Season 6 Yasuo guide by Master league player | Ring Run

Season 6 Yasuo guide by Master league player | Ring Run
Season 6 Yasuo guide by Master league player | Ring Run


Howdy, I’m Siegmeyer. I’ve began taking part in League in season 2 as mid/jungle essential and I’ve sticked to those 2 roles all through all of the years I play this sport. I’ve reached challenger initially of season 3 and performed tons of video games at high-elo with tons of success ever since.

Yasuo has been picked up by me on the day of his launch and has remained as my essential and my go-to decide even to today. Yasuo is my favorite champion within the sport – I really like all the pieces about him, he’s acquired an distinctive really feel to him, that makes you need to outplay everyone and be the final man standing after an enormous teamfight. This champion’s kits and deep skill-cap are one of many causes I may maintain having a lot of enjoyable whereas taking part in League even after so many video games through the years.

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That’s precisely why I’m penning this information – each to share my love and admiration for the champion and to show you as a lot as attainable utilizing my information, which comes from 1000’s of video games as Yasuo on high-elo.


Yasuo undoubtedly is likely one of the most enjoyable champions within the sport, however he’s additionally as arduous to grasp as he’s enjoyable to play. He’s limitless skill-cap makes each state of affairs you’re in a great way out, however typically that can take insane quantities of abilities and mind-gaming your opponent, nonetheless practically all the pieces is feasible with correct Yasuo play. In case you went into fight with novice Yasuo he would most likely Wind Wall someday initially and cost in mindlessly, spamming Qs and ready for E+Q+R combo to get out there whereas skilled Yasuo would to begin with maintain enemy positioning always and make him transfer right into a place from which he’ll be pressured to make use of that one spell which he saves his Wind Wall for, furthermore he would most likely go for combo with each extra threat and far more DPS like auto assault+charged up Q+auto assault+R+Q+auto assault – as you possibly can see the chances are practically limitless and each your ability and expertise as a Yasuo participant will come into these sorts of selections on what to do, find out how to place your self and the way your enemy will transfer.

Simply with like different very arduous champions, you shouldn’t get discouraged by unhealthy outcomes. Focus solely by yourself errors, take each failure and loss as an opportunity to be taught – even a sport with troll or afk will be productive that means!


Runes come right down to your construct and enemy crew:

AS vs AD marks – Your aim as a Yasuo participant is to get 1,4 AS as quickly as attainable, as a result of it minimizes your Q CD right down to 1,33 second and AS marks are your massive assist right here, however when you’ll go for Berserker’s Greaves in your construct you possibly can go for AD marks as an alternative, which gives you extra lane dominance early on.

Scaling and Flat Seals + Glyphs – Purely as much as your match-up Magic Injury Mid – HP/degree Seals + Flat MR Glyphs Bodily Injury Mid – Flat Armor Seals + MR/degree Glyphs Bodily Mid + Magic Injury early sport jungler – Flat Armor Seals + Flat MR Glyphs


Passive – Manner of the Wanderer In case you stroll in straight strains your passive will cost up barely faster and in addition right here’s a bit about his lowered criticals: his auto assault essential harm is 90% of base worth, whereas Q’s is 75%, nonetheless Q offers a harm equal to your auto assault AD + 100 (at ability degree 5). After making use of some math to this formulation all the pieces you’ll want to know is that Q will likely be higher than your auto assault so long as your auto assaults deal harm (to actual targets) under 300.

Metal Tempest Your Q acts as an auto assault reset so it ramps up your DPS massively and with sufficient assault pace and response time you possibly can even make it that your auto assault and Q are registered on the identical time which just about makes it seem like one auto assault with the harm of two auto assaults within the sport

Wind Wall It stops all the pieces that may be rely as a projectile, just about to any extent. Issues like Orianna’s ball and Rumble ult cease on the spot the place your Wind Wall begins and might’t undergo it. Wind Wall additionally grants you imaginative and prescient of the terrain you forged it on.

Sweeping Blade It’s harm stacks up so earlier than buying and selling in lane it’s excellent to hit creeps twice with it and to just about attempt to maintain the spell at 2 stacks always. Additionally it’s precise sprint vary will be prolonged if you’re very near the goal you wanna sprint to, due to which you can carry out many different over-the-wall dashes which can fairly often save your life if used correctly.

