness again into the clone’s physique.

Except for the confusion of clone Shiro (who followers known as “Kuron” whereas crafting theories) and actual Shiro, questions nonetheless remained: was the clone actively conspiring in opposition to Voltron for 4 seasons? Why did the Black Lion settle for it as its pilot, nevertheless briefly?

Dos Santos and Montgomery cleared up this confusion. “I feel what’s fascinating concerning the Clone Shiro that we introduce is that he does have parts of a really real Shiro and he feels trapped by no matter darkness is surrounding him,” Dos Santos stated. “Once you see him within the earlier sequence with Lance, that’s from a really genuinely confused place.”

Montgomery additional clarifies that Clone Shiro by no means thought-about himself to be a replica and wasn’t conscious in any respect of his clone standing. “He wasn’t strolling round with any concepts behind his head — he has no concept and he’s simply residing his life proper up till the takeover occurs.”

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In brief, Clone Shiro is simply as real and motivated as the true Shiro and has no consciousness of the truth that he’s, effectively … a clone. This explains why not one of the paladins appeared to have any concept that Shiro had been changed — except for performing precisely like the true Shiro would, he genuinely believed that he was Shiro and was wholly devoted to Voltron’s mission. Dos Santos raises an fascinating level highlighting this: in season six’s one “filler” Dungeons & Dragons-esque episode, clone Shiro showcases the identical goofy, simple nature we’ve come to anticipate from Shiro by selecting to play as a paladin again and again even if he already is one in actual life.

This explains why the Black Lion accepted clone Shiro as its pilot — whereas the Lion was in a position to sense that the clone wasn’t really Shiro, it was in a position to sense his pure intentions that aligned with the unique Shiro’s. With out different choices for a pilot, the Black Lion accepted the clone. Montgomery elaborates, “Had Keith been there when the Black Lion wanted a pilot, the Black Lion nearly actually would have chosen him, however as a result of the workforce wanted a Black Paladin, the Lion was in a position to make the choice to simply accept the clone as a result of, effectively, he was out there.”

Within the interview, Dos Santos and Montgomery additionally mentioned Pidge’s reveal within the first season — that she was a lady and never a boy — and unpacked Lotor’s villainous reveal that concerned the largest twist of the sixth season. Learn the total interview for his or her solutions.

Regardless of the brand new, condensed season construction (seasons three via six have been six- or seven-episode seasons as opposed 13 like seasons one and two), the showrunners have been in a position to deftly steadiness a wide range of storylines and subplots. And with the true Shiro again — even when he’s inhabiting the clone’s physique — one factor is evident: Crew Voltron is lastly all collectively as soon as once more.

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