Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Warlord Traits – Ranked | Ring Run

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Warlord Traits – Ranked | Ring Run
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Warlord Traits – Ranked | Ring Run

Welcome to an in depth breakdown of ninth version Codex House Marines. Let’s go over the 12 generic warlord traits, and all of the Chapter particular ones.

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First off, let’s outline the rating system.

Rating System

  • Aggressive: This can be a codex entry (unit, stratagem, merchandise, and so on.) that has a spot in primarily any aggressive listing constructed with this faction no matter unit decisions or is the supply of a big power multiplication impact for different items.
  • Environment friendly: This can be a codex entry that may stand by itself advantage in a matched play listing however works finest when mixed with different items or in particular conditions to grow to be very highly effective however could not all the time be seen.
  • Situational: This can be a codex entry that will not move as aggressive by itself deserves however may be made efficient in a artistic listing, as a meta-buster, or in a selected combo or state of affairs the place it ratchets up in energy to doubtlessly very excessive power however in any other case won’t be seen fairly often.

House Marine Warlord Traits

The next Warlord Traits (WL) can be found to any Adeptus Astartes (learn: House Marine) Character who you select to have as a warlord, both on your battle solid military or through the use of Hero of the Chapter Strat. Observe that Named Characters could not choose these, however may have one specified for them. In stunning readability, GW has additionally listed if a capability is an Aura, which is able to assist make clear guidelines interactions.

Concern Made Manifest (Aura) – This capability has two elements, each coping with Morale checks. Firstly, Enemy items inside 6″ undergo a -1 to their Management (LD). Secondly, when making a fight attrition take a look at, the Enemy items subtract one from the rolls made. That means that for a unit not below half power, a 1 or 2 will see a mannequin run, whereas a 1, 2, or 3 will for a unit below half power. This trait is just not horrible, and if LD and Fight attrition exams mattered extra, this might see some play. Sadly, the opposite traits are merely significantly better, enemy items usually have methods to bypass or negate LD exams, and different traits provide higher buffs or extra harm potential. Situational

The Imperium’s Sword – Whereas I sometimes am not an enormous fan of traits that solely profit the wielder, for this one I make an exception. It permits the wielder to re-roll the cost roll (each cube). As well as, on the primary spherical of fight, you get so as to add one to your Power (STR) and Assaults. This opens up some good combos for some beat-stick characters. The 2 that almost all gravitate in the direction of are the Chaplain on Bike and the Bounce Captain. Bounce Captain with Burning Blade and this trait has 6 assaults at STR 8, ap -5, and a pair of harm a pop for 115 pts. The Chaplain, clocking in at 115 as nicely, can, with the Mantra of Power Litany, and the Benediction of Fury Relic, also can do 6 assaults at STR 7, however ap -2 and 4 harm. Each variants are capable of profit from May of Heroes Psychic energy, for an extra assault and power (and toughness too). All of this combines to make some excessive harm potential. Since SM gamers also can use Hero of the Chapter to choose up further traits, and/or use Dietary supplements to double WL traits on a single character, which might open some attention-grabbing combos. That is one to all the time anticipate to see. Aggressive

Iron Resolve – This WL trait additionally solely applies to the Warlord. It will increase the injuries by one, and grants a 6+++. Whereas this isn’t wonderful, there are some builds to make a tanky HQ. Most likely my favourite is a Salamanders construct, utilizing a Chapter Grasp on a motorbike, with the Angel Artifice relic and Forge Grasp trait as nicely, can see him T8 with 8 wounds, a 2+/5++/6+++. May of Heroes and Drakeskin can push him up 1 toughness every, whereas Flame Protect can provide -1 to hit. All of it is a lot of assets to make a nigh unkillable speedy unit to maneuver round taking goals and harassing items. Even outdoors such an excessive and restricted construct, combining the Angel Artifice relic with this trait does provide a great little bit of sturdiness to any character. Environment friendly

