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Tele Block Tele Released 14 March 2005 (Update) Members No Level Magic 85 Spellbook Standard Type Combat Experience 95 (successful) 83.6 (failure)”(successful)83.6(failure)” can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 95. Damage No Runes 1Chaos 1Death 1Law Casting speed 5 ticks Description Stops your taget from teleporting Animation Tele Sound Effect

Tele Block is a spell that requires a Magic level of 85 and can only be cast on another player in the Wilderness. If the attempt is successful, it will prevent the targeted player from using any form of teleport for 5 minutes, with the exception of the Mage of Zamorak. If the target had Protect from Magic on when the successful cast was made, the timer is halved to 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

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The effects of the teleblock are lifted when the affected player logs out, leaves the Wilderness by any means (jumping over the wilderness ditch, dying, etc.) or when the teleblock timer expires. In addition, it is lifted if players kill the opponent that cast the spell on them, though this does not give a temporary immunity to another Tele Block. It is also lifted when players enter a safe area on PvP worlds.

An affected player cannot enter Corporeal Beast’s cave or use any teleport levers (to Edgeville, Mage Arena bank or King Black Dragon Lair) until the Tele Block wears out. Tele Block cannot be used on the same target again if they have been teleblocked until it wears off.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell costInputCost1Law ringrun.com1Chaos ringrun.com1Death ringrun.com428

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes 5 December 2019(update)

An issue in which Tele Block had started to erroneously block player-owned house portals and similar teleports has now been fixed.

17 October 2019(update)

The Teleblock spell no longer gives options for casting it on NPCs.

27 June 2019(update | poll)

Killing an opponent that casted the spell on the player removes the Tele Block effect, though they will not be temporarily immune to another Tele Block should they successfully removes their Tele Block this way.

13 June 2019(update)

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There are now additional messages displayed when Tele Blocked to notify players when 30 seconds remain, and when the Tele Block has expired.

6 June 2019(update)

Tele Block can now be cast in free-to-play worlds.

23 August 2018(update)

The effects of Tele Block now expire upon logging out.

2 March 2017(update | poll)

  • When under the effect of a Tele Block, players will now be told how long it’ll be before they can teleport when you attempt to teleport.
  • Failing a Tele Block will now give 84 experience, while a successful cast now gives 95. Previously, the experience given was 80 regardless.
  • Tele Block are now cleared when players enter a safe area on PvP worlds.

25 February 2016(update | poll)

The Tele Block spell now has different animations to reflect whether or not the spell will hit successfully.

30 April 2015(update | poll)

A coloured notification now appears in the chatbox when you get teleblocked.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tele Block is the highest level spell available to free-to-play players.

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