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Vehicle Artifact Type (Subtype for artifact cards)Rules Crew XStorm Scale 2[1]Statistics as of Modern Horizons 2Scryfall Search type:”Vehicle”

Vehicle is an artifact type introduced in Kaladesh.[2][3][4] It was also used in Aether Revolt[5][6] and quickly returned in Ixalan block[7] and Dominaria.[8] Afterwards, they became deciduous.

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Vehicle cards have a special bronze and grey blocked card frame[9] and a power/toughness printed in a bronze-colored box. However, vehicles don’t have power or toughness unless they become creatures.

Most artifacts with this subtype have the crew keyword, which allows them to temporarily become artifact creatures. Creatures with the Pilot type have an ability that somehow pertains to crewing Vehicles.

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If the effect of turning your Vehicle into an artifact creature doesn’t specify its power and toughness, the printed power and toughness on the Vehicle is used. Other effects may turn a Vehicle into an artifact creature but specify its power and toughness. In that case, use the specified power and toughness. They’ll overwrite whatever’s printed on the Vehicle. There’s no connection between the Vehicle and the creatures that crew it once the crew ability is activated. Blowing up the Vehicle won’t affect the crew and vice versa.

Vehicle is an artifact type, not a creature type. A Vehicle that’s crewed won’t have any creature type.[10][11] However, because it retains its artifact type, it will be an Artifact Creature – Vehicle.[12][13]


The vehicle card frame

Vehicle was first previewed on the card Ovalchase Dragster at PAX West 2016.[14]

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While the Vehicles of Kaladesh looked like futuristic cars, they were reimagined for Ixalan as pirate ships.[7]

With their appearance in Ixalan, Vehicles became deciduous.[15] They generally appear at Uncommon or higher rarities.[16] Kaldheim returns to some Vehicles at common, a first since its introduction in Kaladesh block.

The Weatherlight of Dominaria features a normal power/toughness box instead of a bronze inverted-color one. This change was connected to the new Legendary card frame.[17]

After a three-set hiatus, War of the Spark featured vehicles again, now as colored artifacts representing war machines.

Dermotaxi in Modern Horizons 2 is the first Vehicle without Crew, as it has a unique form of determining its size.

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