Champion of Humanity – A extra particular beat stick trait. This one is all constructed round being close to enemy Characters. The WL will get so as to add one to its assaults whereas inside engagement vary of an enemy character, and in addition will get so as to add one to its hit and wound roll towards characters. In melee, this isn’t horrible, however it’s tougher to drag off. Most melee characters are already hitting on 2+, so it might see probably the most play on a Thunder Hammer wielding character. There might be some play on a Chapter Champion, leaning onerous into killing characters. Getting Re-roll wounds and +1 to wound vs them whereas having elevated heroic intervention vary and all the time hanging first means it might be fairly helpful if hero hammer turns into an actual factor once more. Environment friendly

Storm of Hearth (Aura) – This WL trait permits all CORE items inside 6″ to, on a pure wound roll of a 6, enhance their AP by 1 with taking pictures assaults. Doctrines have proven how a lot further AP can add up, and my first thought is Imperial Fists with Heavy Intercessors with Hellstorm Bolt Rifles. 30 photographs out of a ten man squad, with exploding 6’s, ought to see a few photographs transfer as much as AP 1. Likewise, Aggressors might be a great unit for this. Total although, this appears to be a trait that wishes to make use of massed firepower to actually profit from. Most all of the massed firepower that SM has is geared in the direction of Str 4/5 weapons with little to no innate AP. I don’t suppose these targets are ones that Marines usually wrestle with. It may be used to create a really strong taking pictures core, nevertheless it doesn’t add a lot that’s in any other case missing. Environment friendly

Rites of Struggle (Aura) – Any pleasant CORE or CHARACTER unit inside 6″ good points the Goal Secured capability (ObSec). That is attention-grabbing… It’s simpler to listing what is just not core or Character for SM. Particularly, Automobiles and Centurions. This affords a variety of choices to profit from this aura. Contemplating how necessary taking and holding goals are actually in ninth, this has good potential. Terminators particularly appear to need this, and Darkish Angels Terminators much more so. Having the potential to throw 10 our bodies on an goal, with inbuilt Transhuman and three wounds a pop on a 2+/5++. This isn’t a foul trait in any respect, nevertheless it does compete with Steadfast Instance on a Chapter Historic. I really prefer it higher on the Historic, as on there, it additionally counts fashions that have already got ObSec as counting double. The distinction is the Historic received’t even have Characters depend. In case you are needing extra ObSec our bodies, there’s definitely some play right here and I can see gamers gravitating in the direction of this as ninth continues to develop. Whether it is taken as Rites of Struggle or Steadfast Instance, will rely a bit on the precise military composition, however general it’s an Environment friendly selection

Vanguard Warlord Traits

In case your Warlord is a Phobos Character, chances are you’ll elect to take one of many under traits. Most of those influence Phobos items solely, which limits them a great deal. Phobos items are: Captain/Librarian/Lieutenant in Phobos Armor, Infiltrators, Incursors, Reivers, and Eliminators. This can be a listing that’s only a tad smaller than the Harlequin Codex. With Reivers nonetheless not being good, and Infiltrators and Incursors costing a reasonably penny for middling harm output, most Phobos items are a tad lackluster. This mixture of mediocre items and restricted pool makes the next Warlord Traits all fairly restricted in scope.

Shoot and Fade – As soon as per flip, your Warlord could choose a Phobos unit inside 6″, and after it has shot, it could make a standard or advance transfer. It might not declare any expenses that flip. Usually I like further motion shenanigans, and that is in all probability among the finest on this listing. If it might be used on a cumbersome unit, like terminators, it might be actually good. Restricted to simply Phobos items although actually limits its usability. The unit that wished to make use of this probably the most was Eliminators, who, now have their very own approach of getting this capability through a Sergeant taking an instigator bolt carbine for no further value. Reivers need to have the ability to cost, and Infiltrators and Incursors, when you take them, don’t have a tendency to supply a ton of sturdiness to actually fling up the board. Lastly, there’s the truth that you want a personality inside 6″ to do that, and because of the new character concentrating on guidelines in ninth ed, you have to watch out to not advance their display screen away from themselves. It’s definitely usable, however there are higher traits, higher methods to get mobility, and higher items to make use of. Situational