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Final Breath Do not forget that your ulti grants you nice buff which penetrates 50% of all goal’s bonus armor (mastery included) and it additionally refreshes your passive defend. That’s the reason it is best to just about all the time look to make use of your ulti initially of the teamfight, this armor penetration buff is your late-game bread and butter in opposition to any sort of tank.



You’ll just about all the time begin with Doran’s + HP potion. Afterwards you’ll often need one other Doran’s Blade, since you received’t be getting extra lifesteal for a very long time. Your subsequent buys will likely be Zeal and Phantom Dancer, if there will likely be a state of affairs the place you’ll be barely brief in gold for Phantom Dancer then you should purchase tier 1 boots. In case you’ll face a number of magic harm threats within the enemy crew (let’s say Elise jungle + Lissandra mid) then it is best to rush Hexdrinker, you possibly can even begin with a Longsword + Refillable Potion and presumably purchase it on the primary recall, in fact mid sport improve it to Maw (after PD completion).


Your selections begin right here: Berserker’s Graves when you went with AD marks and need full DPS or are simply merely forward Ninja Tabi versus bodily harm (primarily 2+ auto attackers, instance could be Caitlyn adc + Riven prime) Mercury Threads in opposition to magic harm and/or CC, Mercury’s are my standard go-to, as a result of arduous CC is Yasuo’s largest counter and also you’ll be up in opposition to magic harm Mid more often than not anyway.

Afterwards begin working in your IE (when you really feel assured you possibly can even full your tier 2 boots AFTER IE). Right here’s the way you’ll calculate whether or not it’s higher to purchase crit or AD in-game whereas shopping for your IE: Cloak offers you 20% which is multiplied by your passive to offer you 40% crit. 40% crit is equal in DPS worth to about 40% of your AD, so when you’ll have selection between B.F. Sword and Cloak simply take verify if that 45 AD is greater than 40% of your present AD. After IE it is best to get to Bloodthirster, beginning with the Lifesteal part.

Afterwards all the pieces is as much as the enemy crew comp, however objects like Sterak’s, Maw and Randuin’s will likely be your standard go-to defensive objects.

Yasuo item builds season 6 guide


  • Lifeless Man’s Plate over Randuim’s – Solely once you’ll face AD-casters as an alternative of standard crit-based ADC (Varus, Ez and so on.).
  • Thornmail – Towards 2+ Auto Assault primarily based champions (any regular, crit-based adc + Yasuo), often in combo with Ninja Tabis and Randuim’s + Sterak’s.
  • Banshee’s/Spirit Visage/Locket of Iron Solari – This stuff with Maw, which will likely be certainly purchased in that state of affairs, are your good associates in opposition to a lot of Magic Injury. Often SV would be the finest out of the three, however typically you’ll need to be the one shopping for Locket as an alternative of your assist otherwise you’ll possibly go for Banshee’s as a way to allow your self to do some loopy engages in opposition to multum of CC within the enemy crew.
  • Mercurial/QSS – Towards issues like Malza/WW/Skarner ulti focused at you.
  • Guardian Angel – Good sixth merchandise for that one game-deciding late sport crew struggle.
  • Final Whisper objects – These are your choices when you find yourself 1-man carrying the the enemy stacks large quantities of armor, Lord Dominik’s Regards is healthier merchandise of the two choices, as a result of the tanks will often be the armor stackers.


Right here’s a vital a part of the information – YASUO SHOULDN’T EVER BE CONFIDENTLY BLIND PICKED IN CHAMPION SELECT. This champion has acquired multum of counters and in case your enemy is sensible then he’ll simply merely decide an inconceivable match-up, some individuals even go so far as to choose some bruiser from prime lane and ship him mid simply to fuck you up utterly, and that’s very good and shouldn’t be thought-about tryharding – afterall we play rankeds to win video games and champion choose is a part of the strategical facet of League.

To infer when you ought to be choosing Yasuo we merely can gloss over his equipment and see that Wind Wall is a spell with tons and plenty of potential and situationally this will likely be your strongest spell, finest software for countering enemy spells and outplaying everybody. Typically choosing Yasuo will simply come right down to counting the quantity of spells you possibly can block along with his W, it could be so simple as that.

