Warhammer 40K: Here’s What We Want In A Tyranid Codex

Warhammer 40K: Here’s What We Want In A Tyranid Codex
Warhammer 40K: Here’s What We Want In A Tyranid Codex

There’s a Xenos codex coming in December. If it’s Tyranids, we now have just a few requests.

So final month we realized that an Imperial and Xenos codex had been coming in the direction of the tip of the 12 months. We made some predictions about what we expect the books could possibly be. They could be proper or improper but when we’re proper, then the Tyranids are getting a brand new e-book. If that’s the case, we now have just a few concepts.

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A Plastic Lord of Conflict

We’re going to maintain chanting this till we get one. We’d like a brand new plastic Lord of Conflict Package for the Tyranids. There are lots of choices. GW can take their choose or create a completely new one – it’s their IP they’ll do what they need. No matter they do, simply PLEASE give us a brand new Lord of Conflict in plastic.

New (Or Previous) Distinctive “Characters”

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Convey again the Doom of Malantai or at the very least some extra distinctive “characters” for the Tyranids. I’m not asking for the return of the busted guidelines – simply the character (however actually, the sport is so lethal I don’t even suppose the Previous Doom would do a lot earlier than it’s lifeless within the water). Everyone knows that the Hive Thoughts is simply that and it’s nearly inconceivable for there to be “characters” or people throughout the Tyranid Swarm – however we do have examples just like the Swarmlord, Previous One Eye, and the Pink Terror so it’s not fully exceptional.

The purpose is the Hive Thoughts might whip-up some extra characters for various species of Tyranids so as to add some literal character to the horde. If nothing else, it could give them the choice to make some cool new kits for these characters, too.

New ‘Guants

It could possibly be new Termagants or new Hormagaunts – no matter you need. Simply replace them in some way. It could possibly be a brand new combo package, it could possibly be a redesign. It might simply be a rework of their guidelines to make them deadlier. Termagants used to have extra weapon choices. Why not deliver just a few of these again to make them a extra fascinating unit? And Hormagaunts might use one thing to make them capable of get into fight. I miss the outdated “Fleet of…” guidelines. They want some strategy to reliably get into fight to clog up these pesky weapons.

Repair Their Sturdiness

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I’m throwing down the design gauntlet on this one. It’s a BIG ask and it’s going to be extraordinarily robust to get proper – however the problem is there. Make the Tyranids survivable within the re-creation. Look, ninth version is probably probably the most deadly version of Warhammer ever. The Tyranids are in a bizarre spot when it comes to sturdiness. They don’t have the toughness of automobiles, they don’t have the injuries to outlive anti-tank weapons, they don’t have the Invulnerable Saves to guard them, and you may’t put sufficient our bodies on the tabletop because of factors (and the quantity of firepower coming their method today). Tips on how to you “repair” that with out simply ripping off different military’s schtick?

Do you make them cheaper in factors? Give the monsters extra wounds? Make Shadow of the Warp/Synapse present an ignore wounds mechanic (once more)? Or do you mess with enemy concentrating on with modifiers to hit or wound? I don’t know. There’s in all probability another choices I’m not itemizing – however they have to be scary and proper now they only aren’t.

Psychic Black Holes

The Shadow within the Warp is a factor. It’s the Hive Thoughts’s potential to basically lower off psykers from the warp by overloading their minds and powers with the fixed two-way psychic communication of the Tyranids. It must do extra on the tabletop. Possibly it devours psychic powers or nullifies them inside a spread. Possibly Tyranids get a “Save” vs Psychic powers. Possibly it shuts off auras of characters. I don’t know what it does but it surely must mess with psykers a LOT greater than it does now.

Right here’s hoping that if we do get a brand new Tyranid e-book is makes them an opponent that may shake issues up and never simply be a punching bag for ninth version.

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