Lord of Deceit – After each gamers have deployed, chances are you’ll choose as much as three Phobos items and redeploy them. They are often positioned into strategic reserves with out having to spend the CP to take action. This, at first, appears actually actually highly effective. Phobos items have a tendency to have the ability to deploy aggressively outdoors of your deployment zone. This allows you to accomplish that, power your opponent to deploy in response to them, then redeploy these items if wanted. The problem with that is, you now do that after deployment, however earlier than seeing who goes first. I’m not positive if this was the intent of the writers or not. The Codex states, “After each gamers have deployed” which is step 11, deploy armies. Step 12 is Decide first flip, and step 13 is Resolve pre-battle talents, which reads, “Gamers alternate resolving any pre-battle talents items of their military could have, and resolving any Stratagems which are used earlier than the battle (excluding people who improve their items or people who allow them to arrange a unit in a location apart from the battlefield), beginning with the participant who will take the primary flip.” – pg 282 of the rule e book. this WL trait, it states you activate it after deployment. Step 13 is after step 11, so that will take a look at. Nevertheless, step 13 states that talents that enable for putting items into reserves should not used throughout that step, and Lord of Deceit does certainly enable for a unit to be positioned into reserve. As such, guidelines as written, I consider the rule must be resolved on the finish of step 11 till FAQed. Once more, I need to stress, I cannot inform the intent of this rule. If that is what was meant by it, or if it was meant for use in step 13. If it was meant for use in step 13, realizing who has first flip, this capability is Environment friendly, in any other case, it’s Situational.

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Grasp of the Vanguard (Aura) – This WL trait has two elements. Firstly, it permits items so as to add 1″ to their Transfer, Advance, and Fall Again strikes whereas inside 6″ of the WL. Secondly, they might add 1 to their cost rolls. That is clearly geared in the direction of a Melee targeted military. Let’s do a comparability.

Phobos Captain with a unit of Reivers in a Hungry for Battle detachment vs a unit of Outriders and a Chaplain on bike in a White Scars detachment. Captain + 9 Reivers comes out to 257 factors. They’ll transfer 6″, and cost with a +2″ on the cost with no roll mandatory. They put out 37 assaults (str 4, ap 0, 1 harm) on the cost from the Reivers, and seven extra comparable assaults from the Captain. Their footprint is quite giant, they’re weak to blast weapons (though you can take two squads of 5 for a couple of further factors) and they’re quite gradual. They do get to advance d6+2 to assist transfer up the board. Bike Chappy + 3 Outriders comes out to 250 pts. They’ll transfer 14″ + d6 advance and nonetheless cost. Chaplin can roll his litany for the +2 cost, or could spend CP to make sure it goes off. They get 16 assaults on the cost (str 4, ap -1, 1 harm), in addition to the 5+ further assaults from the Chaplin (str 7+, Ap -1+, a 2+ harm). I’m noting all of the +’s on the Chaplain as he sometimes will get decked out with relics and different litanies / powers to buff him up. This combo is a a lot smaller footprint, a lot quicker, and barely more durable to kill.

All of this in an extended drawn out method to present that the limitation of taking Phobos items hurts what would have been a good trait and makes it simply okay. Situational

Stealth Adept – This one is a little more attention-grabbing. Successfully, it means that you can use previous Character concentrating on guidelines, that your WL cannot be focused until he’s the closest mannequin. So now, you need a character that’s both (a) a lynchpin buffing character or (b) capable of sit again and hearth away with ranged assaults and is a substantive menace. The one items I can actually consider to utilize this may be a librarian. All in all, although, this doesn’t appear to have an important little bit of utility when locked to solely Phobos fashions. Environment friendly

Goal Precedence – This trait permits a single Phobos unit inside 6″ be chosen to realize +1 to their taking pictures rolls. With Eliminators shedding the flexibility to grant this to themselves now, that is mildly attention-grabbing on them at the very least. All the things else although is solely massed STR 4 AP 0 photographs. Even with Eliminators, you might be boosting the taking pictures of 1, 3 man unit. If this had been a capability a Phobos character had as a substitute, it might be fairly good, however the alternative value of taking this as a substitute of different choices relegates this to being Situational