Yasuo season 6 guide on Boosteria

Apart from searching for the champions we are able to counter, you must also keep away from sure champions that can counter you – there are 4 sorts of these: Champions who go away little to no counterplay – I’m speaking largely about bruisers who could have tons of survivability and DPS mixed with kits wherein you have got subsequent to nothing to nullify together with your Wind Wall, examples could be Volibear, Irelia, Jax, Olaf.

Champions with level and click on CC – Crowd Management is your true biggest enemy, as a result of it stops you from DPSing and these champions could have unavoidable CC, instance could be Maokai, Nautilus, Rammus.

AD matchups mid lane – You must keep away from them total, since you don’t have good itemization in opposition to them. Even ninja tabis aren’t so nice right here.

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AP mids which might be full counters to Yasuo – Vlad, Fizz, Kayle, Cho, Annie, Ekko, Azir, Akali, Diana, Swain

These 4 teams of champions must be prevented by you, when you’ll see them already picked it’s usually very good to not decide Yasuo into them. Even when you’ll get forward their naked champion mechanics will restrict what you are able to do in crew fights by a big margin.


There are nonetheless few mechanics which I haven’t talked about within the capability part. You must be taught and grasp these if you wish to enhance as a Yasuo participant. I counsel you go right into a customized sport and prepare there till you will get these down a minimum of 9 out of 10 occasions you attempt to pull them off.

W + Q interplay In case you’ve acquired your Twister charged up then you should use your W and Q immedietaly after to make use of a Q with no forged time.

Good CSing In case you auto assault and immediately E the goal you just about hit it in the very same second, simply as together with your Q auto assault reset. You should utilize this in lane and just about by no means miss a final hit when you do that accurately, simply maintain working towards and also you’ll get this down.

R + Q intercation You may squeeze 1 Q in after utilizing your final, simply earlier than the enemies land on the bottom. The simple means is to easily mash the Q button onto the mid-air enemy all through R animation

E Wall Leap You may soar to monsters by way of sure skinny partitions together with your E, granted you have got imaginative and prescient of the monster behind it. A solution to grant your self imaginative and prescient with out utilizing your trinket is solely casting W whereas standing as near the wall as attainable, Wind Wall will seem on the opposite aspect and grant you the imaginative and prescient to leap together with your E. There are 4 spots to do that trick: 2 skinny Raptor partitions, 1 on Gromp and 1 on Krugs

Positioning It’s probably not that massive of a mechanic, however on Yasuo it’s so essential I couldn’t keep away from speaking about it. You may keep away from so many deaths simply by positioning your self nicely and manipulating your enemies into shifting the place you need them to after which likely outplaying them together with your E sprint. That is helpful particularly when any person is ganking you – if you’re getting approached from the course you need to run (suppose getting ganked from behind in lane) then many of the occasions you possibly can simply stroll as much as the enemy and use him to launch your self with E into security.


One in all your essential aims as Yasuo within the mid-game will likely be tearing towers down. Mid Lane T1 is your most essential goal – it can deny imaginative and prescient to the enemy crew and open up the jungle in your crew to step in and take management of. Other than that it is best to attend each single dragon struggle and many of the small skirmishes, exception right here could be an opportunity to push down a tower.


As you collect your objects you’ll turn out to be a drive to be reckoned with. You’ll be able to 1v1ing everybody who has something you possibly can absorb together with your Wind Wall and an increasing number of tanks and bruisers as the sport goes on, all relying on theirs and your construct in fact. Your essential targets at crew fights must be adc after which mid laner. Solely exception to this rule must be the place the mid is carrying tougher and you’ll block him out with Wind Wall and just about 100-0 together with your harm combo. Apart from that each adc is your whipping boy – you possibly can deny all of their DPS with a nicely positioned wall and clearly there’s no means they will melee you.


If you wish to see what League has to supply then it is best to play Yasuo. He’s a superb benchmark to your set of abilities as a participant: uncooked mechanics, timing, information of spell interactions and cooldowns, map consciousness – so long as you’ll maintain taking part in him you’ll enhance in all of those areas!

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