Grasp Marksman – Add one to the harm of non-relic or grenade ranges weapons of the bearer. This was what result in the Ravenguard Sniper captain doing 4 harm, no LoS wanted photographs. A 4 harm sniper captain is sweet, however too usually I discovered in follow that its targets had an invul. Even with a 5++ save, it failed extra instances than I wished it to, and as such, was not dependable sufficient to depend on. Enjoyable, however not aggressive. Situational

I actually hate rating all of those so low, and among the traits themselves would really be excellent in the event that they weren’t restricted to Phobos solely items. Few of them will punish you for selecting them, however the different choices accessible are merely higher. I actually cannot complain although, as like, in all issues, marines get so many extra choices than anybody else. It’s nearly like they’re probably the most worthwhile for GW or one thing…

Ah nicely, shifting on to Chapter particular traits. Observe that these could have some slight adjustments when the dietary supplements come out, as we’ve already seen with the House Wolves one.

Chapter Warlord Traits

Darkish Angels: Good Strategist – Wow…. as when you didn’t have sufficient causes to play Darkish Angels, they went forward and bought in all probability one of the best Warlord trait. This trait means that you can choose a pleasant Darkish Angels unit (which doesn’t must be CORE), and successfully roll again the doctrine that unit is taken into account to be in. This can most frequently be used on flip 2 and three to let a unit transfer again to the Devastator doctrine. It’s price remembering that within the Dev Doctrine, DA items achieve 6″ to their vary of Heavy and Speedy hearth weapons, whereas Assault and Pistols achieve 3″. Additional vary is all the time good. Add in that each one named characters (for now at the very least) use this trait if you choose them as your Warlord, and the provision of the Regular Advance strat (and presumably Speedy Hearth too), and you’ve got a really sturdy, very correct cell firebase. I’d anticipate to see Azrael anchoring a firebase, presumably of 10 Heavy Intercessors, or Stalker Bolt Rifle intercessors, or Helbllasters, or Eradicators…. the listing goes on. This can be a very strong trait, though not one which I believe, in and of itself is brokenly highly effective. I do suppose it could get nerfed right down to be on par with another traits we’ve seen (decide a unit as soon as per battle, and it will get to be in x doctrine). The actual fact this isn’t restricted to Core items means you possibly can nearly all the time discover some unit that wishes this bonus. Aggressive

White Scars: Lethal Hunter – Poor white scars must attempt to comply with that efficiency… This trait permits the warlord to pick on enemy unit inside 1″ of themselves after they make a cost. On a 2+, that unit takes a single mortal wound. Mortals are good, the harm output from different traits is best. Situational

House Wolves: Beastslayer – This trait has been modified within the House Pet Codex to incorporate a Saga impact to show this into an aura as nicely. While inside engagement vary of a Monster of Car, the warlord will get +1 to hit and wound, in addition to an extra assault. Extra assaults are good, particularly with Wolves getting exploding 6’s. Wolves get some excellent fight items that may definitely make use of this, particularly when you can activate its aura; which is completed by your WL destroying a type of kinds of targets. When it’s good, it is rather good. In any other case, it’s not nice or perhaps even ineffective (though I don’t suppose many armies will deliver no automobiles or monsters in anyway…) Environment friendly

Imperial Fists: Architect of Struggle (Aura) – This WL trait is quite thematic, however requires a couple of too many hoops to leap via for my liking. When a CORE unit is inside 6″, and that unit is receiving the advantages of canopy, and that unit is shot at with an AP -1 weapon; then deal with the AP as being 0 as a substitute. It superb for castling up, which was the secret in eighth ed. That is ninth, and castles should not actually that nice anymore. At the very least not at this stage. Situational

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Crimson Fists: Refuse to Die – The primary time this WL is slain, chances are you’ll elect to roll a d6, and on a 4+ it comes again with d3 wounds, as near the place it died as attainable, however greater than 1″ from enemy fashions. Should you do that, you can’t use every other ‘trigger-on-death’ talents. Ehhhhhh. 50/50 probability of your WL coming again. I’d quite take Iron Resolve and simply make him tougher to kill… Perhaps somebody can present me the maths that proves that is higher.. however I doubt it. Situational

Black Templars: Oathkeeper – In brief, this enables the bearer to Heroically Intervene (HI) 6″. HI has gotten a bit riskier, in that Charging items could now combat towards a unit that makes use of it, however it’s nonetheless fairly highly effective. With BT now having access to all of the toys within the SM codex, they will make some fairly good beat-stick characters. Environment friendly

Blood Angels: Velocity of the Primarch – This WL will get to combat first. Nicer than earlier than, now that opposing participant will get to combat first in ongoing combats. The instances this will likely be related although, in comparison with say, The Imperium’s Sword, is few and much between. Take that, or any of a number of different higher traits. Situational

Flesh Tearers: Cruel Butcher – If there are 5+ enemy items inside 3″ of this WL, it will get an additional d3 assaults. Once more, I’d quite take The Imperium’s Sword if I need a good melee unit. Positive it’s doubtlessly two fewer assaults, however I don’t must throw it into giant items to set off it. Situational

Iron Palms: Adept of the Omnissiah – This WL trait is mainly the identical because it was earlier than. If a Techmarine, chances are you’ll heal automobiles for d3+1 wounds. If they aren’t, they might heal for 1 wound. Okay, I assume. Having Grasp of the Forge as a 30 pt improve to do a flat 3 wounds when therapeutic appears a greater deal to me. I assume you can do two Techmarines, one with this and one with Grasp of the Forge when you had been operating a heavy Mechanized listing of some type… however that type listing doesn’t appear to be nice right now… Situational

Ultramarines: Adept of the Codex – Whereas this WL is on the sphere, each time you spend a CP, it will get refunded on a 5+. First rate, not a foul decide. Particularly with how a lot CP you can begin with. A babysitting character can decide this up and internet you 2-3 CP over the course of the sport. Environment friendly

Salamanders: Anvil of Power – The WL will get +2 Str. Easy, simple, and fairly respectable. Str 10 is fairly simple to attain on numerous totally different builds, which, with the rise in T5 fashions, makes this fairly good. A Burning Blade Captain with this and Imperium Sword makes for fairly a lethal (and thematic) unit. Environment friendly

Raven Guard: Echo of the Ravenspire – One per battle, this WL can, whether it is greater than 6″ from enemy fashions, go into reserves. It might then Deep Strike on the following motion part. I don’t have a tendency to love going into reserves. I’d quite pay further for extra mobility and keep on the board, taking goals and pummeling enemy items. It’s an okay gimmick, and if it had been an innate capability, might see some fringe play, however as one of some helpful WL traits – move. Situational

Deathwatch: Vigilance Incarnate – In your Command Section, chances are you’ll choose a CORE unit inside 6″ and nominate a Battlefield Function (Troops, HQ, and so on). Till the beginning of your subsequent Command Section, when making an assault, with the chosen unit towards the nominated position, re-roll wounds of 1. This isn’t unhealthy. It offers some good flexibility, and Deathwatch lean closely into their CORE items. On a Captain, you might be getting the re-rolls to hit of 1 as nicely, which makes for a really efficient base. It additionally works in taking pictures or fight, additional opening up its flexibility. Aggressive

And there you’ve got it. All of the Warlord traits (apart from these as lined within the Chapter Command part). There are quite a lot of choices for various builds, and Marines having the ability to successfully take 4 traits means you might even see among the extra fringe instances being taken and constructed round, though at the price of CP, I’d doubt many gamers will take all 4 traits in a single military. As extra occasions begin occurring, will probably be attention-grabbing to see which traits and mixtures open up in sudden methods.

Thanks for studying, and glad Wargaming!

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